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✅ Pros

It’s pretty light.
Review Pros
They offer free access to 50+ workouts and How-to videos.
It is also strong enough to resist the tension of whatever bands you plan to use.
In order to secure the bands to the handle, Clench Fitness has added three different band attachment points.
Clench provides you with a total of 8 resistance bands.
It comes with 2x Extremely durable polymer band handles with 3 unique attachment points.
Being made of high strength, impact resistant plastic allows the handle to be economically priced.

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❌ Cons

I do wish there was some extra grip added.

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Review Summaries
When it comes to versatility and extras Clench Fitness has everyone beat! The Clench Fitness Kit II gives you an amazing amount of exercise options others can’t touch.
Clench Fitness has created a Band Handle that allows trainees to use bands without having to hold them in their hands. It’s a unique idea that’s done well and is perfectly suited for the home gym owner. They also create bands, however, any standard band will work in the handle.

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