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✅ Pros

They have different types of sip lines : ex. Added caffeine, stevia, pure, vitamins, electrolytes, etc.
Review Pros
The dial is really easy to turn.
Cirkul subscription plans are available.
It is eco-friendly.
Sip flavor cartridges are sugar free and there’s an amazing variety.
Sips contain a variety of flavor options for users that are sugar-free.
There are no artificial colors added.
The flavor cartridge is self contained so no mess.
You can choose cartridges with vitamins, electrolytes and even caffeine.
It is BPA-free water bottle.
Cirkul doesn’t use any artificial flavours or chemicals in their flavour powder, which is always a plus.
The fruit punch is really good.
It is clear, easy to clean, and light and portable.
It lasts quite a bit longer.
Cirkul is easier to use.
The bottle is sturdy, and not really squeezable.
You can actually tune the amount of flavor that is infused into your water.
The great thing about Cirkul is that you don’t need two, three, five water bottles at a time.
There are 39 different flavors to choose from.
The user has complete control over how much is added with each drink from the bottle thanks to the adjustable dial.
You can easily customize the water flavor without ruining a whole bottle of water.
The Cirkul Bottle is still useful as a plain water bottle even when the packet is depleted.
It is affordably priced.
There are no complicated bits or the need for a smartphone.
The bottle seems to be pretty durable.
This is much cheaper than buying gatorade or powerade daily during my workouts.
Large number of flavor options are available.
It uses natural stevia as a sweetener.
Refillable and reusable water bottle is environmentally friendly.
The Flavor was good.
It’s slim and fits in my car’s cupholders, which is another big plus.
You can adjust and set shipping date.
It provides the option of many stevia sweetened cartridges, such as Vitamin B enriched life-sip, electrolyte infused fit slip, caffeinated go-sip etc.
Cirkul also offers a free trial program, in which you can get a free trial Starter Kit with everything you need to experiment with all the tasty Cirkul flavors.
The bottle system itself is very easy to use.
There is no stirring or shaking involved.
It allows total customization of flavor.
The drinks taste amazing.
If you remove the Sip from the bottle, you can still drink plain water from it.
The mouthpiece is part of the replaceable sip cartridge so you get a new clean mouthpiece every time.
It cuts down on single-use plastic waste.
Cost is effective if use sips wisely.
It comes in six tasty flavored bottles so that you’ve plenty of options to choose from.
The best thing about the flavors is that they’re all sugar-free.
The flavor cartridges were easy to install without even reading the instructions.
The electrolyte cartridges are so refreshing after a workout.
The water is completely sugar-free and calorie free so it won’t have any negative affect on your health in any way.
It is easy to assemble and adjust flavoring to taste.
The Cirkul Water bottle minimizes the impact of disposable plastic water bottles on the environment.
You can cancel or restart subscription anytime.
On a medium setting one slip should last you at least two days or more.
I love that it gives you the option to adjust how much flavor you get with each sip.
There are countless flavors and purchasing options available.
Cirkul boosts vitamin, electrolyte, and micronutrient intake, offering the same advantages of a sports drink or energy beverage.
If you just want to drink good old plain water, you can do that too by setting it to ‘X’.
The reviews are mostly positive and people seem content with their Cirkul.
They offer 39 flavors.
Each bottle is BPA free and dishwasher safe, and it also claims to be eliminate all leaking.
The dial is numbered 1 to 10 for flavor intensity.
Cirkul is not only gluten-free, but it also has a whole host of other health benefits that make it a convenient, tasty option.
They have easy to use website for ordering.
If you signed up the free trial is 5 bucks with everything included.
You can customize the intensity of your flavored water.
They have designed it so you can pull the flavor cartridge out once it’s empty.
The flavors are so delicious that once I install a cartridge I am usually happy to drink it all up before switching.
There is no color so the water you drink remains clear.
There’s a simple dial at the top of the infuser through which you pick how strong or weak you want the water to taste.
It looks like a stylish water bottle.
There is no sugar, there is no calories and all the other crap they put in soda.

❌ Cons

You can not buy sips individually.
It’s a touch too clunky for everyday use.
You may not like all flavors you buy.
Currently, it is not available outside of the US.
If redeeming points product, shipping fee applies if not combined with purchase.
The only side effects you may experience whilst drinking flavoured water from Cirkul is water poisoning.
I was disappointed in how long the Flavor packs last.
I find it to be inconsistent in the amount of flavor that it pushes out.
It can leak/dribble a bit if you don’t keep sipping as you finish drinking and tilt the bottle back down.
Some flavors do have a minor aftertaste, though far less than most other powder/drop options.
The cap can occasionally be hard to open; a lip or notch would be helpful to make it easier.
It seems like a higher upfront cost for flavor.
The other thing I have an issue with is the rather persistent leaking that occurs from the water bottle’s nozzle and possibly sides of the cartridge.
The flavors are a bit expensive.
The main complaint about Cirkul is that you have to replace the entire cartridge, nozzle, and tube whenever you replace your Cirkul flavor kit.
Bottle sweats and doesn’t keep ice long.
It’s a bit wasteful plastic wise.
Some people will be most concerned about the cost of the Cirkul.
There isn’t very much flavor.
Cirkul can be a bit tough to get ahold of, with very little contact information available on their website.

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