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✅ Pros

It distributes heat exceptionally evenly.
Review Pros
The color selection for the cookware earns genuine gratitude from the consumers.
The veggies got great color and nothing stuck.
It includes a good assortment of useful pieces, including a large pot for big batch soups or boiling pasta.
The full Caraway set even comes with 2 cork trivets.
It comes in an array of eye-catching earthy colors.
The slim lids with flat handles are pretty and functional.
It doesn’t contain other chemicals common to cookware like perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which is used to make Teflon.
It heats fast and evenly.
All of the pieces have a ceramic nonstick finish.
Its both Non-stick and Ceramic available to enhance the taste of your favorite food.
The Caraway cookware set is undeniably very beautiful with its sleek lines and array of different tonal colors.
Non-toxic coating is safe.
It includes a canvas lid storage sleeve.
It is shipped in recycled cardboard with zero plastic or styrofoam, low impact print dyes, and 100% biodegradable cork trivets.
Caraway is oven safe up to 650 degrees and it is massive when the other regular cookware doesn’t exceed above 450 or 500.
Walls are tall to prevent spills.
They look great on my open shelves.
Ceramic is made from a natural inorganic sand, which releases less CO2 during production than PTFE non-stick coatings.
The set comes with a canvas storage sleeve for the lids, as well as magnetic pan racks.
Caraway offers a 30-day trial of its products.
They also reportedly can handle upto 650 in the oven.
It’s oven safe up to 650ºF.
The pan, like other Dutch ovens, is made from ceramic-coated cast iron—meaning you get all of the benefits of cast-iron cooking .
The light gray (and subtly sparkly) interior makes it easy to see how things are progressing during cooking.
This fry pan has a decent 10.5 inch diameter cooking surface with sloped edges.
It was easy to clean.
The pan is deep enough to hold a ton of ingredients.
Slick ceramic coating is free of PFTE, PFOAs and PFAs.
They heat quickly.
It’s a set with a durable ceramic coating.
It’s oven safe up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.
Caraway supports manufacturing partners where employees are safe, paid fairly, given benefits, and work regulated hours.
Weighing in at just over six pounds, this is one of the lightest Dutch ovens I’ve encountered.
I was impressed with how super-slippery the nonstick ceramic surface is.
It is designed to be displayed.
The pan racks make storing them so simple and also visually pleasing.
The pot handles stay cool enough to touch during stovetop cooking.
It is oven safe up to 550F.
You don’t need much oil; eggs slide around the pan effortlessly.
Caraway is free of PTFE (Teflon®) & other toxic materials.
Ceramic coated pans heat up faster and efficient, so less power is needed to cook your food.
It features magnetic pan racks.
These pots and pans are truly nonstick.
The handles are comfortable to hold and there’s a helper handle on the sauté pan.
Cleanup has been ridiculously easy.
It’s available in five cool colors.
It is safe on all cooktops.
Caraway is high time compatible with Induction, Gas, and Electricity and thus the major sources have been covered.
Four magnetic pan racks are provided and it makes for keeping the pans organized super easy.
It’s like it’s not manufactured but sculptured with great attention and thus the detailing can be observed too.

❌ Cons

The handles may get rather hot.
You can handwash it only.
Instructions booklet is missing a few key details, like maximum cooking temperature.
Induction works poorly.
There are rivets to make cleaning difficult.
There are definitely more affordable Dutch ovens from brands like Lodge and Aidea.
It’s not the best option for browning or searing because of the slippery surface.
There are no flared rims for pouring and sliding delicate food to the plate.
The price of these is highest amongst the non-heritage brands.
It’s heavy and lid handles get hot.
It is not dishwasher safe.
It’s not dishwashwer safe.
It is nnot broiler safe.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
It is a great option if you want something nonstick, ethical and with a lower environmental impact. The set is great if you want a matching cookware set that is beautiful and functional, but the features are not varied enough between items to make it a versatile set.
Overall I am very pleased with these items and have already happily recommended Caraway cookware to several friends. I do wish they offered an 8″ pan. The one included is a great size for a family, but for my own cooking purposes, a smaller one would suffice.
These pots and pans will surely make a statement atop your stove. The 4-piece set comes in five different earthy yet bright colors. The slim lids with flat handles are pretty and functional. In our tests, we found them very easy to grab and hold. While the lids aren’t transparent, they each have a small steam vent that serves as a good indicator of what’s happening inside
If you are looking for a brand new cookware set, this product from Caraway is an excellent option. The pots and pans in this set are especially strong and sturdy and offer everything you need. They are also accompanied by tight fitting lids that have been fitted with ergonomic handles.
Caraway is not your ultra-premium, “forever” stainless steel cookware, but it’s not trying to be, and it’s priced accordingly. It’s geared towards home cooks looking for a practical, eco-friendly, healthy, and affordable cookware alternative. In those respects, it’s a winner.
Analyzing over the name, Caraway Home, you can infer that this brand exists solely to improve your home. Jokes apart, the kitchen is a second home to some of us and kudos to the one who is concerned for our home more than us. All thanks to Jordan Nathan and Bred Recor for teaming up and composing something we all dearly wanted, a modification that we all deserv
If nothing else, the Caraway Dutch oven has convinced me that I just may be able to live without a dozen other pots and pans. And that in and of itself makes it a winner in my kitchen.
If the convenience of nonstick is more important to you than a chef-approved shiny finish, you’ll love this good-looking cookware. It’s a bit pricey, but it delivers the kind of performance you’d expect from the very best cookware with the benefits of stick resistance. The set includes a good selection of basic pieces that should be able to satisfy most typical cooking needs.
The Caraway pots and pans are best-in-class performers when it comes to ceramic cookware. They heat quickly, distribute heat evenly, have true non-stick technology that lasts use after use, and are incredibly easy to clean. The full Caraway set is a bit of an investment, but honestly, it’s one that is worth it for your health and getting yourself back in the kitchen cooking up delicious meals!
If you want to take a chance on Caraway Home, I promise you, you won’t regret it.
I used the pans pretty exclusively for almost two months, and they are a joy to cook with — they’re lightweight; responsive to temperature changes; truly nonstick; compatible with induction, gas, and electric cooktops; oven-safe to 650 degrees; and they look great and heat evenly.

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