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✅ Pros

All products are foldable and portable.
Review Pros
It is super easy to use after a little practice.
The design has a modern style that Youngers love it.
It’s also priced quite reasonably and should cost you no more than $200.
This is a worthy investment with solid construction and high-quality coating.
Mostly, the longboards of the BoardUp brand have a sturdy frame with a carbon fiber coating outside.
The elastic is the core material in the wheels which makes the bearings is smoother.
It acts and feels just as I would expect a longboard of this size and price to act.
The design of the entire board is simple, elegant and verging on ingenious.
The hinge and self folding mechanism work incredibly well.

❌ Cons

I feel like it could benefit from the board being longer to really help with control and carving.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
All products of the BroadUp have the locking hinge to keep the deck open when using. It can fold up when your foot catches at the right angle. Thanks to this specific angle from the kick pad probably support the deck cannot fold up or collapse once the board is cruising.
If you’re looking for an exciting, innovative and efficient way to improve your commute or getting around campus then the BoardUp is one of the best products on the market. The self folding design works remarkably well and takes very little practice to become accustomed to. The rest of the board is as of a high a quality as the folding mechanism which leads to a great performance and some exciting carving. It’s also priced quite reasonably and should cost you no more than $200.

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