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✅ Pros

The tablet holder allows for an easy view of streamed workouts.
Review Pros
It’s unbelievably affordable.
The weight racks at the front also give the Bootykicker a lot of stability, especially if you rack heavier dumbbells.
The front of the Booty Kicker has a super awesome weight stand where it can hold up to 3 sets of weights.
It doesn’t take up a lot of space.
This barre is super easy to assemble and there are videos that show you exactly what to do.
The Booty Kicker is sturdy.
It takes me less than a minute to pop it up and take it down.
It also has storage for my hand weights.
It is simple to set up in any room, even with limited space.
It is portable.
The rubber stoppers at the bottom give it grip and stability.
You’ll be able to push and pull against the barre with no trouble.
The directions are clear and concise.
It’s also the perfect solution for those of us living in small spaces.
It is less than $100.
It’s great for any moves where you exert force straight downward on the barre or hold onto it for balance.
I am very impressed with the quality of the materials, especially for the very affordable cost.
It can slide right under a bed or into a closet.
I like the Ipad holder so I can adjust the arms and position my electronic device to exactly where I need it to be to perform my workouts effortlessly.
It can support your weight when you push or pull against it.
It is easy to store under a bed or in a closet when you aren’t using it.
It is lightweight yet very durable.
The weight slots at the bottom give you the option to slide regular hand weights in to make it sturdy for pushing and pulling.
The weight slots can be removed to fold up the barre and move it around–reducing it to only 7 lbs.
The barre also folds down to a collapsed position allowing you to store it out of sight.
This portable barre is super awesome because of it’s unique design that allows you to use your own body weight to deepen your barre practice and take it to the next level.
It comes with an authentic wooden barre.
I like how easily I can move the barre around when I’m taking a virtual class.
The cost is just $79.99 plus shipping, which is easily one of the most affordable portable barre options.
It is very affordable.
One of my favorite parts of the Booty Kicker is the Phone/Tablet attachment.
It’s portable and collapsible.
It folds up easily and has wheels on the bottom so you can wheel it to wherever you want it.

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❌ Cons

The only color option is white.
Setup time varies.
Dumbbells are not included.
The backs of the legs lift up and wobble slightly during exercises.
You’ll probably want to put some more weight on the weight rack in the front, for counterbalance.
The assembly instructions are rubbish.
The metal structure is a little rough around the edges.
Tablet holder must be purchased separately.
The height and length are not adjustable.

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Review Summaries
Overall, I am very pleased with Booty Kicker and am happy to share this amazing piece of at-home barre equipment with everyone in my circle!
You see them all over your social feeds, thanks to a generous affiliate program and a friendly price point. They are the portable barres that include a large white frame, with stainless steel support, wooden barre, gripping feet, and weight rack.
It is really not that expensive, especially if you are an avid barre student or instructor! I am thrilled with the Booty Kicker. It allows me to create an authentic barre workout at home that I can bring into the studio.
It’s portable and collapsible. You get the best of both worlds with it being weight-bearing on the one hand, but also easily collapsible on the other hand–whether you want to slide it under a bed when not in use or take it with you. The weight slots at the bottom give you the option to slide regular hand weights in to make it sturdy for pushing and pulling, and then they can be removed to fold up the barre and move it around–reducing it to only 7 lbs.
It is less than $100, which makes it one of the least expensive and best constructed portable barres I’ve ever encountered. I have easily spent well over $100 on barres way less functional.
If you are looking for one new piece of “at home” fitness equipment that is very affordable, portable and versatile, you want to look at the Booty Kicker Barre. This barre is so well designed, you can push and pull on it and it remains stable. Add some toys to it like tubing, ball, gliding discs and you can even mimic a pilates reformer workout…right there in your own home.
It has only been a few weeks but I already love it. No more awkward hop-shuffling to shift my leg forward during stretches, no more bruised Achilles tendons, no more crooked shoulders! It’s also the perfect solution for those of us living in small spaces, as it folds up flat for storage and doesn’t require drilling holes into the wall.

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