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✅ Pros

It is much less expensive than most.
Review Pros
It includes a padded tube that wraps around the center of the resistance band to allow for more comfortable pushing movements.
It comes with a durable travel bag.
It is a complete body system, you get the special gym bar, a high quality latex resistance band, and a tape measure to track your progress.
There is a targeted workout DVD to which you may follow along and a BodyGym workout guidebook.
It is easy to use.
This product is designed for people who are either recovering from an injury or those who are too fragile to exercise hard.
BodyGym is extremely lightweight and compact.
Customer reviews are quite positive, and users mention it is easy to assemble and very versatile.
The simple design is compact and highly portable.
Following the instructions that are given through-out the DVD will ensure you exercise correctly and get the result.
With Body Gym you can work out wherever your please, you can stay at home and exercise without having to pay out unnecessarily.
BodyGym has three different packages to choose from.
People who simply do not have time in their day to go to a proper gym can also benefit from this at-home resistance equipment.
It comes with targeted workouts DVD.
It can be stored and taken with you with ease and comes with its own travel bag.
It offers multiple possible exercise modalities.
It has a patented workout bar and high-quality resistance bands you can use in various ways.
It is a high-quality latex resistance band.
The unit is portable, packable, and effective.
It is easy to modify exercise intensity.
BodyGym does actually provide an improved experience over typical resistance bands.
It comes with training booklet and instructional DVDs.
This BodyGym model offers a full home gym experience at an affordable price.
It has simple set up.
The workout DVD is a nice way to introduce you to BodyGym.
It comes with convenient exercise videos and guidebooks to make things easier.
The price of this basic piece may make it a worthwhile purchase.
They offer a 60-day money-back guarantee on their BodyGym system.
Body Gym can be used just about anywhere which makes it ideal for those who travel frequently.
Forget about those lengthy exercise routines, this one takes just 8 minutes.
For those who avoid gyms like the plague, those who travel, those who have chronic conditions or injuries, or those who just like to sneak in a bit of exercise at work, this is an ideal fit.
You can purchase their app for a one-time fee of just $10.
Users get a sticker guide and a bonus DVD with Marie, the endorser, and her favorite workouts.
There are over one million satisfied customers.
Exercises are pictured on the bar itself which might make it easier to design workouts.
It is the right option if your monetary and temporal budget is tight.
It includes a tape measure, training manual, and exercise guide.
With 100 exercises that can be done using this product, your body will start to change.

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❌ Cons

The stickers used to display exercises on the bar may peel over time.
You will need some creativity to use this device.
Some people just don’t like resistance band training.
Durability may be less than many competitive options.
It has unimpressive construction and materials.
This unit does limit what you are able to do.
There are no real ab workouts.
Very limited resistance options are available.
There is a potential for you to injure yourself or even fail to get the results you want if used incorrectly.
If you are looking to bulk up, I don’t think BodyGym will provide enough resistance to build significant muscle.
Few components offer limited exercise versatility.
As with most exercise bands, the amount of resistance is not going to compare to even a moderate-sized dumbbell.
People who seek to maintain their athleticism and build strength while toning muscle might want to use other gym alternatives, of which there are many.
It may be more difficult for shorter athletes to incorporate heavier resistance.
Latex causes allergies for some people.

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Review Summaries
Body Gym is designed as an at home gym that lets you firm, tone, and sculpt your body in nine minutes per day. With such a system you are able to target the key areas of the body with a single at-home unit. Using resistance bands, this unit focuses on improving your strength in all areas, strength and resistance which increase / improve the more often you use the machine. Use the DVDs and workout videos to achieve great results.
This BodyGym model offers a full home gym experience at an affordable price. It has a patented workout bar and high-quality resistance bands you can use in various ways. You will need some creativity to use this device, but it comes with convenient exercise videos and guidebooks to make things easier.
Any piece of exercise equipment will only be as useful as the effort put into it. If you enjoy using BodyGym, you’ll probably stick with it and see results. If not, it could find itself behind the ironing board in your hallway closet in no time.
If you’re someone who doesn’t want to work out with heavy weights, you prefer to work out from your own house (the #1 reason to buy the body gym In my opinion) or are in recovery from some type of injury, the BodyGym is a great option.
If you want to add a little something extra to your workouts without getting too complicated, the Bodygym Core System may be for you. A single, long resistance band attaches to a super lightweight plastic bar for assembly in seconds.
The Bodygym Core System is an adjustable latex resistance band. It comes with a snap-together bar attachment that enables athletes to perform full body and isometric movements.
BodyGym is an all in one fitness accessory manufactured and sold by BodyGym, which you can use at home or outdoors. This product can save you time and money by doing your workout anywhere instead of at the gym.
The Body Gym infomercial claims that with Body Gym, you can do more than one hundred exercises without using any other fitness product. It combines different exercises so you can target the muscles in your upper and lower body. You can strengthen your whole body and improve your muscles without going to the gym.
I believe that the BodyGym system is a wonderful resource for almost anyone who works out from home. Whether this is your only piece of equipment you buy or you purchase it to supplement your already growing selection of weights and other equipment, the BodyGym offers something unique to the mix.

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