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✅ Pros

Great packaging makes it super easy to identify in-market.
Review Pros
Quality ingredients are used without the higher price tag normally attached to that claim.
There is no sugar added in this maple syrup.
We really liked the way ChocZero melted on our tongues and left a delicious coating like real chocolate should.
High quality ingredients are used.
Company is transparent. Shows ingredients on label.
ChocZero peanut butter cups are available in milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate flavors.
Their peanut butter cups contain no soy, no sugar alcohols, no palm oil and no GMO ingredients.
When we poured it onto our pancakes, we were relieved to see a thick syrup drizzle out.
They use ethically sourced cocoa beans from South America, real Madagascar vanilla beans and premium GMO free soluble corn fibers.
Each bar comes individually wrapped(6 per box) which makes them easy to handle plus the portion size is already done for you.
The chocolate is creamy and sweet with the perfect crunch from the peanuts.
It’s dairy free, soy free, and sugar alcohol free.
They’re very good, almost exactly like the real thing, but not quite.
The box is pretty.
It is sweetened with monk fruit.
It has scrumptious taste.
It features non-GMO ingredients.
The 50% cocoa contained just the right amount of sweetness.
These peanut butter cups don’t include a paper wrapper, which makes for less mess.
It’s All natural and GMO free, with no sugar alchol added.
It has authentic taste.
You would never guess that these are sugar-free.
I think the price point is fine.
I do not notice an aftertaste with this chocolate like you do on some keto sweets.
Each serving contains just 2 grams of net carbs and perfect for those that follow a low carb or keto lifestyle.
It comes in three different flavors: chocolate, caramel and maple.
It had the closest taste to a true maple syrup without any off aftertastes.
It’s thick and rich – just like syrups made from real sugar.
There is no bitter aftertaste like other sugar-free products.
It comes with 6 Individually wrapped almond bark pieces.
ChocZero uses a combination of monk fruit and soluble corn fiber syrup to sweeten their products.
Each bottle contains a relatively generous number of servings.
ChocZero uses no sugar alcohols in their products and instead, uses monk fruit extract.
It tastes wonderful and similar to full-sugar syrups.
All natural ingredients are used.
The sweetness level was perfect.
All natural, non-GMO, and gluten free ingredients are used.
All of their products are gluten free, soy free, sugar alcohol free and Kosher certified. ChocZero uses no sugar alcohols in their product.
It is made of all-natural ingredients.
It is keto-friendly and gluten-, soy-, sugar-alcohol-, preservative- and GMO-free.
It is made by a company with a commitment to customer service.
Real vanilla beans are used.
ChocZero is all about making delicious low-carb chocolate products with absolutely no added sugar.
It provides 11 grams of fiber per serving.
It is sweet, but not sugary.
It ethically sources its cocoa beans that are some of South America’s finest.
ChocoZero uses fair-trade premium cocoa beans from South America.
It is made naturally using monk fruit as a sweetener.
They use super clean and easy to understand labels.
Texture-wise, it’s quite creamy.
It tastes like a healthy piece of chocolate goodness.
It has good consistency.
It is made in the USA.
ChocZero Syrups are sweetened with monk fruit.
Plenty of nuts satisfy crunch factor.
These are available on their web shop, Amazon, and from tons of online retailers.
It claims to be the thickest sugar-free syrup on the market.
I absolutely loved the way this chocolate tasted.

❌ Cons

It is made by a very young company without much to offer in terms of web resources.
I wish they were available in big-box stores and at convenience stores..
At basically $1 per small cup, they’re definitely pricey.
They’re not cheap.
For those with portion control, I would maybe limit the amount I keep in the house.
More than a few customers complained the product came “melted in soggy boxes”. Further comments reported that the ice pack sometimes melts, resulting in chocolate blobs.
I think there’s a little room for improvement on the texture of the syrup and the taste of the white chocolate chips.
Not everyone will find the monk fruit-sweetened cups delicious.
It uses caramel color as one of its ingredients, and since it is not listed as a plant-based coloring agent, we can only assume that this product uses some sort of artificial coloring or dye to get the desired look of maple syrup.
It is pretty expensive though.
It is a bit high in carbs.
The only downside you’ll experience is when you’re almost at the end of the bottle, the thickness of the syrup can make it hard to get the last bit out.
You don’t need any of these items to start keto or be successful.
It has slight grainy texture.

Final Say

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Review Summaries
Totally recommending this Keto Bark to everyone. I enjoyed the product and love the new packaging! If you’d like to try ChocZero Keto Bark for yourself, it can be ordered through their online store and also available on Amazon.
So, I’ve been eating these as an occasional snack for about one month now. I still think they are a great way to curb an occasional and sometimes frequent sweet tooth. However, one day, and in one sitting, I had 6 in a row.
ChocZero Keto Bark will pull you out of any sweet deprived funk you may be wallowing in. Whether you eat one bar or the entire package at one sitting, ChocZero Keto Bark is a non-guilty pleasure.
ChocZero was born in 2016 out of two goals: making delicious sugar-free chocolate and creating a customer-centered company. They sell syrups, keto bark and chocolate, and all of their products are gluten-, soy- and sugar alcohol-free.
If you’re avoiding sugar for whatever reason and love peanut butter cups, ChocZero’s are an awesome option. While not everyone will find the monk fruit-sweetened cups delicious, I think the white chocolate will really appeal to the sweet tooths out there, and the dark chocolate will find fans who are looking for something that isn’t so sugary. At basically $1 per small cup, they’re definitely pricey, but if they’re exactly what you’ve been craving, that might be a small price to pay.
There’s nothing artificial about this sugar-free brand.Texture-wise, it’s quite creamy. Totally recommending these chocolates to everyone.
These are very good and I could see them being a challenge for some to stick to just one serving. So for those with portion control, I would maybe limit the amount I keep in the house.
Overall, I’m super impressed with both the taste and texture in ChocZero syrups! I really feel like they can become a keto staple if you’re trying to incorporate a little sweetness into keto recipes.
I know that many folks with mature palates prefer Dark Chocolate to Milk Chocolate. I am not one of those people, but I do love these dark chocolate peanut butter cups. I definitely recommend them to the dark chocolate fans.
The chocolate is creamy and you can taste the high quality vanilla used to make this. I gave this a final score of 9.8 as it’s pretty much the real thing yet without all the sugar.
ChocZero makes a wide array of low-carb products like candy bars, chocolate chips, and bark. When it comes to syrups they boast the most flavors— maple, maple pecan, maple vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, caramel, and more. If you’re looking for something in addition to the classic maple syrup, this is definitely the brand for you.
Overall if you’re looking for a sugar free healthy brand that will fulfill your chocolate needs, then ChocZero maybe for you.
ChocZero is a keto-friendly, sugar-free maple syrup that claims to have the thickest syrup on the market. So if you like a nice, thick syrup to coat your favorite foods, then this one’s for you.
They’re very good, almost exactly like the real thing, but not quite. I highly recommend them.

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