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Pros and Cons

✅ Pros

2 hidden pockets behind the back panel is a nice secure feature.
Review Pros
It is truly modular.
All critical weight bearing points are reinforced with box stitching or bar-tacks.
The front pocket keeps all your EDC such as mobile phones, keys, notebooks and other small necessities close at hand.
The bag stands on its own when packed.
The feel of the materials does inspire confidence, especially in regards to water resistance.
There’s a separate laptop sleeve too.
Very functional/utilitarian backpack with a solid modular system to enhance functionality.
It has high weatherproofness.
For the size and volume of the bag, it’s weight was a pleasant surprise.
It comes with YKK zippers.
The WPRT is weather-proof.
Removable 3D Shoulder harness with removable track-style sternum straps.
The prices start at a mighty reasonable $225.
The base bag has a lot of internal pockets.
The supportive back panel foam and padded straps are great.
Incredible attention has been given to technical details.
Handling a Black Ember product is a joy because the material screams quality.
In both its modular and minimal form, the WPRT has the capacity for as much as you’ll need to carry on any given day.
The construction enables a modular system through which wearers can alter how the bag works and adapt it to personal habits.
The leather handle can be attached to the side or the top of the pack.
Carrying a lot (or a little) is made comfortable by a free-floating, cushioned back panel.
It is great everyday carry capabilities.
A dedicated laptop compartment helps to protect a 15-inch laptop while ensuring easy retrieval.
Lovely materials used and laser-cut, bonded construction give the bag an exceptional durability and water resistance.
The stand-alone camera module works as a real bag.
It has airflow dimensional-mesh backpanel.
It is waterproof.
It has smart design with high customizability.
It has the most comfortable grab handles out there.
It is best waterproof camera bag around.
It has durable construction.
Reinforced zipper welts with YKK urethane coated zippers.
The Black Ember WPRT Collection is available in two configurations.

❌ Cons

There is possibility of losing some exterior buckles.
It is heavy at 3.8 lbs with no accessories.
Going back to the Citadel which had a smaller handle perfect for hanging the bag on the hooks – this was personally missed on WPRT.
Note that getting the mods on and off is not that quick.
WPRT is a black hole inside so be prepared to occasionally use flashlight even when accessing the main compartment from the side.
It’s overkill for those who just need a laptop, extra layer and a few small essentials.
Its rigid-ish shape keeps its shape clean, but also keeps it from scrunching down much, even when it isn’t full.
At 30 liters, the WPRT is definitely on the larger side for an everyday backpack.
It would be great if the roll-top strap was longer.
The mods can be overwhelming and end up contributing a lot of weight. Side carry is also hampered due to the protruding Fidlock.
The base bag can look a little weird with the exposed Fidlock snaps.
The bag’s biggest caveat is ease of use.
Harness design is not ideal.
Camera module can’t attach to the exterior.
There is limited storage even for a 25-liter bag.
There are no zips on hidden pockets.
It is a bit unfortunate that the laptop compartment in WPRT does not have great lining.
Kits are optional and an additional cost.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
WPRT has become my favorite extended EDC and travel bag thanks to its outstanding comfort, excellent access, and small weight. I highly recommend the bag and can argue that WPRT is perhaps one of the most underrated bags on the market today.
Overall the Citadel Minimal is an absolutely fantastic bag. While it can’t be my travel backpack because of the limited storage in the inside of the bag, it makes for a fantastic everyday carry with the items you wouldn’t typically cram into a bag for a 4-5 day trip, if you are a techie.
With waterproof fabric and high-grade aluminum hardware put together in a complicated yet handsome construction, Black Ember’s WPRT is as thoughtfully functional as an everyday backpack gets. Its potential uses are multiplied through a system of modular add-on pouches, but wearers might find them excessive as the bag is already large, perhaps too much so.
All of the bags from Black Ember are designed with an emphasis on appearance, as well as functionality. Never have I been stopped so many times to answer questions about a backpack, but it is a new and exciting type of bag, and people love it. The range of technical fabrics used on the bags is pretty diverse but every part has a function, and every function has been well thought out.
If you’re looking for a waterproof bag, this has to be at the top of the list. In looking at competitors, there simply aren’t many that can match up to the Black Ember WPRT.
All of these features and accessories combine to make this one of Black Ember’s most exciting and expertly conceived accessories to date and for anyone who wants to head out on outdoor adventures or needs a new commuter pack this spring, look no further than the WPRT which starts at a mighty reasonable $225.
Despite my misgivings with the Citadel Minimal R1, I must admit I was impressed when unboxing and handling the Citadel Modular R2. This speaks more to Black Ember’s products overall. The materials and craftsmanship/production are unequivocally premium.
The Black Ember Citadel Modular is a highly customizable travel pack with its own modular accessory system and a bunch of durable materials. Although we do think this pack is on the cutting-edge of the backpack industry, during our testing we found it to be a tad heavy and somewhat over-engineered.