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✅ Pros

This electronic garden really can turn anyone’s black thumb into a green one.
Review Pros
You get to harvest more and waste less.
I like the simplicity.
The set comes with 3 complimentary herb pods to get you started.
The garden comes with 3 pods that you can choose from a variety of different plants.
Click and Grow offers over 50 plant pods, ranging from the edible (herbs, vegetables and fruit) to the decorative (flowers).
I feel it offers good value.
Click & Grow is a self-contained garden that is perfect for even the smallest indoor spaces to let you grow up to 9 different plants.
Both the Click And Grow 3 and 9 look very sleek and attractive.
It has an attractive and portable design.
It includes two lamp extension arms.
It offers a handy app.
I ended up getting a decent amount of herbs with the first batch I did.
It’s impossible to screw up.
They have a wide selection of more than 40 plants.
This is an incredibly simple version of hydroponics, and it doesn’t require any pumps or aerators – like other competitors in the space.
It has simple and straightforward setup instructions.
The pods contain NASA inspired smart soil and the seeds which are already planted inside the pods.
It is energy-efficient.
It comes with a companion app to give you a better experience.
The app tells you a bit about what to expect from your plant, how long a lifespan it should have, and allows you to set watering reminders, create a photo album or otherwise journal your crop.
Each pod contains seeds, soil, and nutrients ready to go.
The Smart Garden 3 is quite compact, and a good size for a kitchen counter.
The seeds come already planted in a “smart” soil that automatically releases nutrients, oxygen, and water, helping your plants to thrive.
It makes it possible to grow herbs and leafy greens indoors with minimal hassle.
The Click and Grow models look great on a kitchen counter.
Because the overall device has a sleek, clean look, I didn’t mind keeping this on my dresser.
Each smart garden has a grow light directly over the seedlings.
It is simple to set up.
There are no pesticides, fungicides, hormones, or other harmful substances.
Both models have no serious impact on your electricity bill.
It can be used as a seed-starting tray to grow seedling transplants for an outdoor garden.
You can choose from a wide variety of delicious herbs and vegetables, including chives, cilantro, dill, sage, oregano, parsley, thyme, kale, leaf mustard, chili pepper, and sweet pepper.
It requires minimal effort to set up.
Once the plants start growing and reach the inside of the biodomes, you can remove them and save them somewhere safe for your next crop.
It was extremely forgiving of all my mishaps and continues to grow a plentiful supply of fresh basil.
Click and Grow has a grow light that can last for seven years.
You get to produce that you will be happy to eat.
It is available in 3 colours.
There is 1-year warranty on all products.
It comes with 3 mini tomato, 3 basil and 3 green lettuce pods.
Subscriptions are available.
The water receptacle has a built-in water level indicator that rises as you add the water.
The fresh ingredients are just an arm’s reach away on your kitchen countertop as you cook.
It delivers healthy plants.
There’s even an indicator on the water reservoir to let you know how much water to add in and if the plants need more.
It requires very minimal maintenance and care.
It allows for four-season growing for climates with cold winters/hot summers.
It was fun watching my seeds sprout and grow.
Thanks to its energy efficient LED lighting system, the Smart Garden only consumes 6W of power.
The setup seemed simple enough.
You can completely avoid the use of herbicides, GMOs, and pesticides, which are all toxic to both you and the plant.
Brand plants a tree for every garden that’s purchased.
The garden’s water tank keeps the roots of your plants at the perfect moisture level and it holds enough water for up to one month.
The directions are straightforward and easy.
They tasted delicious and fresh, and the basil in particular always came in handy when we wanted to spruce up an office lunch.
It offers 60+ types of plant pods, plus blank/empty pods to use your own seeds in.
It is the most affordable option under $100.
Since the soil doesn’t contain any harmful, unnatural substances like GMOs or pesticides — and you watched the plants grow with your own eyes — you can rest assured that these greens are better for your body than anything from a grocery store shelf.
Setup is easy.
The “pro-grow” lights are on an automatic timer. 16 hours on, 8 hours off. The timer starts automatically when you plug it in, so you can easily time the light to be off during your snoozin’ hours.
Click & Grow’s indoor smart gardens essentially care for themselves after you set them up.
I was impressed by how quickly the plants grew.
It is very user-friendly and requires minimal work.

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❌ Cons

It could be built better.
The Click And Grow is fun, but it isn’t an indoor farm.
The smart soil capsules limit the amount of root growth.
While both models come with a several seed pods, to get you started, you will need more pods for further planting cycles.
It can only do the factory setting of 16h on, 8h off.
You do have to add water.
If you have a few containers and a well-lit area, you could just buy a few herb seeds and grow them the old fashioned way.
There are fewer overall options for the experienced grower.
It has small water tank capacity.
The tomatoes were a fail.
Refill plant capsules are expensive at almost $10 for a 3 pack.
The app isn’t monitoring your crop in real time, and can’t for example tell you if the light is on or off, or offer that kind of remote control or time adjustments.
I don’t love having to shell out the money for new plant pods with smart soil in them.
While it’s called the “Smart Garden,” the device as a whole isn’t truly smart.
You have to watch the plants and know when it’s time to harvest.
Refill pods can be more expensive.
There really isn’t anything interactive between the app and the Smart Garden.
While I haven’t experienced this personally, several reviewers mention that it’s challenging to contact customer service.
You’ll need the 9-Pod Pro model to get app control of the light.
It is only suitable for herbs and flowers, not vegetables.
It kind of takes away the fun of planting seeds/seeing the seeds at all.
You also have to add the arms to the light.
You don’t have all the features you’d receive from a brand with full connectivity to an app.
There is no way to customize the grow light timing.
It is very bright in comparison to regular indoor lighting.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Is the Click and Grow Smart Garden worth it? I would say yes! Besides my strawberries, everything has come out perfectly with minimal work. I also am impressed that it stays really clean and I haven’t had any issues with bugs or mold or anything else you typically find when growing herbs. The Click and Grow has been a really great addition to my kitchen and I like that it doesn’t take up too much counter space.
I absolutely love this device. Growing my own fresh herbs was a treat. Plus the fact this garden is so low maintenance makes it so easy. There’s enough water to care for the garden for weeks, and the lighting self timer keeps my plants growing regularly and evenly.
The Click and Grow garden brought some greenery to our previous desk space and was a breath of fresh air every day we walked into the office. I enjoyed staying on top of its progress and it was exciting to see the plants grow over the weeks. I felt an undue amount of pride about my little plants — even though I barely had to do anything to make them grow and thrive.
This is a good personal hydroponic brand that offers decent quality. Its simplicity can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your preferences. The only big concern for me is the limited room for root growth rate, affecting your plant yields and longevity. But beyond this, the price and functionality are on par with the competition.
You can sign up for the Click and Grow subscription to receive new plant pods to your door every 2 – 4 months. You can switch things up and try out a variety of different plant pods from over 60 options, all of which are non-GMO and grown without pesticides. To top it all off, you don’t even have to remember to water them because the Smart Garden does it all for you!
The Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 is an entry-level indoor garden kit for those who need some herbs every now and again. Don’t expect to ever grow enough produce to make a salad for a week, let alone a single meal. As long as you remember to water your device, your greens will continue to thrive.
Personally, I think the Click and Grow Smart Garden 9 is perfect for every home since it can be used to grow 9 different plants at a time. This gives you steady access to fresh food, fruits, greens, and other vegetables that are completely free from chemical pollution from herbicides and other insecticides.
This electronic garden really can turn anyone’s black thumb into a green one. It was extremely forgiving of all my mishaps and continues to grow a plentiful supply of fresh basil.
The planter base water tank holds enough water to last for several weeks, the plant lights can be raised and lowered, and the potting soil used in the plant pod inserts is high-quality and drains well while providing essential nutrients to seedling plants. Overall, the Smart Garden 3 is a reliable, easy-to-use, beautiful indoor mini garden system.
Click and Grow Indoor Smart Garden is a better choice for beginners. Its a super simple way to get started growing plants indoors and a fun way to share the concepts of farm to table living with the family.
If you can swing the price and want to try your hand at indoor gardening without a lot of hassle, this is the product for you!
The Click and Grow promises zero effort, and in my opinion, it delivers. I’ve enjoyed delicious fresh salads, pesto, and more with the produce I’ve grown on my little New York window sill, and there’s something just *so* satisfying about eating food I’ve grown.
This indoor planter system worked fine for the lettuce and basil, but the tomatoes were a fail. In the end, the system was fun, but I’m not sure it’s really worth the money or space.
If you’re looking for an excellent starter model then this is a good option to go for. But be aware that this model is not suitable for growing vegetables, it’s designed primarily for herbs and flowers.
They look great, provide good value and are easy and enjoyable to use. The main drawback is the cost of the seed pod refills, but you can very easily reuse the seed pods and use your own seeds if you wish.

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