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✅ Pros

I have had little or no issues with lag or outright pairing issues.
Review Pros
You can pair multiple phones to the device, set the default, then tap the magic button to switch between which phone is connected for Android Auto with the tap of a button.
Carsifi has a USB-C port instead of a fixed cable.
The company has built a dongle that supports multiple connections.
It costs around $99, making it a good choice for those who want a wireless connection between their phone and their car.
The Carsifi Android Auto dongle is a breeze to get going in your car.
Being able to fix bugs as they arise with little input from the consumer is a huge plus.
There is an automatic connection.
This waller-friendly wireless Android Auto adapter supports both Apple Carplay and Android Auto.
It’s a relatively simple product.
It offers reasonable price points.
An added bonus is that Carsifi has a companion app. This allows for basic software tweaks and more importantly, software updates.
It seemed the connection was a little faster than with CarPlay.
It creates a wireless link to replace the physical cable between your mobile device and stereo.
It took less than two minutes from plugging it into my vehicle, being connected and music playing.
You can customize the button for other features, including the ability to pause/resume Android auto transmission with ease.
The Carsifi is perfectly capable of receiving firmware updates, and while I’m using it, it’s gotten quite a few of them.
I like the extra features like the magic button.
It has a 30 days return policy.
It is very easy to set up.
Restarting the car or replugging the dongle did nothing to break re-connection.
Despite our initial failure to connect the Carsifi adapter, we will say that the idea of it is great.
Many users are satisfied with this brand’s products.
I like that Carsifi ships with cables for those USB-A and USB-C connectors.
There is no internal battery to recharge.
The Carsifi box lid has a QR code inside that makes it easy to get the right app.
It allows you to switch between multiple devices.
Carsifi has also a “magic button” which can be used to swap between different phones or to pause communication.
You’ll get fast media or data transmission from 2.4 or 5GHz Wi-Fi, plus a Bluetooth connection for audio and calls.
They also have an an app to take the heavy lifting and enable the whole shebang to work and deal with features and settings and stuff.
The special “trick” to Carsifi is that it has a “magic button” that can control which phone in your car is powering Android Auto.
It offers great value for money.
It works like wired Android Auto. Almost no problems with speed or transmission.
It creates a solution to replace the messy use of USB cables in cars.
Carsifi uses Bluetooth only to initiate a Wireless Android Auto connection and all data is transferred via WIFI.
It comes with a 3M sticky strip in case you want to mount the adapter securely.
There’s no DIY or modifications going on that could cause any kind of grief.
The unit itself is small and almost looks like one of those old ethernet adapters that plugged into an early model laptop.
It supports Android 9 phones too.
CarSifi is compatible with all head units and automobile brands.
The Carsifi adapter is nicely packaged.
The Carsifi dongle has performed exceptionally in my time with it installed.
It is a user-friendly wireless Android Auto adapter.

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❌ Cons

Android 6 to 8 require companion software.
The first problem was setting up an adapter until I found that the “Intercept AA protocol” feature should be disabled in many cars.
The connection doesn’t launch as quickly as a cable connection.
I got an error while trying to connect. It said that Android Auto should not use any VPN connection
It occasionally disconnects.
My only complaint is that occasionally the Magic Button didn’t swap devices on the first try.
Using the combination of WiFi and Bluetooth simultaneously is taxing for the endurance of the phone attached.
These Android Auto dongles are not for people who can’t tolerate installation hassles.
If you’re at a desk during the day, no big deal, but if you rely on this, you either need to look at alternate charging options or consider that the Carsifi isn’t for you.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Neatness in the car can certainly be a concern for some people, especially on the dashboard, which is close to your manual. Hence, when using Android Auto in the car, you definitely want to keep your dashboard uncluttered by convoluted USB cables. And Carsifi will be of help to your any kind of frustration with its Wireless Android Auto Adapter brand that you can highly consider it. They provide devices that are user-friendly and also cost-effective.
It’s a relatively simple product, but it’s the first one I’ve personally88 trialled that does exactly what it claims to do. Setting it up is simple; once set up, you can simply leave your phone in your pocket and enjoy Android Auto as you otherwise have.
Carsifi is another outstanding way to add wireless Android Auto to a car that doesn’t have it from the factory. With a USB cable and quick connection to Bluetooth, you can add it to any car with wired Android Auto. The last selling feature is that Carsifit won’t break the bank. At $100, this puts it firmly in the same range as its competition. Honestly, of the three wireless Android Auto options I’ve tested, Carsifi is my favorite.
These Android Auto dongles are not for people who can’t tolerate installation hassles. Which might explain why the Android Auto wireless dongles are the lowest priced.
Carsifi is an intelligent adapter that connects to your car’s multimedia system and creates a Wireless Android Auto connection with your phone using built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
Carsifi is small enough and portable enough to be taken away when the car is parked, or hidden in a glove compartment or trunk. ISetup takes just a minute or two and certainly the Wi-Fi aspect makes its use viable and valuable to wired Android Auto users with Android 9 OS and up.
Taking our efforts and failure into consideration, it’s hard to recommend spending the $89 for the Carsifi adapter. The success rate seems hit and miss, and we can’t say that the Carsifi adapter is the “easiest” way to add wireless Android Auto if it takes 30 minutes to set up.
Am I satisfied? Absolutely. Now I’m waiting for Google to patch bugs, solve annoying things, and show us a CoolWalk.
CarSifi is one of the best wireless Android Auto adapters that can be used to connect your Android phone to your car’s infotainment system using Wi-Fi / Bluetooth. The device is easy to set up and can transmit data over Wi-Fi at 2.4GHz or 5GHz, and it uses Bluetooth for calls and audio.
With CarSifi, one of the best wireless Android Auto adapters available, you can wirelessly connect your Android phone to the infotainment system in your car using the in-built Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The device is really simple to set up and transmits data over WiFi at 2.4GHz or 5GHz while also using Bluetooth for calls and audio.
At the end of the day, Carsifi gets the job done quite well, and it’s no more expensive than other options. But really, I think most buyers are better off with other options. AAWireless can be easily purchased on Amazon, and it’s becoming easier and easier to get stock on the Motorola MA1, too, and they both have better track records for support. You don’t need to search long to find a messy experience with Carsifi’s support.

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