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Amazing! I can definitely tell the difference by how much I get done! You still have to do the work yourself, but when you become aware of how much more efficient you are you'll be hooked like I am!

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It's hard for others to notice the difference because this is a supplement and not a drug, but I have a clean diet and don't take drugs and can tell you that I DEFINITELY feel a difference. My brain's performance more than doubles. I have the Lumosity (brain training) scores to prove it.

5 5 1
My husband bought these for me to help with my focus and memory. I've been taking it for about 2 weeks now and not only is my concentration better, but surprisingly my libido is up! I'm a fan!
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Product Overview

  • Sharper focus and energy
  • Crystal-clear thinking
  • Improved memory
  • Supports optimal levels of acetylcholine, a key neurotransmitter
  • 1 bottle of Choline Force containing 120 capsules

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