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✅ Pros

It has high antenna gain (~12 dB).
Review Pros
The range is good and will depend on the terrain how well it picks up a station with the unit rated for 45 miles.
The Stream+ has two tuners so you can watch one show while recording another.
It is well made.
It is budget-friendly.
The gain per output of the antenna is four decibels.
It has sturdy, weatherproof design.
You can watch live OTA TV through the device (via the HDMI cable) as well as record.
It comes with a decent remote.
It comes with push-on antenna connector.
The Channel Master DVR+ records free TV without the need for subscription.
Overall the Channel Master DVR+ delivers on the promise of an over-the-air DVR+ without any subscriptions.
$150 price tag is competitive with both regular Android TV boxes and stand-alone DVRs.
It has very low price.
The remote offers Bluetooth connectivity in addition to infrared support, letting the remote operate without line-of-sight access to the Stream+ box.
Video performance is excellent when using the VUDU application.
It is compatible with standard USB computer hard drives.
The amplifier receives both analog and digital broadcast frequencies and signals.
It records up to two shows while you watch a third.
It has small compact design.
It comes preassembled for easy set-up.
It has small and compact design.
There is no monthly bill for guide data.
The design is stylish, flat and very discreet unlike most living room boxes.
It comes with built-in amplifier.
The Channel Master CM-5016 is a very good TV antenna for picking up multiple stations on multiple frequencies.
Setup is simple.
It has decent DVR features with no subscription fees.
The DVR+ has no problem streaming full 1080p HD (HDX) content with a good internet connection.
Installation is easy.
Configuration for the Stream+ was easy.
Channel Master TV is a nice touch, and it hints at the massive potential of this product.
You can navigate through channels with the remote, which can also be programmed to control your television, making things nice and simple.
Channel Master is optimized for reception of UHF frequencies.
It is easy to set up.
No subscription is needed.
There is automatic tuning to receive the greatest number of channels.
It has sturdy design and build quality.
There are no monthly fees.
The remote’s live TV and DVR shortcut keys are a nice touch.
It comes from a reputable brand.
It has a nice housing.
It is easy to get up and running.
The remote control that is provided is sufficient.
It sends signals to tv well.
The guide is pretty effective.
The remote control is intuitively and clearly laid out, with things generally where you expect them to be.
The amplifier is easy to install.
It stores endless recordings on cheap USB hard drives.
U.S.-based customer support is available.
The DVR+ is easy to configure using the on-screen setup wizard.
The DVR+ includes a full featured IR remote control, which is also capable of operating most televisions.
There is a 16GB of storage, built into the device which is essential for pausing live television and buffering.
It has sturdy construction.
It has straightforward installation.
Channels load quickly, and at broadcast-TV quality.
The picture quality on the Stream+ was excellent.
With a portable design and just the right size, the Channel Master is straightforward to install – and you can fit the device in a multitude of areas inside your house.
The device is powder coated for lousy weather.
It is well built making it ideal for long-term outdoor use.
The DVR+ provides interfaces to any modern display or A/V systems using the HDMI connection.

❌ Cons

It requires a power outlet.
Buggy behavior that may or not be fixed, aggravating UI.
Signal can be affected if you have trees around.
There is no Netflix.
It’s bulkier than other amplified antennas.
The Channel Master, eight port antenna amplifier, does not come with a power inserter.
It’s a little pricier than competitor Tablo’s product.
No skip/advance controls, no ability to extend recording times, and no support for sharing recordings.
It has disappointing reception.
It has high price.
There is no reception of low VHF frequencies (RF channels 2-6).
Coax cable is not included.
The device doesn’t include Wi-Fi adapter which means you will want to hook into a device like a Roku to get access to other streaming online services.
The Stream+ has streaming apps but is missing Netflix and Hulu.
There are no Netflix or Amazon Prime Video apps.
There is no Netflix.
There are limited ways to browse and manage recordings.
The layout of remote control is not as well thought out as it might have been.
The Channel Master DVR+ does need a lot more setup than most gadgets.
The Stream+ will only record from your broadcast TV antenna. It won’t record from its apps like Pluto TV.
Users say it doesn’t boost the signals.
There is no Whole-Home DVR Option.
Android TV software is already outdated.

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