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It's the best tasting collagen product I've bought. I notice already my skin appears tighter and my joints feel more flexible. I'll keep buying it in the future to see the results which I expect to be great!

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I have this in my coffee in the morning and in my herb tea in the evening. It dissolves beautifully and has no taste...I think it even adds a bit of creaminess! If you leave any liquid in the cup it gels, of course, when the liquid becomes cold, so it's only good for hot or warm liquids. I've even added it to my homemade soup.

5 5 1
After about a week of eating this every 1-2 days, I started getting compliments from people about my skin. One of my friends even asked if I got fillers/Botox. It was on 4th compliment this past week that I realized it had to be Collagelatin since I haven't changed anything else. I've been eating non-grass fed gelatin for 6 months with no change whatsoever in my skin or joints, so I believe this is well worth the cost.
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Product Overview

  • Supports rapid repair of tissues and bones
  • Helps support joint mobility and smooth, hydrated healthy skin
  • Easily digested and assimilated unique, essential amino acids
  • Gelatinous in cooled liquids
  • Mixes easily in hot liquids
  • Use to thicken sauces, or make gummy vitamins

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