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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

Brizy provides you only the options that you need to make beautiful sites.
Review Pros
It has intuitive drag-and-drop interface.
Your work is constantly auto saved.
With the Brizy Pro Plugin, you will be able to integrate with the 3rd party tools.
It has one of the better designed UI’s we’ve seen in a page builder plugin.
It also includes stunning premade blocks that will help you speed up the design process.
It has most flexible layouts for WordPress.
You can transform any of your blocks into a slider.
It has an awesome auto-saving feature which means you never lose your work.
It is important to note that Brizy offers an auto-saving feature.
You can make changes to the default colors that you’ll see when changing colors to different elements.
It offers 4k useful icons.
Brizy’s customer service is available via live chat and Facebook Messenger.
With both pro subscriptions, Brizy Cloud’s own domain name option is included for free, so that makes it an even more interesting choice.
It is easy to use and powerful.
It is easy-to-use.
Brizy is easy to use and offers a true visual editing experience.
Brizy also has an advanced global styling feature.
It comes with advanced text editor.
It has a Facebook group to chat with other fellow Brizy users for additional support and ideas.
It works with every WordPress theme.
You can easily customize the active parts of your WordPress website using the brizy plugin.
The drag-and-drop editing interface was created with a clean, minimalist design to ensure maximum usability.
It is 100% responsive.
Brizy comes with the ability to undo any changes you’ve made and it also auto-saves your work so you never have to worry about losing the changes you’ve made.
One of the most appealing features of Brizy is that it comes with great UX and UI design.
4000 icons are included.
You can set a global palette and font settings that are going to propagate all through your pages.
It is very user-friendly and flexible.
It has easy to use interface.
It has global linked color and fonts.
Role manager protects your design and structure from your clients.
Brizy Pro also has pre-built header and footer blocks that can be added to any section of the layout.
Brizy also comes with the global colors and fonts.
The best part of Brizy is that the content inside the column automatically adapts to the new size.
You can simply drag and drop the sections around to completely change the layout of the page.
You can pay once and get lifetime updates and the ability to use on all of your WordPress sites.
Brizy has a very intuitive way to make sure the important parts of your image are always in focus.
Over 150 pre-made blocks are available.
You can also create your own template (complete page) and save it in the library.
It has professionally designed blocks.
It is super easy to create any structure in the accordion and tabs elements using Brizy.
It offers lifetime license.
Brizy Pro integrates well with the top custom fields and custom post type plugins for WordPress.
You can also save any section for later use.
Advanced styling sidebar makes it easy to set the padding and margins.
it feels buttery smooth.
There are over 4000 different icons that you can use in Brizy.
Brizy offers the same global management for fonts, and offers the full Google Fonts inventory for beautiful looking pages.
Brizy’s free version comes standard with a great deal of customization options.
There are quite a few pre-made blocks available.
It has easy to use interface.
Brizy works well with any theme that is well coded and includes a 100% width template or layout option.
You can easily reorder sections using the sidebar on the left and set global styles for your text elements and color scheme.
Brizy is currently free for downloading from their website and the WordPress plugin repository.
Brizy has a certain fluid feel to the entire editing experience.
The UI options are simply laid out and beautiful.
It lets you provide excellent user-experience to mobile users.
It is clutter free.
There is a section solely dedicated to blocks.
You can control the way your images appear down to every detail.
It comes with dynamically pulls and displays data from ACF, Pods and Types.
Over 150 pre-made blocks are ready to drag into your page.
Brizy is a very good solution for someone who’s really not interested in learning code.
Brizy Pro brings with it a lot of integrations to powerful marketing tools.
You can find the option header and footer in Brizy free.
Brizy has an overall 4.4 out of 5-star rating on WordPress Reviews.
Brizy makes it easy to see how your website will appear on mobile devices and make adjustments as necessary.
It comes with WooCommerce integration.
Brizy comes with 150+ pre-built customizable blocks that you can add to your webpage.
The builder has a large community of active users that can help answer questions and troubleshoot issues via the Brizy forum.
There are 3 plans available for Brizy Pro.
It’s much more intuitive than Elementor and Divi.

❌ Cons

It has limited popup features.
The lifetime license is a bit pricey.
It’s a new platform.
Brizy has a good number of pre-designed page sections, but have a very limited number of full page templates so far.
Negative reviews mention that the responsive builder can be buggy and some users had issues with images loading correctly.
The brand is not established yet.
It has limited number of elements.
The downside of Brizy is that unlike Elementor, it doesn’t have many third-party integrations.
It does not have archive page builder.
It does not have single post builder.
Code is not fully clean upon deactivation.
Ther are no third party blocks at time of writing.
Users will need to create a GitHub account to create a support request.
Help center lacks in-depth content.
You won’t find any advanced tutorials or video walkthroughs like those available for Elementor or Beaver Builder.
Code needs cleaning after uninstallation.
Brizy’s code is not 100% clean.
Brizy Pro (Beta) includes only a limited collection of elements such as text, icon, gallery, carousel, and form.
Considering Brizy is a new plugin, it doesn’t have as many features as some of the more established page builder.
Another thing Brizy is missing is customer support via phone.
This page builder now don’t have header and footer builder.
It is disappointing that Global Blocks and A/B Testing have yet to be completed on Brizy Pro.

Final Say

Read the summaries of what reviewers think about Brizy below.

Review Summaries
Brizy Pro is a pretty new WordPress page builder with an absolutely gorgeous interface. Recently passing 50,000 downloads, Brizy Pro is growing and has huge potential to compete with the more popular page builders as soon as the kinks are worked out.
If you are looking for a good page builder I would definitely consider Brizy. The team has looked closely at other page builders such as Elementor, Divi and Thrive and has integrated the best elements from these builders into its own plugin. Even the free version can – just like Elementor – compare with paid page builders.
Brizy is a young page builder, but it’s already showing enormous potential. Their strength lies in making the process of designing smooth and simple enough even for beginners. Brizy will make you feel like an expert in seconds. All in all, Brizy is a great option for those looking for a page builder that truly makes creating simple webpages a breeze.
Brizy is one of the most user-friendly page builders designed for WordPress users. And what’s amazing is that this plugin is completely free to use. You just need to go to the official website, enter your email, and you will get the download link. However, apart from the free website, there is also Brizy Pro available that can get you much more.
With no coding skills required at all, Brizy is a great choice for end users who’d like to build themselves an awesome-looking site without the help of a pro.
Brizy is a must have plugin for those who love page builders. It is free and works with almost every WordPress theme you can find. Despite being new in the web builder family, it is doing great and makes beautiful websites that earlier only premium page builders were capable of.
Brizy is a relatively new WordPress website builder that is noted for being very easy to use. At the moment, it only offers a free version, but this includes an extremely intuitive editor, over 100 content modules, and robust customer service. Those with absolutely no web design experience should seriously consider the easy-to-use Brizy as their choice for WordPress site building.
Brizy might be one of the newest page builder plugins on the market, but it’s developed by the team over at ThemeFuse, who have been creating WordPress themes for many years. This makes them seasoned veterans to the theme and WordPress space and have learned what users need and want. They focus on making it as easy as possible to design pages for your website.
If you are looking for the best page builder, Brizy might not fulfil your need. However, if you don’t mind an upcoming page builder with promise, you won’t go wrong. With the limited lifetime license ending soon, we recommend that you purchase, soon.
In conclusion, Brizy is a great page builder for beginners that have great imagination and can do designs from scratch. Furthermore, we think the user interface is intuitive.and easy to learn. However, it doesn’t have great third-party support that Elementor has.
If you are an early adopter, and plan on building websites professionally, you should strongly consider buying Brizy now. Lifetime deal opens up the ability for you to build unlimited websites on your own or client accounts.​When it comes to agency and client work, I think Brizy could be a great contender.
Brizy is the new kid in town, a fresh tool that joins popular names like Elementor, Beaver Builder, or Divi Builder. It basically has the same role, that of letting you create beautiful and modern pages without touching code, hiring a pro, or spending money on the perfect templates.
Brizy works well with any theme that is well coded. It provides you with the right options to continue working if your website gets bigger. Brizy Pro the lifetime offer is available for a limited time with pre-sale only and will not be available after the launch of Brizy Pro. After release, it will be offering yearly recurring plans only. Prices depending on the number of websites use and features included etc.
Brizy is a new page builder for WordPress but it has 20,000+ active installs, and it has good reviews.We can expect they will launch pro version in September and they will change their pricing.
Even though Brizy is a new plugin, it certainly is a worthy contender when it comes to page builder plugins. If you want to easily create your site using a drag and drop interface and be able to style every element of your page, consider giving Brizy a try.

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