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✅ Pros

Cellerciser came with a DVD.
Review Pros
The fitness DVDs are a nice added extra, as they allow users to exercise effectively without shelling out on gym membership.
The Cellerciser is guaranteed to support up to 300 pounds.
Rebounding is easier and more satisfying than either my Healthrider or the NordicTrack.
We are very impressed with the reviews of the Cellerciser rebounders from satisfied customers, and believe they are a high-quality product.
It is extremely portable.
Cellerciser’s fabric won’t stretch out when jumped on continuously, preventing back pains.
They have a website filled with free workout videos.
The New Digitally Tuned model Cellerciser has the highest yield strength and tensile strength of all the rebounders I have tested.
They designed to provide smooth acceleration and deceleration, reducing stress on your skeleton and helping you avoid injuries.
The Cellerciser rebounder is a better choice if you have limited resources.
The company also offers good customer service.
It is safe for your joints.
Sweat won’t hurt the Cellerciser hurt its polyeaster stitching and Permatron.
It has an easy set up – simply unfold body and legs.
Both Cellerciser rebounders have an upper weight limit of 300 lbs.
It has steel spring system.
The entire family can use the Cellerciser.
It is made with patented triple-tired carbon steel and an all-steel frame that’s built to last.
Because of the tiered spring system, it “adjusts” to your weight to offer great support.
It’s easily foldable.
The rebounder was very easy to assemble.
It is easy to assemble.
The DVD gets you working out right away without missing a beat.
Cellerciser is the rebounder that made by automated robots.
The Cellerciser can be sprayed down with a hose and clean all that sebum and dead skin shaking off.
The Cellerciser is the only rebounder that has a 30 day money back guarantee without restocking fees from us.
Cellerciser has the largest sweet spot.
Using Cellercises is a perfect way to get your lymph fluid moving and immunize your body.
Cellerciser is firmer due to the 2nd and 3rd tier spring.
It’s silent.
It can fit into the flow of your everyday schedule by being extra space-conscious and easily transported.
The Half Fold by Cellerciser can fold up and be stored under a bed.
It comes with an instructional DVD, carrying case and stability bar.
The new Cellerciser is also molded in 100% tungsten molds.
It comes with 2 instructional DVDs and a Carry bag.
It has frames made from solid steel rather than brittle aluminum or chrome.
Their foldable design complete with carry case is a great feature, giving excellent flexibility for customers.
Cellerciser rebounders can hold up to 300 lbs.
Two of the Cellercisers have a balance bar which comes with the trampoline.
The Cellerciser has a totally different bounce than any other rebounder due to its 3 tiers of springs.
It comes with a portable tri-fold rebounder, carrying case, DVD, book, booklet, exercise chart and intro kit.
Cellerciser customers say the trampoline has a great bounce and is light on the joints.
It’s an exercise for the whole body, not just a part of it, and you can get a really good workout on a rebounder in just 10 minutes.
Users liked that they could mix up their workout routine with Urban Rebounder DVDs.
It has fantastic build quality.
It has good warranty & customer support.
It is extremely affordable when considering its high quality, and the prices of its main competitor.
The instruction manual is very easy to read, and even if you lose it, it is available online.
It comes with great number of accessories.
It’s guaranteed for five years.
The Cellerciser is totally quiet.

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❌ Cons

They are doing obnoxious marketing.
Cellerciser offers no options for color, size, or shape.
The one improvement that could potentially be made is the use of elastic bungees.
The drawback of the Tri-fold is that it’s 1.5 times more expensive than the Half Fold.
It’s only available in black.
Some found the DVD workouts to be dated.
The tri-fold kit is pricier.
$400 might sound like a lot to spend on a piece of exercise equipment.
The springs are super heavy and also add to the weight.
For certain weights it can be too hard or too soft.
The Cellerciser is much heavier than other rebounders due to the heavy gauge steel frame making it a little harder to carry.
Only complaint amongst Cellerciser users is the squeaking noise that the springs make while jumping, an issue that has deterred users from buying the product.
Given the high quality of the products, a few squeaks here and there probably won’t be an issue for most purchasers.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Cellerciser has a totally different bounce than any other rebounder due to its 3 tiers of springs. Out of all the rebounders I have tested, having high carbon really does make a difference. The bounce over time adjusts as the spring hooks mold to the frame. My Cellerciser that I have used for years feels much better than a fresh one out of the box. It adapts to your weight.
All in all, if you’re looking for a high quality exercise product at a realistic, affordable price, then the Half-Fold Cellerciser will not only meet your criteria, but will reward you tenfold with its mega-convenient features.
The Cellerciser will not only outperform cheaper alternatives, but it will also outlast them. With a frame made of steel and a very durable mat surface, this rebounder is built to last for many years, if not decades. It’s super easy to set up, fold up and move around. Not to mention it adjusts to your height, weight and bounce style with it’s patented spring system and nonstretchable mat.
Each type of rebounder has advantages and disadvantages. If you live in an apartment or may need to exercise while other members of your household sleep, consider the Bellicon; its elastic-band construction does not squeak the way springs do. However, if space is at a premium, you may prefer the Cellerciser, which has fold-down legs and features as well as a folding frame.
The Cellerciser is guaranteed to support up to 300 pounds. It’s only available in black (matching most decors) and available in two versions – half-fold and tri-fold. It comes with a portable tri-fold rebounder, carrying case, DVD, book, booklet, exercise chart and intro kit.
It is durable, foldable, and above all beneficial to the physical and mental health, the Cellerciser is a must for any family that wants to keep away from obesity and depression and to promote a healthy way of living.
Overall, our impression of Cellerciser rebounders is very positive. We would especially recommend either model for anyone looking for a rebounder that they can take around with them, or for those who have a small living space.
Our editor’s choice for doing all 3 types of bouncing, the Health Bounce, Cardio bounce, and toning bouncing. Has the softest and quietest bounce of any rebounder at 3 G forces. Cellerciser has the lowest return rate of every rebounder I have ever sold. Never needs to have springs changed.
Overall, the package is compelling. This is one of the best mini trampolines we’ve had the pleasure of testing. You get a great rebounder with high quality springs, frame and mat. The DVD and the handlebar are all included, as well as a storage bag.
My Cellerciser came with a DVD, a book that looks like it will be interesting reading, a laminated instruction sheet, a booklet about Dave Hall, the developer, and the history of the Cellerciser. It’s guaranteed for five years. Rebounding is easier and more satisfying than either my Healthrider or the NordicTrack.
Quality shines through with the Half Fold, and that’s why Cellerciser is able to offer it at around $360-370 and customers are happy with the purchase because it’s built to last and built to help and not hurt your body.
These trampolines have springs, but their springs are specially made so you don’t turn your ankles in when jumping. And, as the company points out, springs don’t leave little pieces around the house – but rope bungees may well. The company also offers good customer service: When I needed to speak to someone, I got a quick answer via chat, from a live, friendly, responsive person.

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