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✅ Pros

I have worn the brief and bra for long periods of time and felt great.
Review Pros
The center gore tacks nicely.
G cup fits well enough for its purpose.
I have owned the set for quite a while now, and it has held up well to hand-washing it.
The band is continuous and features rigid mesh for stability around the cups, extending as far as the side stays under the arm.
The gusset is lined with cotton for comfort.
I do love a cut out back.
This piece felt so light and easy to lace.
This set made me feel sexy in a whole new and different way.
It’s well designed to accommodate and gently support fuller busts.
It will look great with a backless dress or shirt.
It is really very comfortable.
The cups fully contain all of my breast tissue.
The fabric is of excellent quality.
It is sexy with out being overt.
I do think it is excellent value for the price.
The delivery is always very efficient with Bluebella.
It does dress the breasts quite beautifully.
I am loving that the construction allows a naked back.
The underbust band is large enough to be comfortable.
The shape of the cups at the top is extremely friendly if you’re full on top and with inner fullness.
The piece is so light and breathable that it feels really great to wear.
The design is utterly incredible.
They’re so comfy, you hardly feel like you’re wearing a master piece and feel more like you’re wearing your trusty M&S pair.
This bra is fairly smooth under a T-shirt.
Everything is under $100, with most bras averaging $60 and panties under $30.
Bluebella has become hugely popular for its core-sized and small-bust styles.
Due to the floral embellishments, the ensemble looks light, romantic and airy.
The pattern is very well made as I am getting a beautiful hourglass shape from it even before lacing it tightly.
This brand empowers women to show off and embrace what sexy means to them.
The briefs fit really well.
The cups fit incredibly well.
The overall balance of the design here is so nice.
The body is priced at £40 which I think it quite reasonable.
The brief provides a very full coverage.
Bluebella represents luxury, edgy look at affordable prices.
The lace ribbons extending over the hips are so flattering.
There’s plenty of lace, mesh and bondage-inspired straps, as well as cozy PJ sets.
The mesh of the body portion is wonderfully stretchy.

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❌ Cons

There are a few loose threads on the bra.
I am not really content with the fit of the cups.
It doesn’t offer the depth of some of the Polish brands I’ve tried,
The price point is a tiny bit higher.
The band is admittedly a little larger than I usually take.
If you have a squishy back like I do then the elastics may dig in a little.
The fit in the cups is a bit small for me.
The wiring is a little narrow on this style.
The fit is be no-means perfect.
There’s some wrinkling at the top of the cups.
I would love for the cup area near the armpit to be lessened by about a centimeter.
This piece does not fasten at the crotch, so you’ll have to get entirely undressed if you’re visiting the restroom.

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Review Summaries
This brand empowers women to show off and embrace what sexy means to them. And in keeping the everywoman in mind, everything is under $100, with most bras averaging $60 and panties under $30. There’s plenty of lace, mesh and bondage-inspired straps, as well as cozy PJ sets, with sizes ranging from 30A to 40D and XXS to 6XL.
I bought the set because I wanted something beautiful to wear in the boudoir, and I do think it is excellent value for this price as well as being unique and classy – however, keep in mind that you probably can’t wear it under t-shirts, etc. This kind of floral structure is something I have not seen anywhere else so far and really makes the Nova range stand out in my opinion.
It’s so astonishingly eye catching, you really needn’t pair it with anything else! I mean, how frustrating is it when you’ve payed £100 for a bra and knicker set, only to reluctantly have to buy new stockings/waspie/suspender belt/garters to make it work?! These pieces are the only two you need to take your body to supernova.
I love the attention to detail in this piece. The stitching is impeccable and the pattern is just great. However, I would advise you to see it as an occasion piece instead of something you would wear regularly.
All in all, I’m excited about Bluebella’s new DD+ ranges, and looking forward to trying some of the other styles (especially Iana! And ones which would be more viable in terms of altering the band smaller!). But I’m really hoping that in the near future they will decide to expand their size range to include not just more band sizes (which I need), but more cup sizes as well.
I’ve been very pleased with the Bluebella styles I’ve tried so far, and while they haven’t introduced new styles to the MORE sub-brand since their launch, I’m really hoping they’ll consider expanding or innovating in this range the same way they do their core-size collections.
The body is priced at £40 which I think it quite reasonable for a body that really embraces the fuller figure and doesn’t hide beneath old fashioned and frumpy designs. The body gives structure without being restrictive – it is sexy with out being overt – it is supportive and functional yet fashion forward in a way that very few DD plus brands are.
I think they’re a really good fit for a body shape that’s slightly heavier on the bottom (read: I have a big bum.) The light under-colour and dark overlay, in combination with hip detailing of the lace ribbons, makes for a really flattering appearance.
I really can’t get over how successful this set is. The first day I wore this bra I went to a lingerie event with friends and practically took my shirt off the second I walked in the door to show it to them. They (and I) all remarked that we were surprised by how good the fit and the shape are.

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