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✅ Pros

It’s comfortable to stand on.
Review Pros
It is incredibly versatile.
It only weighs 12 pounds.
It comes with included app.
A slight incline adds to the overall effectiveness of the workouts.
It’s super easy to set up this piece of equipment and have your workout going in no time right at home.
It works by increasing activation of the glute and hamstring muscles while reducing the activation of the quadriceps muscles and knee joints.
It is small, lightweight and easy to store.
There are three resistance bands included with your purchase, each providing a different level of resistance and versatile usage.
It is compact and easy to store.
It is comfortable, safe, durable and stable.
7% incline keeps your weight on your heels.
Crafted from injected molded plastic on a 7-degree incline with a thick surface pad for your knees, it’s designed to be both functional and long-lasting.
The device is lightweight and portable.

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❌ Cons

Very light people may not be able to keep the board as stable as needed.
Some people have complained about the device being noisy.
No clear-cut “instructions” make it hard to tell if you’re in the right position.
Resistance bands aren’t enough for some hardcore lifters.
The device is not stable enough for people with low body weight.
Hardcore trainers might find the workouts too light.
It can be squeaky and loud.

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Review Summaries
This piece of equipment is easy to use and has a 7” incline to ensure that your weight is pushed back into your heels. Glute exercises are done with a slight hinge from the hip with weight back into the heels to protect your knees and fully engage your lower body. A bonus feature is the addition of resistance bands to this device, which help to make the workout more effective.
Despite the price tag, I’m still a big fan of the COBA Glute Trainer. It’s just so convenient and easy to use. The versatility allows me to get a complete at-home workout on my lower body and nearly a complete workout on my upper body.
Safe, effective, targeted glute work is easier, safer, and less expensive than ever before. Try the science-based COBA Board (Glutes Trainer) for yourself, with a 30-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. Here’s to some legit booty gains for a jaw-dropping gluteus maximus!

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