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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

Codecademy highly encourages visitors to take control of their own educational experience on the website.
Review Pros
Community support is available.
When you create a free account at Codecademy, you’ll get the opportunity to join groups and socialize with other coders.
Codeacademy covers a ton of languages and topics.
The exercises contain instructions for the coding tasks. Hence, students get unlimited chances to practice coding.
Codecademy offers structure.
You can also stop working on the lessons anytime you want and then pick up later from where you left.
Codecademy saves your progress and rewards you for your achievements.
Codecademy makes it remarkably easy to get started.
Live help and tutoring as well as custom lesson plans are available for a fee.
The site never leaves you questioning about where you should go or what to do next.
It’s one of the best places online to learn how to code.
They are a cost effective option to build programming skills that are needed for data science and data analytics jobs.
Codecademy has taught 45 million students since 2011.
The projects are a part of the curriculum, offering a hands-on learning experience for students.
Courses are free.
They’re also a large platform with a significant variety of options.
Codecademy’s user interface is both simple to navigate and use and aesthetically pleasing.
There are dedicated, active forums for each class.
The lessons are all interactive, so you will always have the motivation to continue and learn more.
If you make a mistake in a Codecademy coding environment, the platform will simply prevent you from moving onto the next step.
It is overall a good place to get your feet wet programming without taking the risk of spending a large amount of money.
If there are any problems and issues you’ve encountered along the way, Codecademy has a dedicated Q&A form for every lesson.
Each lesson is made up of a series of interactive coding exercise.
You can get exposure to pretty much any programming language you would want.
The 12 tracks of Codecademy are all free of charge.
Their training covers the use of APIs.
Codecademy is a great option if you like to immerse yourself in practicing your new skills and don’t want to spend a lot of time on theory.
The IDE interface will also provide helpful hints.
Every student is given the choice of what is the best that works for him.
All Codecademy courses are free.
Codecademy has active and dedicated community forums and groups for each course.
The online courses for these languages allow for online, real-time coding while you learn.
The platform itself seems to go out of its way to make sure you’re as comfortable and as cared for as possible.
These are beginner-friendly lessons.
You don’t need to install all the developer tools.
One of the biggest advantages they have over a lot of other companies that teach coding online is that it’s free.
Tutoring and live help are also available for a fee.
Exercises include building real websites.
It’s easy to use and navigate.
Free videos are offered.
Codecademy has partnered with schools and colleges in England to provide resources for classroom teachers to take Codecademy’s education experience to their students.
There is a network of community members to support studies.
Codecademy provides step-by-step instructions.
It offers a step-by-step process that assists users in understanding the basics before moving onto bigger projects.
It takes care of all the setup for you.
Codecademy participates in the Hour of Code, an initiative to teach coding basics in one hour.
Other online learning platforms require you to download several applications. However, with Codecademy, everything can be found in its system.
Codecademy offers extensive courses in 13 different programming languages.
Codecademy lessons are interactive.
It has a few different plans, including a free one.
A variety of lessons are offered in 12 programming languages.
Codecademy differs from the other big players in the coding training space in that it’s 100% free.
They offer a set of comprehensive courses on 14 programming languages.
Codecademy offers twelve-week in-person web development labs in New York City and Miami.
There’s a project for you to build from start to finish at the end of almost every course.
You can start one project and go back as little or as often as you like. offers their 12 tracks free of charge.
It provides you with lessons in the top 12 computer languages primarily used by computer majors nowadays.

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❌ Cons

Codecademy cannot take you to the point of becoming a professional coder.
Codecademy delivers content in a fast-paced format–a pro or con depending on your learning style.
Codecademy does not teach Computer Science fundamentals.
The flip side of the ability to use your own computer and browser is that you don’t get experience in a live web framework.
Codecademy fails to educate students on ways to develop the mindset of a programmer who should master skills in logical thinking and problem-solving.
If you don’t have a programming background, Codecademy is probably not enough to break into the industry and get your first job as a developer.
One of the elements lacking in the lessons of Codecademy is video content.
The technical side of things could use some improvement.
It lacks the depth of many other online instruction tools in language.
Some kids and teens will like the web development courses, but may find the learning style geared more for adults.
You have to type exactly what they say to pass, even if your code is correct.
There are no video instructions.
The number of offerings may not include your language of choice.
The work you do doesn’t help build your Github account or portfolio.
Some Llessons are poorly written, inconsistent with other lessons or even have bugs.
Sometimes they let you pass a lesson even if your code isn’t really right, which sucks if you want to know how to correctly code something.
It is difficult to navigate through tabs and lessons.
The navigation of the Codecademy community page is a little bit hard to follow.
Free courses are too general.
Codecademy lacks video content in its lessons, which is a significant drawback as many students prefer visual stimulation in their learning experience.
Those who have a strong background in computer science may find the pacing of the lessons to be a little slow and tedious.
You can’t skip lessons.
The main shortcoming of Codecademy is the non-programming related data science skills are lacking.
Another downside is slow-paced lessons.
Sometimes, it’s tough to find relevant information.

⚖️ Final Say

Read the summaries of what reviewers think about Codecademy below.

Review Summaries
Overall, Codecademy is an incredibly well-built online education channel that is focused solely on coding and programming. For some, this kind of niched education can be stifling and linear, as it doesn’t allow for flexible or interdisciplinary learning. But for other parents, this kind of single-minded focus is perfect for enhancing and hastening total lesson comprehension.
Some of Codecademy’s earlier limitations have been addressed with the inclusion of API and Web Project sections. But for a free service available 24/7 at no cost, Codecademy has established a well-known in the world of coding skill development.
Codecademy makes learning to code fun and rewarding, and offers plenty of help along the way.
Codecademy is an excellent way to begin studying a technical subject and is best used in conjunction with books, videos, meetups, or a quality coding bootcamp.
I recommend Codecademy as a way to learn programming skills for data science and data analytics. Their platform is intuitive to use and is flexible to do whenever you have the time. As opposed to less structured methods, it’s easier to get feedback on your work and you’re able to get hints on how to fix any issues along the way.
Overall, CodeCademy is a good entry-level coding website for the language modules it offers, even if the material seems tedious at times. For those on a budget looking to develop the basic skills of a language, it does shine.
Codecademy chose the route of specializing into a single, somewhat niche topic – coding and programming. Their whole content and ideas revolve around it – and that’s great!
I have to say as a marketing person that learning the basics of the languages on Codecademy have helped me a lot already in my current job. I no longer have to depend on developers to help me with easy HTML and CSS stuff I face in digital marketing. It also doesn’t hurt that I now can read their blog posts and understand what they’re talking about. I definitely can’t wait to start my next phase of learning using Treehouse.
While its free courses make it a good gateway for beginners, it doesn’t do much to take users beyond those basic skills. Even the paid version isn’t very robust, leaving users to do much of the learning on their own.
Coding is a tedious process for users who are just getting into it. To learn faster, you need to make learning fun and interactive. Codecademy gives you fun lessons, practical exercises and awards for your progress. Overall, it’s offers one of the best platforms for free online coding classes.
Overall, this Codecademy review recommends these courses for beginners who want to know if they will flourish in the field of computer language coding.
It helps you gain momentum at the start and get a feel for what the discipline has to offer. But you’re not going to become a professional surfer by sticking to surfing lessons.
If you’re just getting started learn to code, Codecademy is a great way to get a sense for what coding is and how it works. It’s also a great free way to see if coding might be something that speaks to you as a potential career option before jumping in with both feet.
To be honest, whether you’re completely dedicated to learning to code for a future career, or just want to take up a new hobby, Codecademy is a good starting point for you. You can begin with its free plan, and experience all of the Codecademy outstanding features today!
While Codecademy won’t train you to become a pro coder, it’s good for learning the basic skills. You can always start at Codecademy for free and then switch to more advanced training when you’re ready. The best way to find out if Codecademy is for you is to try it out for yourself. Remember, it’s totally free and you can start right now.

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