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✅ Pros

It offers trade capability.
Review Pros
The heatmap shows how the entire order book and traded volume at the current time and how it was in the past.
You can access the free demo trading simulator.
Free subscription plan is available.
You can easily replay and recall the price action to make a plan for the future.
Forex trading is possible on the free plan.
You can monitor iceberg orders and volume imbalances.
It is easy to do algorithmic trading thanks to the APIs.
The platform is suitable for day trading, futures, stocks, and crypto.
Millisecond trading data enables users to gauge the large to molecular level picture.
You can play back market data to practice strategies.
The order book and heat map combination ensure easy access from a single screen 24/7.
Software connects to external brokerage accounts.
It is free for live cryptocurrency data and trading.
You can replay/record price action to make a game plan for the future.
There are immense educational programs with live doubt sessions.
Stocks, futures and cryptocurrencies can be tracked and traded.
It offers unique visualizations of order book data.
It also provides API access and a custom service for quants.
Stellar connectivity-works with several popular brokers and exchanges.
It offers free and paid digital subscription.
You can use tiny nanosecond and microsecond measurements to get a sense of the bigger picture.
Trading from within the chart with one-click trading is possible.
Heatmap reveals support and resistance levels.
Replay mode is convenient because it records real-time trading sessions for later analysis in replay mode.
Powerful APIs enable integration of algorithmic trading.
You can get a free simulator for trading when you register.
Bookmap presents market data with remarkable accuracy.
Record and replay enable users to review price action they missed in depth.
Multiple education tools are available.
Around 140 user reviews are present on the Trustpilot site for this trading tool with a rating of 4.3/5.
It provides an x-ray lens into the order flow, intent and liquidity behind price moves.
You can test Bookmap for free using crypto markets.
Many educational resources are available.

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❌ Cons

Some features cost extra, such as the data feed for Global and Global + futures and stocks.
It offers very few compatible brokers.
It is expensive for stock and futures trading.
Many potential tools are absent.
Lots of information contained-can be overwhelming for newcomers/investors/swing traders.
Bookmap does not have any mobile app.
Only a desktop application is present.
It lacks security features.
Price is somewhat high on all subscription tiers.
Best subscription plan is pricey.
The paid plan is very expensive.
Like level 2, bid/ask information can be noisy.
There is limited selection of compatible brokerage firms.
The best subscription package is very costly.
At the moment, using the inhouse dxFeed subscription from Bookmap is the only way to get full-depth market data for the US stock market.
It doesn’t offer traditional charting alongside order book charts.
Bid and ask information can get confusing.
There is a limited selection of compatible brokerage firms.
It has limited brokerage compatibility for stock trading.
There is no mobile app.
It may be has too much information for swing traders and investors.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Bookmap is a solid tool for traders and investors looking to have a better visualization of markets that will provide a necessary edge in this competitive industry.
Bookmap is a great value for users that can utilize the data efficiently. There is tons of data down to milliseconds, which an normal human couldn’t or wouldn’t want to analyze. Those who are proficient in data analytics and algorithmic traders will find this robust source of information a very good value.
Bookmap is a charting platform with some unique tools and features. It is designed to assist day traders with visualizing order flow data and liquidity. Bookmap offers features such as order book visualization using heatmap and volume bubbles, as well as volume alerts, chart trading, and a replay mode.
Bookmap trading platform accurately shows the entire market liquidity and trading activities. Identify market trends & hidden price patterns with high precision. If you are experienced in day trading, intraday scalping, or just want more information about the markets than you know what to do with, check this out.
Bookmap is clearly best for day traders, scalpers, swing traders and algo-traders. It is for order flow enthusiasts, tape reading specialists and data geeks. Beginners should try the free cryptocurrency mode first (digital package). This way you to get a better understanding of the tool for free. Once ready, you should start with a monthly subscription once you are ready to give it a try for trading stocks.
As a trading tool focused on crypto, futures, and equities markets, Bookmap fails to meet many of the requirements that traders look for. Our review reveals that while the available features are diverse, some features like the analysis tools, broker support, and security are not focused on fully. The absence of a mobile application is another drawback. Although a free plan is offered, the features provided are very limited. The paid plan is very expensive and can be a deterrent for interested traders.
Bookmap is the best option for the traders who can utilize the data to its maximum. It is not just like any other scanner or custom indicator, but in fact, it offers an entirely new way to analyze the markets.

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