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✅ Pros

G2A does offer a money-back guarantee for keys that aren’t as described or don’t work.
Review Pros
It offers a wide range of digital codes and keys for games.
CDKeys boasts of the cheap prices of their game keys.
Their keys are sold to you directly from the business entity itself, and not individual users.
The large majority of customers seem to be satisfied with the service.
They have upcoming deals with huge discounts.
CDKeys accepts most forms of online payment including debit and credit cards, PayPal, Giropay, Neteller, iDEAL, Sofort, Apple Pay and many more options.
CDKeys acquires and sells keys itself,
They deliver orders rapidly.
They have a large selection of games and gift cards.
The website has a comprehensive search bar.
They support and extensive list of payment methods.
They offer very cheap prices that are hard to beat.
Their purchase system is very easy.
There is immediate delivery, we didn’t need to wait.
They have intelligent marketing strategies for better deals.
They claim that they buy from all corners of the world and because of this, they can ensure the cheapest possible prices.
PayPal is accepted as a payment option.
It seems that many people have been satisfied with CDKeys.
Purchasing a digital product from CDKeys is simple.
CDKeys also has a blog that is updated frequently that discusses game deals, announcements, and reveals.
They are dedicated to players’ needs.
They state their business practices clearly on their website, and they don’t allow random users to sell keys.
There are no hidden or payment fees for any purchase made on CDKeys.
It’s very simple to use, straight-forward, and effective.

❌ Cons

There is little information on where CDKeys gets game keys from.
There is no live chat option.
Cdkeys is a grey market retailer (purely an ethical issue).
Refunds are only offered on a discretionary basis.
They do not accept refunds or returns on used game keys.
The refund process may not always go smoothly.
Phone verification is done after the payment.
You have no real guarantee or warranty for your purchase.
As is the case with any third-party key reseller, you still run a risk with every purchase.
The only aspect which seems strange to me is the phone verification.
Prices may vary depending on game titles.
CDKeys is less known to people than G2A and Kinguin.
They offer limited options for customer spport.
There is a small chance (about 4%) that the key you order from Cdkeys might be invalid.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
CdKeys looks like the underdog in a gray market environment but they pack more valuable tools than most competitors. Intuitive of gamers’ needs, constantly offering daily promotions, and responsive to any queries, CdKeys have a positive future ahead of them. The extensive market coverage and their low prices/fees make them an eligible pick for our gaming purchases!
CDKeys is one best the best known names in the digital codes and game keys reselling business. They support and extensive list of payment methods. Their purchase system is very easy and they deliver orders rapidly.
It’s up to you whether to take the risk and buy cheap game keys from CDKeys. Our task was to provide you with some background information on the gray-market reseller industry and give an opinion on CDKeys (and on other reseller platforms for that matter).
I have had nothing but positive experiences with them, and my online research showed that many others share my experiences. In an online world full of black market stores masquerading as gray-market stores, CDkeys stands out for its transparency and legitimacy.
CDKeys is an online gaming store that sells cheap game keys or digital codes for all types of games for all types of gaming systems. Whether you want to buy a game for yourself or for someone else in the form of a gift card, CDKeys is one of the fastest ways to buy a game online.
We investigated Cdkeys to find out if Cdkeys is legit and safe, or if it’s a scam. We came to the conclusion that Cdkeys is a safe and legit reseller of game keys. Keep in mind that there is a 4% chance that a key you order from Cdkeys might be invalid, but the rock-bottom prices might make it worth the risk unless you want to buy your games at a full price.

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