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✅ Pros

The theme provides multiple options, child themes, and multiple features that can cover large customizability demands.
Review Pros
You can update your theme effortlessly.
Images and the add to cart functions are clearly displayed above the fold, while the recent update saw pricing, timers, and delivery information also situated above the fold, ensuring that no scrolling is necessary.
On Booster, you will be supported 10 languages to flexibly use on your site.
The old fashioned email pop up to collect an email address in return for a discount code is included in booster theme.
The Notification Popups functionality is great because it is tailored towards what product your visitor is looking at and only relevant ‘sales’ are displayed.
Bypassing the cart, direct to checkout feature allows you to set your store up so that it will go straight to the checkout.
Discounts can be customized to various amounts, and the popup display can also be easily adjusted.
With the Booster Theme you have the ability to add up to 6 cross sell products.
You can customize the popups in every way possible from color to border and font size of the text.
When someone goes to checkout on a particular item you can include a popup which cross sells them relevant products such as another t-shirt or an accompanying product, such as batteries for their new torch.
It comes with upgraded product pages.
It is SEO optimized.
The Shopify Product Reviews app can be integrated into your store with the Booster Theme.
Booster Theme also offers a lot of necessary functionality to create a whole website.
It increases sales and conversion rates.
With the Booster Theme, you will have a lot of options to increase your Average Order Value (AOV).
You can import demo stores to your own store to get a head start.
Selling a bundle of products is easy with the help of a booster Shopify theme, it shows the product bundles on every product page.
This plugin makes it super easy to put a free + shipping product at the front of your store.
This shopify theme is made professionally and updated regularly.
It increases buyers impulsivity.
It lets you sell the related products which will certainly increase your revenue and build a relationship with the customer as you will know what they want or would need with the products they have in their cart.
By showing people has already bought the product in which the visitor is viewing it not only builds trust but it also develops the FOMO in visitors making them most likely to buy.
There are no monthly fees with the Booster Theme.
You can create sense of urgency in the store by adding a clock countdown to your product website.
Booster was built by a group of people who have experience in running their own Shopify Drop-shipping stores.
It is mobile optimized.
It is a great fit for any business.
It comes with product upsell and cross-sell features.
You can also use notification pop-ups.
Overall, it has 91% customer support satisfaction.
You can customize the free shipping button and messages.
In most cases, you can find answers in their Frequently Asked Questions section.
As part of the research into customer behavior, the Countdown Timer works on creating scarcity.
It not only increases your revenue, but it also improves the customer experience.
With the help of geolocation your Shopify store allows your store visitors to switch to their preferred language.
The price is affordable, and because it’s feature-rich, merchants can save more money since they don’t have to add so many Shopify apps to their stores.
It also has vsitor count display frame.
The inventory quantity bar shows up on the product page to increase the conversions by making the customer feel fear of missing out.
Direct to checkout saves buyers time and effort by taking them straight to the checkout.
You can make shoppable images and with the lookbook.
The customer support team is available 24*7, and they claim to solve your query within 24 hours.
If you get the currency converter enabled, an addition like this is an excellent way to let people know that the checkout currency will differ.
Shopify booster theme is not cheap, but the investment already pays for itself with all the integrations.
When a visitor hovers over the product it automatically shows the related products (if available).
When a customer buys something on your store, you can use cross-sell to recommend a related product to what they are buying.
It has beautiful and responsive page design and clean layout.
You can send the visitors directly to the checkout page.
By adding a currency converter with Booster Theme, you ensure that customers from all around the world see the price of your products in their own currency.
You can enable a pop-up that appears when someone attempts to checkout on an item. It will show a related product.
You can integrate upsell and cross-sell notifications.
The first and most important factor is that the Booster Theme is mobile optimization which shows the image and add-to-cart buttons above the fold on most modern smartphones.
With mobile usage constantly on the rise, the Booster Theme makes sure that it is fully mobile optimized.
There are multiple languages this theme supports.
Built with light code, the theme loads seamlessly which will make for the most user friendly shopping experience.
Booster has made its design as clean and transparent as possible while providing all the necessary data.
It can boost your Average order value.
The Booster Theme is designed for Mobile Optimization, this is one of the major benefits of having it installed.
There is a frequently asked questions community centre in which you can ask typical questions and there may be an answer.
It comes with extensive features and with a strong focus on Sales-boosting and CRO functionalities.
You can set the timer to countdown from any time, and then perform various options such as stop, restart or redirect the user somewhere else.
The Currency Converter enables you to reach traffic and customers from anywhere in the world.
There is incorporation of Geo IP currency converter.
You can upsell any collections or products.
The Booster Theme is currently available in 10 different languages.
They offer a 14-day refund period.
Booster theme inbuilt cross-selling feature allows you to cross-sell products with ease.
It has easy to use interface.
Booster theme is mobile optimized and shows the image and add to cart buttons above the fold on most modern smartphones.
It works with more than 180 currencies.

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❌ Cons

Since Booster Theme is not a Shopify theme, but a third-party theme, the installation process can be slightly overwhelming and complicated, especially when compared to that of Shopify themes.
If you aren’t going to use all the features then it’s up to you if you want to spend the $179 for one license.
The last issue is the number of other stores using Booster Theme out there will cause concern for your visitors.
Most of the features included in booster theme can actually be added for free through the Shopify app store.
When there is a new update you have to upload the newest version and reconfigure it all from the start. Talk about about painful, this meaningless task can set you back at least 30 minutes
With similar apps that are all included, I am sure a lot of these stores will look the same sans logo.
Due to Shopify’s interface, you have to download and reinstall the theme over the top when you want to update a theme.
On Booster, you will have to spend an investment of 179 dollars for a single license.
It’s a bit expensive.
Theme updates can negatively affect your store, there have been complaints from customers that they need to reinstall the theme after its update.
If you only want one-two plugins or even more, then paying $197 for a Booster is not worth the money.
One thing that makes me sad about this theme is that they don’t have any newsletter popup feature yet.
More pricing options are needed.
Live Chat support is not available. Their average reply time is 1-2 business days.
Their efforts spent on building Child themes are not equally distributed, manifested in the way that some of the child themes are not well-built as the others.
The number of other stores using Booster Theme out there is increasing every day, which also causes a problem.
When you would like to update a theme, then you will have to download the newest version and reinstall it from the beginning, which means you must spend at least 30 minutes to do so.
With each license, you will only get one year of free support.
The last issue is the number of other stores using Booster Theme out there will cause concern for your visitors.
Due to Shopify’s interface, when you want to update a theme, you have to download and reinstall the theme over the top.
The only negative thing is that this theme is not something for people that have a tight budget.
Out of the box you can do quite a bit. However if you were to make 5 stores using the booster theme they would look relatively the same.
Price is bit high.
If there’s any future updates of the theme you’ll have to install it over on top of the old theme and likely have to reconfigure your site again which is a pain in the ass.
At an investment of $179 (USD) for a single license it does not come cheaply.

⚖️ Final Say

Read the summaries of what reviewers think about Booster Theme below.

Review Summaries
There are other themes from Shopify theme stores, but no one gets compared to this one. The only disadvantage we can get across that the pricing plan is a little expensive is the other theme plans. But, if you use the Shopify Booster Theme coupon code, this problem will also be solved.
Overall with Booster Theme, your pages are SEO optimized, mobile-friendly and that brings more customers & sales. Now create a Shopify store with Booster Theme and all you need to do is just start focusing on the product research to find the best profitable products to sell.
Booster themes magically make your marketing more powerful. The built-in Shopify theme is the most effective tool for increasing the number of visitors. The booster theme indeed helps in increasing sales, and hence many marketers have rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars.
As a Shopify theme, Booster Theme is packed with features that will help you sell more products. The only downside to this theme is the price tag – so if your budget is tight, it’s a good idea to start with a free Shopify theme first until you grow a bit more.
As per the values offered according to the pricing, this seems like a great deal. If you will get the theme you will not be getting disappointed as the Booster Theme has helped more than 9127+ stores to double their revenue and with their 91% customer satisfaction.
Booster Theme is an excellent option for dropshipping businesses seeking a reliable theme for their Shopify store. Simple to use and packed with useful functions, it’s got plenty to offer and will be especially useful for store owners selling a few products. Using these features, you can easily create a variety of sales funnels to increase your conversions and average sales, which is the goal of any good eCommerce store!
It is all in one package and does not need different plugins. Everything is set up and you just need to spend a few bucks.
The booster theme for Shopify does save you a lot of money because you don’t need expensive Shopify apps for upselling, cross-selling, bundling the products, or for different types of conversion-boosting features that are already integrated into this Shopify theme.
In conclusion, Booster is one of the best high converting Shopify themes. You will get everything already set up for you on Booster, which means you will not have to figure out the way to get high sale conversions. In case you are really serious about enhancing your sale conversion rate and have the financials to buy the theme, then just go ahead by installing this theme and make your Shopify store successful.
I would recommend purchasing the Booster Theme, particularly if you are relying on a free theme at present. It has all of the functionality and features that you need from a theme, and its actually considerably cheaper than other themes I have found online.
With lightning speed load times and a bunch of useful apps that will save you $100’s of dollars per month in app fees, the booster theme is perfect for anyone wanting to cut costs and increase conversions.
Booster Theme is the theme you need if you’re creating a one or two product store and want to create a mini sales funnel. Booster Theme doesn’t offer any functionality for one click up sells (as they don’t offer Stripe integration directly) they do offer a sales page, addon upsell and then redirect to the Shopify checkout page (or direct to checkout). The addon upsell is definitely one of the best ways to increase your customer order value, i.e. offering batteries with the torch they just ordered or a different colored strap for their new watch.
I did see an increase in my conversions when using this theme on one of my one-product stores. It wasn’t exactly double, but definitely an improvement.
I personally think this theme looks great, and it’s definitely a great buy if you currently pay for Shopify apps that contain features of the Booster Theme! You won’t need these Shopify apps anymore after purchasing this theme. The only negative thing is that this theme is not something for people that have a tight budget.

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