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✅ Pros

Chemyo specializes in solutions mainly.
Review Pros
Chemyo offers international shipping on all the orders.
Chemyo’s solutions are all featured in 50 ml bottles, which is 66% more volume than the industry standard that is 30 ml.
They also accept BTC/Crypto payments through a cash app.
You get the right chemical composition, cleanliness, and consistency of the active ingredients that enhance your research activity.
Chemyo also has awesome customer support and great shipping deals.
The company offers free shipping and returns on all the products.
Chemyo believes in offering a wide range of SARM’s and other chemical products that work best for researchers.
Their compounds are sent in randomized by third parties for testing and not by themsleves, which is less subject to manipulation/bias.
It’s really easy to make a purchase on their website.
Chemyo accepts orders from international locations.
All of their products are 3rd party verified by an independent laboratory for quality.
The customer service at Chemyo is great.
Chemyo not only has a postal mailing address, but also a very responsive email support team, and they even have live Facebook support, too.
Packages are sent out daily.
Chemyo was the first SARMs company I am aware of that actually had a presentable website as far back as 2016.
All products undergo third-party lab testing for chemical structure, purity, and concentration, with the results posted on the website.
Free shipping is available for US orders above $150.
Chemyo is clear in its policies that they are not selling SARMs for human use or consumption.
Chemyo tests and inspect all the SARM’s and compounds to ensure you get the richness and quality in all the product.
They have a wide range of products.
Your orders come with a batch code that you can use as a reference when checking the posted COAs and lab results.
They can be considered as one of the most affordable SARMs in the market.
Each bottle also comes with a free 1 ml dropper for accurate measuring.
They have some of the best prices on the market.

❌ Cons

Returns and refunds are handled on a case-to-case basis.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Many will agree that Chemyo is doing legit operations and are giving research chemicals that provide excellent results. It’s one of the reliable vendors that you can trust to buy SARMs online.
Chemyo specializes in solutions mainly, but they do offer one raw powder SARM – RU58841 (5 grams). The rest of their products are prepared liquid solutions that are ready for use in research or laboratories. It’s really easy to make a purchase on their website. Simply create an account, choose your products and checkout.
Chemyo is one of the top suppliers to offer high-quality chemical solutions. It ensures that you get the best ingredient available in the market. The company ensures that you get an easy money-back option, and also it helps with free shipping on US orders over $150.
Blind randomized third party testing, batch and lot tracking, triplicate batch analysis, transparent publicly posted HPLC and FTIR raw data, and guaranteed 99% chromatographic purity make it extremely difficult for any other company in this industry to stack up to Chemyo.
In conclusion, Chemyo is one of the best SARMs vendors on the planet right now, with high quality SARMs that are rigorously tested for purity. Whether you want some of their Ostarine to cut, RAD 140 to bulk up, or Cardarine to improve your endurance, they’ve got all you need.

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