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✅ Pros

The LED light is a particularly great feature, because it allows you to go to bathroom at night without waking anyone else up.
Review Pros
A generous 3-year warranty is available.
There’s even a kid mode that sets the wash, dry, water pressure and nozzle modes to child-safe levels.
LED nightlights that shine into the bowl not only provide the wow factor for guests, but are also more functional and allow users to use the toilet at night without needing to turn on their bathroom lights.
A nice luxury touch that sets the Discovery DLS apart is the use of UV technology to sterilize the nozzle.
It comes with a stainless Steel 3-in-1 nozzle.
It automatically turns off when not in use.
It gives continuous warm water.
The BB2000 works well and was easy to install.
The remote control itself has a nice, minimalist aesthetic to it and the button positions are well thought out.
Heated everything is magical.
A self-diagnostic system lets you know if ever the bidet toilet seat malfunctions, and you’re covered by a 2-year warranty if it does.
It has attractive appearance.
It has an in-built deodorizer that keeps you smelling nice even after using the toilet.
It has night light too.
It comes with two savable user profiles.
The bidet is inexpensive.
It comes with three-year warranty.
It has a turbo wash function.
It comes with a night light.
BioBidet rates their seats as being able to accommodate up to 400 pounds for 20,000 uses.
It has a touch screen panel (BB-2000).
It has child mode.
It has a simple, well laid out remote.
It comes with a hybrid heating system.
Nozzle position is adjustable allowing you to adjust the nozzle to your body shape.
Auto open/close seat works well.
The smart toilet also has an integrated self-cleaning bidet with customizable, remote controlled water and dryer settings.
The air deodorizer keeps the toilet smelling fresh.
It helps that there are downloadable installation and user manual on the company’s website, which are highly recommended to help you get it installed.
For a third of the price, you are essentially giving up a remote control and a fan that dries your bum.
Being at just over $110, the Slim Zero can provide the same features as a normal bidet while being hundreds of dollars cheaper.
It has five nozzle positions for each the front and rear.
It offers strong water pressure.
The Discovery DLS is just 4.7” high in the rear.
It gives massages and wide washes.
Lots of attention has been given to appearance.
The heated seat offers comfort in cold.
It comes with 3 year full warranty.
It has nightlight for those early-hour wakings.
It has all the settings you could want.
With the inclusion of two plastic anti-microbial nozzles, Bio Bidet makes it possible for the BB-600 to clean the posterior and the feminine area by selecting cleansing or bidet, respectively.
The Discovery’s enhanced multi-speed (three speeds) air dryer is the fastest, most efficient dryer Bio Bidet has produced.
It is simple to use with the wireless remote control.
It is eco-friendly.
Since installation is always an issue for me, I liked that this one was so simple that I didn’t need to get a plumber to do it.
The Ultimate BB-600 is equipped with a highly efficient tank to reduce wasted water.
Since the dryer runs for 3 minutes at a time, you’ll never get off the toilet feeling wet and unfinished.
The blue night light and lighted side control panel are nice touches and really modernize your toilet.
It is comfortable to use with different spray settings.
Warm air dryer with adjustable dryer temperature reduces toilet paper usage.
It offers quick release for easy cleaning.
The fact that the Slim Zero is not electric means that it also saves on your energy bill, and is easier to install because you don’t have to worry about hooking it up to an electrical outlet.
Price to feature ratio is extremely high.
There’s a child safety feature that lowers the pressure.
Price undercuts other premium models such as the Toto Washlet S550e.
The Slim Zero is also incredibly easy to assemble and install on standard toilets.
It comes with powerful deodorizer.
The water gets plenty warm.
The pressure is nice and strong.
Oscillating wash option allows for a wider cleaning area.
It has automatic power save option.
It has sleek and luxurious design.
It gives best-in-class water pressure.
It has a tankless design so there are not really any space challenges even in the tightest of bathrooms.
It saves a lot of power.
It comes with automatic deodorizer function to eliminate odors from the air.
It comes with a strong fan.
It has automatic power save option.
The toilet also has an integrated deodorizer, which draws in air and passes it through an ionized carbon filter, thereby eliminating bowl odors.
Pulsating wash option makes the water stream pulsate for a massaging experience.
The Slim Zero is also incredibly hygienic for anyone.

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❌ Cons

Lid is flimsy and can’t be sat on.
Seat is angled I don’t know why but it makes uncomfortable to seat.
It beeps and confirmation sounds can’t be disabled.
The nozzle spray does not hit the correct part of the body that needs to be cleaned.
It uses abnormal size of hose.
Although the value and technology help justify the price, the reality is that not everyone can go in and start replacing the multiple toilets in their home at this price point.
I didn’t find the remote control to be intuitive.
Installation was a pain due to the poor instructions.
The enema pressure is quite low.
The nozzles are made of plastic.
It is expensive.
The water tank for warm water is so small, it cannot even run full cycle with same temperature.
The nightlight is positioned on the side rather than illuminating the bowl interior.
There is no multi-user preset.
There is room for improvement in the installation instructions.
There is no deodorizer.
You might encounter rare issue with lid not fully opening on some toilets.
It is noisier than some of the competition.
It may not be ideal for folks with mobility issues.
Water pressure is not as strong as the bb1000.
The illustrations and written guidelines make it a little hard to tell at first which hose to connect where.
SlimEdge doesn’t have an option to run hot water to it.
There are no user presets options.
There’s no air-drying feature.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
In summation, the Slim Zero is an excellent option for anyone because of the amazing price and ease of installation. It is amazing for anyone who wants to renovate because you can still keep your old toilet, and simply attach the Slim Zero.
I love smart products for this home, and this one is near the top in terms of what it can do to revolutionize one of the biggest consumers of water — the toilet. And, the company has found a way to create a smart design that fits in nearly every bathroom space yet offers a larger surface to sit on. From the customizable features and addition of their bidet technology to the smart components, this is a must-have smart product for your home.
It’s a safe bet to go with a Bio Bidet electric bidet seat. Given its high build quality and industry-standard features, and thousands of satisfied users, you can’t go wrong.
If you have extra money to spend and are looking for a bidet that provides nonstop warm water, the Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000 Smart Toilet Seat is an attractive solution.
The new Discovery DLS Bidet Seat features a slick, modern design and performance that Bio Bidet customers have come to expect — which is to say, excellent. Highly recommended.
Using a bidet and picking the right one is going to be a very personal choice, but Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2200 is a great premium bidet option.
The Bio Bidet BB-2000 is a superbly functioning bidet seat, and gets extra points for being relatively inexpensive, emphasis on the “relative” here. True, it’s near the higher end of mid-range seats on price. But given the excellent design, features, and operation it’s really something of a bargain. Most features are adjustable to suit your personal preferences and circumstances, using a simple-to-operate remote control.
If you’ve been looking for a luxurious bidet toilet seat with easy to use and reliable features, then the Bio Bidet BB2000 will be an excellent addition to your bathroom. Bio Bidet products never disappoint and do the BB2000 bidet seat. Offering a mix of luxury and functionality, the BB2000 will instantly change the look and comfort of your toilet. Additionally, it is simple to mount and clean. Also, you can forget about the cold mornings or leaving some residue in your nether area.
Bidets are a necessity for any home that plans to increase their toilet hygiene. They are convenient and also fashionable. Bio Bidet is a renowned producer of bidets, and the Bio Bidet USPA 6800 is one of their best. I highly recommend you buy this unique bidet. It has lovely features and comes at a lower price than other similar bidets.
If you aren’t concerned with a dryer or deodorizer, by all means, grab this bidet seat. It has all the essential functions such as hot water, an adjustable, self-cleaning nozzle and exceptional durability that you should look for. The bidet function itself works perfectly, the LED lighting on the control panel and the blue night light are nice touches, and it is one of the more stylish looking bidets (even outside this price range).
The Discovery DLS is a well designed, feature-rich, luxury bidet seat that will meet the expectations of the most discriminating individual.
You’ll come out of the bathroom completely dry thanks to Bio Bidet’s inclusion of adjustable heated air on the Ultimate and the Bliss. For children, the Ultimate has a kid mode. Both bidet toilet seats offer a 20-seconds-per-mode auto function. With the Bliss, you can use an air-freshening deodorizer and a constipation-relieving vortex wash.
It will give you everything you need in a luxury bidet and at a fantastic price, and for most people, this will be sufficient for most people in the way of major features and comforts. Maybe the only downside to some is having an attached control arm over having a wireless remote control. They both have there good and bad points.
Overall, I was impressed with the Bio Bidet Slim One Smart Toilet Seat. I really wish it had a drying function, but I guess I can be bothered to reach down there and finish the job. And, at less than $200, you will be hard-pressed to find a bidet toilet seat that offers such excellent customization options, including hot water cleaning that doesn’t require hooking a hose up to your sink. If you’re interested in giving BidetLife a try, I recommend starting with the Slim One.
A bidet reduces that reliance on paper substantially. I mean, you’re not going to not buy TP, that’s silly. I mean, you have guests that might not use the spray, and if you opt for the SlimEdge instead of the Ultimate 770, you’ll need something to dry off down there after rinsing. But, it’s going to reduce it, which is good for your wallet, good for the planet, and good for your conscience. Spray a butt, save a tree!

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