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✅ Pros

For iPhones, they have options going all the way back to the iPhone 6.
Review Pros
If you drop your phone flat, the bumper protects the screen from hitting the surface.
They have beautiful, trendy designs on all of their cases.
It paired perfectly with my pink Sweety High PopSocket.
The website has the same designs in every phone generation you can imagine.
The price point is really good.
Casely makes cases in a multitude of designs and colors.
It keeps your phone as safe as possible and protects against damage from wear and tear every day.
The Classic Collection cases have a super slim design.
It is easy to use.
The embossed buttons on my Casely phone case makes for easy clicking.
It also has a shock-proof exterior that significantly prevents the phone from getting damaged by impact.
Despite its larger nature, the case is very easy to handle.
They have several different styles.
The material is very sturdy and strong.
It offers secure fit on iPhones 6 and later models.
It has a texture printed on it to add some flair.
You can cancel the subscription anytime.
The company develops new cases year ’round, and members have access to exclusive designs.
I love the modern geometric design.
When your phone battery runs low, the built-in external battery in the Casely case provides you with 60-100% additional power.
It makes the perfect gift.
Engineered with two layers of hard polycarbonate backing and soft polycarbonate (TPU) sides to absorb shocks and minimize the impact from the occasional tumble.
You have a choice of classic, bold, and even power.
They always have some sort of deal going on.
They’re built well.
They fit very nicely around the phone.
The raised lip extends to 3mm along with a 1.5mm raised camera lip, and there are side grips for a secure hold.
You can charge Casely Power cases with a standard iPhone cable.
Appealing and fun designs are available.
Casely guarantees 100% power life in these cases, so you get the extra charge and the protection.
You can charge case and iPhone together or separately.
My bold case is also wireless charging compatible.
Aesthetically, I think the Casely cases look great.
It’s unique swirl pattern really make it a standout case for me in the style category.
The Bold case has corner air pockets to provide protection from drops.
The case is simple to put on.
We all found that the battery case was excellent in keeping our phones charged all day and through out the night.
You can find the style that suits you from the wide range of colors and designs available.
It has 1.2mm raised sides to cover your iPhone’s edges and provide superior screen protection.
It was incredibly easy to slip on.
I also really like that the case has a pronounced lip on the front for screen protection.
It lasts up to a full recharge on your iPhone.
The cases fit very well.
The ports for Lightning and the earphone jacks are exposed and easy to access.
It comes with one-year warranty.
Off the bat, I was amazed at the product selection. If there’s a cell phone design, theme or texture out there, it’s encompassed in Casely’s offerings.
It looks good in every color.
They are hecka cute styles.
Casely provides cases that have substantial built-in chargers with a battery capacity of either 3,000 or 6,000 mAh depending on the model of phone it’s made to fit.
Plenty of buyers were satisfied by their purchase.
These cases are slimline and sleek, so you don’t have to add a lot of weight and bulk to your phone while charging.
Casely has a plan for the case-swappers, offering a new case every 1 or 3 months.
It offers more drop protection, up to 8-foot drops, and a hard shell.
As far as function goes, the case does a great job of protecting the iPhone.
It offers military grade 8-foot drop protection.
Sides are designed with responsive embossed buttons.

❌ Cons

One thing about these cases is that they do get scratched quite easily.
It is not wireless charging compatible.
As far as their charging cases go, your choice of design is limited to marble.
The case is a little bit heavier than others I’ve tried out in the past.
They do add a little weight to your phone.
White/lighter colors can pick up grime easily.
It was a bit harder to pry off to take a photo.
The cases are only for iPhone users.
Prices can get high if you don’t take advantage of the deals that they have.
The side buttons for power and volume are covered by the plastic, and they are quite a bit stiff as well.
The major downside is that it’s a hefty case.
My phone does feel a bit heavier than when I had my former case.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Plenty of buyers were satisfied by their purchase, as displayed by the products’ high reviews; and if you are on the look for a charging case with fast shipping and/or easy returns, this is the phone accessory you have been waiting for.
Prices can get high if you don’t take advantage of the deals that they have. They always have some sort of deal going on. Along with their site-wide sales, they always have their wheel of fortune, where you can get one out of a variety of deals. Casely has yet to fail me, so I highly recommend these cases.
Casely makes a great case. They have several different styles, but I recommend the Bold version of their cases so that you have the added protection. When I was selecting my case, I was blown away by the amount of choices there were for color/style. I think that Casely will have what you want if y ou give them a chance.
Casely’s Battery-Powered Charging Case is an easy-to-use charging solution. The two-piece case slips onto your iPhone easily and charges with your iPhone’s own Lightning cable (with or without the iPhone inside.) It comes in some fun colors and patterns and is available for any iPhone model from the iPhone 6/6 Plus up through the current models. You can just about double your battery life with your iPhone in this case. The major downside is that it’s a hefty case.
Casely has established a reputation for excellent charging cases, quality accessories, and generous subscription services. With its three main collections, Casely offers a huge variety of stylish and cute cases to make buying a case worth it. You don’t want to compromise on quality for style, and with these cases, you don’t have to! Check out Casely today for a new phone case that you’ll love.
I tend to be the type to swap cases fairly often. If you’re like me, the Casely program is definitely worth considering. And honestly, Casely’s whole site is worth a look-they sell ring sockets for grip, wallets to stick to the back of the cases, and if you’re looking to spend more in exchange for power, they also offer a variety of colors of battery cases for around $55. Casely isn’t a household name, but given the value and the depth of offerings, it really should be!
I love the sunny yellow case with its tiny white polka dots and large white flowers. The case is simple to put on. The sides of the case have handy ridged grips to help me hold onto my phone.
Casely is the only monthly recurring subscription for phone cases. Every month you will receive a brand new phone case with a unique style handpicked for you based on your personal style preference. Each month, your box will include one brand new Casely case. You also have the option to add a glass screen protecter to your box any month (additional add-on items are coming soon!).
For anyone indecisive, Casely is a must. Also, phone cases are an excellent icebreaker, so to have a new, eye-catching accessory each month is sure to get people talking.
The cases fit very well, looks good in every color! and are useful for those time when you may not be able to charge your phone for a while.
I’m absolutely blown away with the quality of this case and find that it isn’t bulky at all which I love! It’s sleek design is so pretty! It’s not too flashy and does its job at keeping my phone safe which is all that I look for in a phone case! Simple, sleek, modern and useful! So if you like to collect phone cases, or want to start a collection so that you can basically have a different phone case with each outfit you wear, I highly recommend giving Casely a try!
For full-on fashion and functionality, the Bandolier Cross Body is the perfect fit. It comes in two styles: the Emma and the Hailey Side Slot, each in pebbled black leather.

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