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✅ Pros

The display has a USB power outlet on the right side that lets riders charge their phones while riding.
Review Pros
This is a great bike for anyone who wants a low-step bike for commuting, sight-seeing, or just riding around for fun.
This bike is the only one on this list that has both an electric assist and a throttle.
The Blix Bike Aveny comes with a powerful 500W motor.
The battery looks nice, I like how the flip-up saddle makes it easy to remove for safe storage or independent charging.
The bars are fairly swept back for added comfort, and the stem is adjustable so riders can easily make their riding position comfortable.
The motor is powered by a Panosonic lithium ion battery.
The rack on the back can carry your laptop bag or add some panniers to carry groceries.
Everyone will enjoy the ease of riding a low-slung step-through bike like this.
There is a nice rear rack that can hold your groceries, briefcase or even a seat for the kids.
LCD display shows your essential metrics and includes a USB port.
It can accommodate riders from 4 foot 10, to 6 foot 2.
Battery pack is at the back of seat tube which is good for weight distribution and very easy to slide it out.
Safety is also a significant feature in the Vika+.
Blix offers accessories for many different cargo options for the front and back of the Vika+.
A full accessory lineup is included with the Blix Aveny stock model.
The Packa features a smart bell that is integrated into the brake lever.
You can travel over 45 miles on a single charge with optimal riding settings.
To help with costs without sacrificing build quality heavily, the frame is an aluminum low step through frame, as opposed to high step frames that’s difficult for shorter people.
We really liked the stylish good looks of the Blix Vika+.
It comes with USB charging port for phone or speakers.
The tires have been upgraded, they are now thicker at 2.2”, the thicker width means more cushion, comfort, and stability overall.
The Blix Vika+ comes in 3 different colors.
Front rack mount keeps your front load separate from your steering.
The road-friendly stock tires on the Packa provide a nice balance.
If you do choose to ride without assistance sometimes, you will be assisted by the 7-speed Shimano Acera gears.
I liked the stitched grips and rubberized brake levers.
It has battery range of 20 to 45 miles.
Blix Aveny is an affordable electric bike.
It is not as heavy as some other commuter bikes.
The high capacity 672 Wh provided impressive range in the tough range test.
There are some pleasing extras on this ebike, such as the integrated front and rear LED lights.
We love the quality of this bike, as it feels extremely stable and durable.
Blix Aveny is designed to ride for commuting or for daily use.
Quality touches such as leather hand grips and seat make this bike stylish, and practical.
The 500W motor coupled with pedal assist, you’ll be zipping through scenery at 20 miles an hour.
The battery also powers the built-in lights on the bike, which I love.
It is both compact and portable, which is ideal for our traveling RV life.
For those who love vintage dutch style bicycles, they will love Blix Aveny e-bike.
The small size is convenient and easy to store.
The battery can be charged on or off the bike with the included charger.
500 W motor is deceptively strong.
The leather-style, stitched hand grips feel great.
You can fold it up in just three easy steps.
Blix Aveny has comfortable faux leather Velo saddle with bumpers.
It comes puncture-resistant tires.
The Packa can be outfitted out with one of Blix’s selection of racks up front, thanks to the integrated Blix mount points.
The brakes have excellent stopping power, both in rain or shine.
Brake light lets nearby traffic know you’re slowing or stopping.
Comfort saddle offers more shock absorption than many suspension seatposts.
It is very affordable entry-level eBike with excellent overall performance.
The Shengyi motor can propel you up to 20 mph and has a range of 20-40 miles.
The Aveny’s price point makes it a great value for what you get.
LCD display shows your speed, range, trip meter, and odometer.
Riding is very comfy and easy going.
You can fully charge it in 2-3 hours.
The thing we love most about the Blix Aveny is the pricetag.
The geometry and positioning of handle bars make it an easy, comfortable ride.
If you have a child, you can also add a Yepp Seat to the rear rack.
On a single charge, you can travel up to 45 miles.
You can travel up to 45 miles per charge.
The e-bike comes with five levels of pedal assist as well as a throttle.
This bike is easy to move around on flat ground.
Since it’s priced at just $1599, it’s perfectly priced for budget,
It comes at an affordable entry price of just $1,599.
At $1,649, I think this bike is very fairly priced.
Although this is an entry level version of their bikes, you can still get the fenders, rear rack, and other accessories added ala carte.
Full recharge time from 0% to 100% is about 5 to 6 hours.
The 672 Wh frame battery is a steal for only $300 extra.
It comes with a padded saddle.
Folding the bike takes less than a minute.
It comes standard with a rear rack.
This step-through e-Bike is built for safety.
If you want to go pick up something, it has a little luggage rack on the back to be able to carry your cargo back with you.

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❌ Cons

The Shimano Aires 7 speed setup isn’t top of the line.
Brakes don’t provide enough stopping power for all riding situations.
If you aren’t within the recommended 5’1’’ to 6’2’’ height range, you should consider a different electric bike.
It’s one of the heavier folding bikes at 50 lbs.
It has slightly cheaper components.
The display panel is not removable.
In order to power the bike on, you need to first press the battery power button and then hold the M button on the display.
Hub motors are great for separating electric assist from pedal power, but they add a bit of cabling to the rear wheel which could get bent if the bike tips.
The folding mechanism isn’t as smooth as it could be.
It has long recharge time.
It offers less hill-climbing torque than competitors.
If the eBike crashes, you may damage vital electrical components more easily than your traditional eBike.
It takes longer to charge than some of the other bikes.
While I was impressed with the acceleration from a stop, the final top speed on throttle-only use was a bit less than I expected.
I feel like this ebike offers great value for the price, but it does compromise a bit by going with mechanical disc brakes which have larger levers and require more hand effort to pull.
At 72 pounds (32.6 kg) with 1 battery, or 79 lbs (35.8 kg) with 2 batteries, the Packa is a hefty bike.
At $1,699, I sure would have loved some entry-level hydraulic disc brakes.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
This is a great foldable ebike at an affordable price. The motor power and battery range are greater than the average folding ebike. The Vika+ offers an excellent ride, and is comfy and fun. The four levels of pedal assist, plus option of throttle assistance, make it adaptable enough for all kinds of bike commuting – while at the same time you can still get as much or as little exercise as you want.
The Blix Packa is a highly sensible electric cargo bike that costs less than half of primary competitors like the Tern GSD and Yuba Spicy Curry Bosch. The mid-tail bike is only slightly longer than a regular bike and, thanks to 24-inch tires, it’s easy to whip around town—despite weighing nearly 80 pounds.
It is an entry priced cruiser electric bike with tons of available accessories, upgraded 500 watt motor, powerful and long lasting 48v 14ah battery, disc brakes, and thicker tires.
After riding the bike over all kinds of different surfaces – around a very well-paved bike path, out in a construction area, and in downtown Colorado Springs – we were very impressed by how it handled every terrain. The tires really absorbed impact extremely well, and it felt very stable. It’s clearly a well-built and sturdy bike, so the price definitely reflects the quality.
The new Blix Vika+ is a good example of these features in a compact & portable electric folding bike.
Blix Aveny is an affordable electric bike. Its price is $1,899 and if you want to upgrade battery you need to pay extra $200 which seems very reasonable. It is one of the greatest value electric bikes in the market which provides a lot of components included in the price. If you are looking for an electric bike with a comfortable ride for commuting I think this is a very good option for you.
The Blix Vika+’s $1,699 price tag isn’t cheap, but is fair in my opinion. Keep in mind that the bike comes with built-in lights, higher-quality, puncture-resistant tires, full metal fenders and rack, 7 speed drivetrain, and a pretty big 672 Wh battery. Those parts are often expensive upgrades on other bikes. Plus, you’re buying from a reputable company that uses proper construction and offers a pretty sweet design to boot.
The Packa is unique in that it is a compact electric cargo bike that fits an impressive amount of functionality into a nose-to-tail footprint of 81 inches that’s just a hair longer than most traditional bikes. It does this while lowering the stepover height to what is one of the lowest step frames available on a cargo bike.
This step-through e-Bike is built for safety, with features like Power Auto Cut-Off that cuts off the battery power when brake levers are pressed to prevent unwanted motion forward. This e-Bike also comes with a rear rack, making it an effective choice for city riders who are looking to carry cargo.
The Blix Aveny is one of the most affordable eBikes we’ve reviewed, and you’re saving even more money when you consider all of the accessories it comes with. The kickstand, the rear cargo rack, the headlight and taillight combo, and several other premium accessories are included with the stock model.
The Aveny Blix Bikes really come into their own as the ideal, well-rounded commuter’s bike for riders up to 6’2”—with some additional power for joy rides and some light off-road fun. Its 500W motor and mechanical disc brakes make that a reality. It has a long recharge time, but otherwise stylish and powerful.
Timeless design meets versatility with Blix’s Vika+ folding electronic bike. The small size is convenient and easy to store, yet can accommodate riders from 4 foot 10, to 6 foot 2. Fold it up in just three easy steps, while magnets hold it together in the folded position. The e-bike comes with five levels of pedal assist as well as a throttle, so you can choose to pedal or just cruise.
The thing we love most about the Blix Aveny is the price tag. It takes longer to charge than some of the other bikes on this list, and has slightly cheaper components, but it’s a great introductory electric bicycle for anybody who doesn’t want to spend a fortune.
The Aveny’s price point makes it a great value for what you get. It’s a comfortable, fun, good-looking and easy-to-ride bike with plenty of power. If you have a long commute or go on long rides, this may not have the range you are looking for, unless you want to buy and carry a spare battery. If you have to carry this around on a rack, you might look for a rack with an optional ramp to help get it up on the ramp.
This highly rated bike is one of the most sold electric folding bikes on the market that will take you on incredible adventures with its high powered 500W motor. It’s built with a unique design for a variety of riders and usage through any riding conditions. It comes standard with a rear rack, smart mounting points for accessories and front/rear/brake lights.

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