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Great Breathing Exercise

4 5 1
I use mine each morning just before I start work and each evening after work. I can feel the ability to breathe deeper and more efficiently after a few weeks of use. Sports that involve running around (soccer/football) have been a lot more manageable.

Great for meditation

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This product has done wonders for my deep breathing and meditation. After exercising with the power lung for a few weeks I notice I was naturally taking much deeper breaths, and was definitely exhaling more thoroughly too.

Rare tool to increase breathing muscle strength

5 5 1
I find it hard to describe this one: breathing in/out through this device for a dozen times and the muscles of my ribcage feel very well worked. I don't know of anything coming near to this. Highly advised!
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Product Overview

  • Increase Stamina
  • Improves Lung Capacity
  • Strengthens cardiovascular-respiratory system
  • Strengthen muscles that support breathing

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