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✅ Pros

You choose how much you earn.
Review Pros
You can try the platform for free for three months.
Citizen Shipper remains dedicated to providing ordinary people with alternatives to corporate shipping and more freedom to live life on their terms.
All drivers on the platform are background checked.
Listings receive multiple quotes within minutes.
The site does not collect payments, nor charge commissions to drivers.
There is a worker shortage in the industry. That means you’re almost guaranteed to find a job
It allows flexible work schedule.
It has a great online help center for drivers.
CitizenShipper transporters do background checking to provide an extra level of protection and trust.
CitizenShipper has a wonderful customer service team that is available seven days a week at
There is a wide selection of carriers to choose from.
It’s a chance to earn some money as a second career, and you can even lose weight or manage chronic conditions if you take care of yourself while you’re on the road.
As a driver, you can combine up to 5 deliveries of the same nature in the same direction.
CitizenShipper is an industry-leading customer team that ensures a smooth and worry-free experience from beginning to end, especially that shipping has never been easy.
You can set prices yourself.
You can select gigs that suit your needs.
Professional drivers deliver your items.
It offers a fast, reliable, and efficient customer service.
CitizenShipper links people with trustworthy and reliable transportation professionals who need to transport their most critical, difficult-to-ship objects, such as pets, vehicles, bikes, and furniture.
It accepts shipments of a wide range of things, from pets, and vehicles, to home goods.
If you enjoy getting behind the wheel, then being a truck driver is a natural career fit.
You can find professional driving jobs like hauling freight or small local shipping jobs.
Wide range of gigs is available.
CitizenShipper online marketplace will help their customers to find the best transporter for their needs, budget, and schedule.
CitizenShipper is convenient and environment friendly.
For added security, some CitizenShipper carriers offer GPS tracking to help customers keep up to date with the transit of their items.
Citizenshipper has a team of customer support representatives who are available 24/0 to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
All users must verify their identity with citizenshipper before they can use the platform.
You choose when to work.
You will become familiar with numerous cities across the country, getting to see lots of incredible things along the way.
It provides a trusted place for people who want to send their valuable items.
Citizen Shipper postulates that drivers can provide more competitive bids — and make more money — by adding deliveries in the stack.
All carriers have insurance in case of damage to your items.
Shippers and drivers are able to rate and review each other after every transaction.
You can bid on jobs.
Drivers can try the service for free for three months.
It gives free quotes on your first shipment.

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❌ Cons

It only offers to ship within the US.
You need to carry your own insurance.
You are going to spend long periods alone on the highway when you work as a truck driver.
There is no guarantee of secure payment.
Free trial is only for 3 months.
A bad customer review can make it hard to get jobs.
Our only concern with the site is a gag-clause in their driver agreement.
Sometimes, you can be the highest bidder in a platform looking for the lowest. So, it becomes difficult to land jobs when other drivers have better-quoted prices.
Drivers are subject to a $1,000 fine if they defame the site or make damaging statements regarding CitizenShipper’s services.
The bidding system means you need to offer competitive pricing.
Customers can set their own requirements.
Customer experience varies from driver to driver.
CitizenShipper doesn’t offer direct insurance.
Stress is an inevitable component of the trucking industry. You face delays, deadlines, poor directions, and traffic regularly.
Getting a good meal isn’t always easy. When you work as a truck driver, then the meals you need aren’t as consistent as they ought to be.

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Review Summaries
Citizenshipper is an online community that connects people who need shipping services with willing drivers.The process is simple: those in need of shipping services post a request on the site, including information about the item to be shipped and the desired delivery date.
They are the most trusted brand in the US that can provide you with professional, reliable, and cost-effective shipping. Whatever you want to ship, be it dogs, cats, vehicles, household items, heavy equipment, fragile items, and so on, this brand will help you and make sure your items arrive in excellent condition.
We live in a truly global economy, and it has never been easier to make money remotely or to participate in the gig economy. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to hustle for your entire income or just to make some extra pocket change; there is plenty of opportunities if you know where to look. If you enjoy driving/traveling and like the idea of delivering packages for money, we hope this delivery platform helps you find your next hustle.
CitizenShipper comes with a free 3-month trial which is great for trying out the app. After the 3-month trial, the subscription fee is $29.99 a month. When it comes to earning money, you can expect an hourly rate of around $20 to $26 – depending on the client. So if you’re looking to drive for cash, create your own schedule and explore new places, CitizenShipper is the app for you.
I’ve only been on the site for a month, but it’s worked out really well so far. We’ve had more than a half-dozen deliveries. The site has a wide array of happy pet owners, who have posted about using Citizen Shipper on SiteJabber.
CitizenShipper is an online marketplace that connects people with items to ship with eligible local transporters. If you have something to transport, post your shipping specifications for free and wait for quotes from registered drivers. The CitizenShipper network acts as a middleman, matching a customer’s shipping needs with a transporter’s capacity. They put people together, forming a shipper and driver group.
CitizenShipper’s drivers will send you quotes according to what you are trying to ship. You can expect to get quotes within a minute of uploading your listing. All CitizenShipper carriers are required to have insurance and pets are covered by a $1000 Pet Transportation Protection Plan. In addition to all these great features, CitizenShipper is available in all 50 states.
Most people generally enjoy working with CitizenShipper. The company has been growing since its introduction in the market in 2008. It offers more diverse delivery services to drivers looking to substitute their incomes. The platform also has a robust support system, where drivers and customers can address their concerns. Drivers also get a free onboarding session with workshops, tutorials, and articles to help them become better drivers. CitizenShipper is not just a delivery service. It offers more, and drivers have the chance to earn more.
CitizenShipper stands out by offering a peer-to-peer platform that connects drivers with customers who need to ship pets, vehicles, freight, and large household items. The platform is easy to use and gives drivers access to a wide range of gigs while providing customers with a simple and affordable way of shipping unusual items.

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