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✅ Pros

You don’t need both a grinder and espresso machine on the counter.
Review Pros
It comes with 2 filter baskets.
Breville offers powerful milk-steaming.
It is fast, with super-automatic settings.
It has very easy operation.
As a result of listening to their customers, Breville’s machines and manuals are impressively easy to use and understand.
It’s comparatively easy to use and keep clean.
It has a generous internal water tank.
With 30 grind settings, it offers precise grinds to make the perfect shot of espresso.
Most Breville products include PID (Proportional-Intrgral- Derivative) Control technology, which manages extraction temperature to minimize fluctuation.
1600w thermocoil heat gets going very fast. Expect around 30 seconds for the initial warm-up from a cold start.
It is great for anyone wanting to dive headfirst into the world of espresso, eager to learn.
Their products are easy to clean and durable, perfect for any kitchen.
It heats up fast.
It has great cleaning functions.
Override options allow you to customize your drinks to your precise tastes, and as your brewing confidence grows.
They take customer support very seriously.
Advanced users can take advantage of deeper features like pre-infusion.
It is a good mid-level espresso machine.
Right out of the box the BES840XL Infuser wows with exceptional shot extraction, and it’s a doddle to use.
It also saves counter space since the grinder is conveniently part of the machine and you don’t need to buy another small appliance.
It has a contemporary and classy appearance with an easy-to-operate LCD display control panel.
One major pro of the Barista Pro is how fast it heats up.
High quality manual steam wand produces excellent milk texturing and micro foam.
It comes in nice color options like silver, cranberry red, and black sesame.
It offers very good value for the money.
It is compact.
It is easy to control the temperature.
It is one of the best domestic espresso options for the money.
It comes with single and double-wall filter baskets.
You can make professional-grade coffee at home.
It is capable of producing adequate pressure to brew coffee and steam milk exceptionally well.
It comes with integral steam wand.
It has great creative potential.
It has a beautiful design and slim shape.
The semi-automatic Breville Barista Express brews better espresso than more expensive machines.
It has lots of espresso settings and learning opportunities.
It has lots of customization settings.
It has LCD screen.
It comes with integrated conical burr grinder, making it ideal for novices with no gear.
It gives good espresso extraction.
It has been conveniently designed with a reliable thermocoil.
It conveniently moves in all directions, allowing us to angle the wand off to the side to move our milk jug up and down and properly steam the milk.
All of the accessories are conveniently placed and don’t impede on other important areas of the unit.
It made me slow down and be more mindful in the morning.
It has fast heat-up time.
The Barista Express is fairly fast and easy to use once you get the hang of it.
It will produce high-quality tasting espresso consistently.
All Breville products come with a one year limited warranty.
It has 6 preset brewing modes.
It allows total customization over every aspect of your shot.
Pre-infusion feature makes a significant improvement to the quality of the espresso shot.
There is rapid brewing and steaming transition.
It comes with a large 67 oz removable water reservoir and 360º swivel frother.
It also has a built-in burr grinder for hassle-free coffee ground dosing.
It has pressure gauge for consistency.
It offers good value for money.
Double boiler makes it great for hot water, steam, and espresso.
It is affordable and could come with a warranty.
It has an attractive stainless-steel design.
Since the grinder is built and tuned for the machine it doesn’t require tweaking.
It includes everything you need to start brewing espresso.
They have representatives available every day to address any questions you might have.
The Barista Express retails for just under $600, which is fairly reasonable compared to some of the top competing brands whose prices are $1000 and up.
It comes with customizable settings including an exceptional milk frother and infuser.
It has the ability to start up in just three seconds courtesy of the ThermoJet heating system.
There is only 30 second heat-up time from first start.
It has a stylish retro design.
It also comes with a list of cleaning tools that are useful for deep cleanings.

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❌ Cons

The grinder could be better.
It is more costly than the Barista Express model.
It takes time to learn the machine and set it up.
The Breville Barista Pro required more maintenance and cleanup with each use.
It is expensive.
While this machine does save space by integrating the grinder into the machine, it inherently makes it wider.
It is not suitable for use with pods.
You need to clean the machine thoroughly after every cycle.
The portafilter was stiff initially.
It is hard to tell when reservoir is running low.
There can be a learning curve when using the Barista Pro.
It takes time to learn the machine and its parts.
Ordering replacement parts from Breville can take a few weeks.
For novices, takes a little while to learn how to use.
It is a hybrid semi-automatic espresso machine with the usual limitations.
It’s big and heavy.
PID water temperature control is very useful, but means you have no control over the heating. A bit of a missed opportunity given the freedom the Infuser otherwise offers.
The grinder can be loud when using it.
It has steep learning curve.
No built-in grinder, and so for the best results you’ll need to find a way of grinding fresh whole beans.
Unfortunately, grinding coffee for other brewing methods takes a bit of fine tuning to get right.
The learning curve on the Infuser is a little steeper than with other semi-automatic espresso machines.
It is a single boiler machine, meaning you can’t brew and steam at the same time.
It requires regular cleaning.
It needs a good clean after each use.

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Review Summaries
If you want to make espresso and cappuccino at home with the quality of a local coffee shop, then you may want to look at the Barista Express by Breville. The espresso machine does take a while to set up; however, it will deliver consistent, high-quality results with the right froth customized to meet your needs.
The Breville Bambino Plus is a fantastic machine that’s packed with smart features to help you make the smoothest and professional-looking coffee around. While it isn’t cheap, the plentiful customization options make it well worth your money.
Whether you are a professional barista exploring home espresso options, or a coffee curious individual wanting to learn about espresso brewing, the Barista Express is a solid option. It delivers loads of tweakable features and enough pressure to make it fun to use (unlike most home espresso options)— a pretty huge achievement for an espresso machine at this price point.
The Dual Boiler is more about getting better at your chosen art form. It removes obstacles and smoothens the path between you and a professional-grade shot of espresso. It’s expensive, but this espresso machine is a shrine to the pleasures of fine coffee.
An excellent machine for both novices and intermediates, the Breville Barista Express BES870 has everything a home barista needs: integrated grinder, 360º swivel frother, Temp Control, and more. All it needs…is you.
We don’t like the idea of having a grinder built in. It somewhat limits upgradability. If you’re a budding barista, you may want to look elsewhere. We love the fact Breville makes both grinders and espresso machines, so they’re not just playing to one strength. They embedded this machine with a ton of great capability to make great espresso
If you’re ready to elevate your coffee-making experience, the Breville Precision Brewer Thermal has enough bells and whistles to make you wonder why you didn’t upgrade your coffee experience sooner. The coffee maker has six pre-set brewing modes, including Gold, Fast, and Cold Brew, and you can even customize and save your own settings. You can also control the temperature and flow rate. It’s programmable, so you can set it to start brewing before you wake up. In addition, the thermal carafe keeps the coffee hot for a longer time.
This budget-friendly appliance would suit a coffee enthusiast looking for a first home espresso machine. It makes a rich espresso with excellent crema and steams milk to a velvety micro-foam – but you’ll need to invest some time in working out how to use it.
The results of my Breville Barista Express review are simple: I think the Breville BES870XL is a great beginner espresso machine. Do remember that its hybrid nature means you’ll eventually hit a wall when trying to dig deeper into the various factors that go into the perfect espresso. Thankfully, there’s a lot to learn between now and then.
If you’ve been looking for an espresso machine, look no further than Breville’s the Barista Express. Its high-quality espresso, customizable settings, and convenient design make it well worth the price.
Overall, I loved making the Breville Barista Pro part of my morning routine. It helped me get back in touch with my inner barista, slow down in the morning, and appreciate the coffee-making process even more. If you’re looking to take your at-home coffee making to the next level with a semi-automatic espresso machine, the Breville Barista Pro is worth the investment. Not only is it a great upgrade for your own kitchen, but it also makes an amazing gift, whether it’s for a housewarming or the holidays.
For espresso lover who wants to make barista-quality espresso at home, the Breville Barista Pro is a great choice no matter how experienced you are. With this great machine, you don’t need to get your morning coffee from the coffee shop anymore. If you’re in the market for a contemporary machine that looks beautiful in your kitchen or want a device that brews espresso and steams milk effectively, the Barista Pro should be your first choice.
The attractive, user-friendly Breville Barista Express makes delicious espresso, with outstanding value in a pricey category.
It promises to produce barista-quality coffee in your very own home. If you’re looking to significantly improve the quality of your home kitchen coffee, the Infuser will certainly do that for you. Just be aware that it requires a little extra work in terms of preparing the coffee grounds, and then adding the finishing milk touch using the steam wand.
If you are just looking for a quick top pick, check out the Breville Barista Express. But if you have a bit more time, take into consideration your budget, automation needs, and accessories. If you want top of the line super-auto capabilities, consider the Barista Touch. Want something with professional flexibility? Perhaps the Dual-Boiler is for you.

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