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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

The different voices that explain the books like they would to a friend.
Review Pros
Being able to read in their mobile apps as well as online
It simplifies and spits out the key points from important non-fiction books.
You can pre-select books before reading.
It gives you a good idea of whether you should buy a book
It takes full text and compresses it into a series of cards, highlighting the nuggets of information you need without having to read the entire book.
It is contstantly updated and growing.
Web interface as well as mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. Possibility to sync the personal blink library into a Kindle.
Large and rapidly growing book catalog.
Good books get 80% value in 20% space
If you want to test to see if a book is worth the read, it’s a good sneak peek
You can skip right to the most essential parts of a book while stripping away the details and extra noise.
It is affordable.
Outstanding user experience
There’s even audio versions so you can carry on pruning your hedges while improving your emotional intelligence.
Cross Platform (Web, iOS & Android)
You can vote for books to review
With Blinkist, you can stay up to date with the most recent books and keep yourself informed as to what is going on in the world and the fields that interest you.
Summaries are deep instead of just scratching the surface of the book.
Useful for pre-selecting the books for reading in full as well as acquainting yourself with new ideas, concepts, and facts. Can be synced with an Evernote account.
Easy to review your favorite highlights
If we eant to get the main points of a book through a summary, it works great.
Less expensive than any existing competing service of book abstracts, given the library size and available features.
Access to condensed summaries of the best non-fiction books gives the opportunity to absorb maximum knowledge and wisdom, flexibly and quickly.
Access to audio versions.
It’s no mystery that one of Blinkist’s secrets to success is the format. The marketing, the sleek interface, the quotes…The bite-sized pages that make us feel smart 🙂
The summary outline structure with blinks is really good, especially on the gox
This app is universal, working on both iPhone and iPad. The web version of it works on most of the adopted browsers; so I’d say pretty polished.
Saves time on poor books.
Blinkist does not disappoint you with a shallow library of categories. It has broad range of Categories.
This app prevents us from spending too much time on something that was not what we thought it would be.
You can use the Blinkist app on your PC or your smartphone.
30 Day no questions asked guarantee
Blinkist is offered in multiple formats, including audio and ebook.
Ability to read a variety of books at an affordable fee.
It is a great and informative option if you are looking to understand a subject thoroughly.
The app sets very high quality standards for reading, that even puts Instapaper to shame
It is extremely afforadable.
Ability to make highlights.
People like the feeling of being productive, and if anything is productive, it’s reading! Not only are you learning, but you are also accomplishing something.
The audio version of the content allows for distraction-free absorption of the abstracts while reducing eye strain.
You can read a summary to refresh the main ideas of the books you already read
There are over 1000 summaries to choose from.
It pulls the meat out of a book, leaves the fluff behind, and provide a very nice summary that contains just the best and most useful ideas.
It helps you find great books
Much easier, cheaper, and more convenient way of getting the top points of a large amount of books.
This app helps us save our time in finding the next thing to read. It allows us to simply see which books and topics we want to focus on and which we want to avoid.
It helps you learn more in less time.
Premium plan includes audio.
This is a cost-effective tool, especially when compared to buying entire books.
This saves you time trying to leaf through a massive novel on a subject you only want to know a little bit about!
Minimalistic perfection and functionality.

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❌ Cons

No option of sending books to Kobo e-reader.
Only one book/day can be read in free mode.
If you like the traditional look and feel of holding a book in your hands, then that’s one drawback of using Blinkist.
It’s not the same as reading a book.
Blinkist is designed only to provide you with a brief overview.
Flaw on iPhone is that you can’t read in horizontal mode.
Desktop highlights use columns
While using the mobile app, the library might sometimes need to be refreshed manually (by holding and pulling down on the screen) to stay current with the blinks added from the web interface.
Audio can freeze on rare occasions when transitioning from one part of a blink to the next, observed during poor connectivity of the host device.
Need to refresh your library manually, if you are using a mobile app.
Free trial is just 3 days
It offers Audio books feature in higher priced plans only.
Unfortunately, the amount of information we absorb every day means it’s unlikely these complex ideas will ingrain themselves fully in our minds.
Kindle support in premium plan only.
It seems that 10% of the books out there are incredible and have gold nuggets on every single page and you can’t really capture it in a summary.
It is based on whole book summary concept.
Some people believe that reading in this manner is “cheating.”
You can gain new insights on life,turn into a better person, and learn about things that spark your curiosity. It is highly recommend this program to anyone that wants to learn more and improve at a fast pace.
The short book summaries are perfect for digital knowledge worker that needs to consume new ideas on daily basis.
There’s rarely a mention to what other authors say and rarely they introduce contrasting theories.
App makers have made the mistake of assuming that just enough is good enough.
With Blinkist, we are missing out on the full value of having an entire book. One good thing about reading an entire book is that great writers know how to incorporate stories to help their readers retain concepts.
It’s best to not read too many books in one sitting if you find that you cannot retain the information.
You don’t have the immersion time like reading a whole book.
It is still not yet possible to recommend blinkist to consumers enjoying these services directly.
It can get boring reading only summaries, especially in the same categories. Somehow all the ideas start to sound the same. You have to combine it with other types of reading materials.
It is not yet possible to recommend the blinks you read to other people who use Blinkist directly from within the app (need to share a link instead).
Not able to make notes during reading.
It is not suitable for you if you love to read whole book.
Great books lose 90% of value
Pricing is on annual basis
It is not suitable for you if you are not interested in non-fiction books.
There is no monthly payment available.
There is no rankings of the books.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
There’s enough good free summaries out there. And there’s enough information to help us wade through the books worth reading and the ones not worth reading.
If you find yourself falling behind on your reading and can spare 15 minutes a day, you’ll cherish Blinkist. You can take advantage of your commute times, scheduled breaks or downtime to quickly catch up on a book either from the web or your smartphone. The format makes it easy to gather the salient points of the book and decide if you want to read more or purchase.
If you are a love reading books and you do not have time to go through all the books you would wish to read, then having blinkist services is no option. Blinkist offer comprehensive summaries of non-fiction books. This service helps you to have an insight of the book you would wish to read within the shortest time possible.
It has user-friendly interface, the wide variety of books, and approachable nature. It’s easy to learn on-the-go and stay in-the-know with Blinkist!
We can get the main points of a book through a summary. It also provides audio books summaries. It is much easier, cheaper, and more convenient way of getting the top points of a large amount of books.
Basically Blinkist will trade you €5 a month for a huge database of summaries and audio summaries. If you like enriching yourself with new perspectives, this is perfect. There is nothing other to say than that you should get it.
Blinkist has a three-day free trial and costs $5 a day and then $50 a year after that. The library is hand-curated, so you’re reading actual summaries of the books and they really do capture the essence of the text.
Blinkist gives you access to some of the brightest and best ideas in the published world without requiring you to invest endless hours reading them all.Summaries are longer than a blog post, but much shorter than an actual book! Long just enough to inspire you, but not to bother you.
You can read and listen books in very short time.You can highlight the main ideas, reread the favorite parts and can save your time.
If you’re a busy professional who doesn’t have a lot of free time but still wants to gain a lot of knowledge, then this is an excellent app that can act as an incredible filter for what’s important to read and what can be skipped.
It takes you 1 – 2 minutes to read one insight from a selected book, and then you swipe to the next one. You swipe around ten times and you read the whole summary. If you’re interrupted in the middle, you just end with your insight and come back to the next one when you have time.
If you wanted to get to the meat of a book as fast as possible, and maybe even skip time-wasting books entirely, Blinklist is made for you.
Blinkist makes sure the abstracts are available in just about any situation by providing several ways to access the content: via a browser-based online service, a mobile app, or even a direct Kindle link.

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