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✅ Pros

You can send almost any type of file over the box.
Review Pros
For users who are choosing CometChat, they should be aware that chat mechanism of the software is completely safe and secure to use.
The most commonly used Emojis can easily be found here and you can search pretty easily to the person you want to send the message.
The gaming feature in Cometchat ensures that your users are highly entertained and glued to your site.
They have 3 different types of plans available.
Cometchat is available for probably all the platforms in which your services or network exists.
It can be installed on a plethora of platforms.
Handwritten text messages adds more cherry to cupcake. Users can send both, text-messages and handwritten text-messages to users on site.
It offers great installation guide, administration manual, End User Manual and FAQs page.
CometChat gives good performance even when there are thousands of users using its features.
Cometchat has a wide number of games that can be played by users when they are bored.
CometChat does real-time conversion of a number of languages.
CometChat is available on various platforms in which your service or network is working.
CometChat also offers an easy to integrate Mobile SDK that can be integrated with almost any existing mobile app.
CometChat PHP software comes with Impressive Chat Bar with Instant notifications, Auto-linking and word censoring and Intuitive chat design.
Users can start a virtual video conferencing session involving anyone who visits your website.
There are no restrictions in modifying your plans.
CometChat allows you to integrate and use the local authentication system so that you don’t have to worry about separate user database.
There are 5 HTML games available that come with full browser support.
Cometchat works as a full fledged messaging app for your users.
It works on both desktop and mobile devices for both Windows and Mac users.
Users will also be able to chat with their Gtalk friends directly from your website.
The whiteboard plugin can be effectively used to give personal opinions on a certain matter.
For mobile users, push up notification feature is also there using which they can directly get notified over phone whenever a new message arrives.
The chat rooms can be created public or private and the maker has all the admin privileges to moderate the chatroom for a better experience.
It’s easy to install and administer and comes with online documentations, FAQ’s apart from a support forum access and dedicated ticket support.
They provide 30-days refund policy through which you can ask for a 100% refund in case you are not satisfied with their product.
One of the coolest features of CometChat is that you can easily share your screen with others without any issues.
CometChat has number of platforms to give complete support system benefits to users.
You can also create a video conference among your peers and improve the way you communicate.
Users can also turn their chat into different colours as they can change text colour of the chat.
With CometChat you can let users share screens without any additional tools, simply via CometChat system on your platform as well.
It is a Light weight software thus gives very less load to server side. So, it can easily run on any server without loading it much.
CometChat currently available in total 9 languages.
Installation is very easy, and the script comes with a detailed documentation.
Instant Notification Bar will help the readers to know if their friends are offline or online, pretty much instantly.
You can actually talk unlimited and can check all the previous history as well.
You can get the basic edition for just 49$.
With the availability of chat bots, user engagement can be built with the brand.
There are 3 plans depending on the requirements of your website.
You will be able to share a wide range of file types with others via File Transfer feature in CometChat which is both simple and quick.
CometChat gives facility of upgrading and downgrading your plans.
As soon as a visitor lands on your platform, they’re automatically logged in to CometChat and can start chatting with other online users instantly.
The chat bar is flexible allowing you to customize the tray icons, change themes, link to social networks, add games etc.
The process is very simple and even amateurs won’t face any kind of trouble while integrating.
With CometChat, the users get the ability to chat in groups.
It facilitates fully functional video chats between the users as well.
It supports both audio and video calls for better user experience.
CometChat has an extensive smiley list which you can use to spice up your conversations and express yourselves better.
It gives push notification on mobile, thus users never miss out a message.
Screen-sharing is something that isn’t offered by even the top Social networks on the globe. But CometChat does.
It has the ability to share handwritten messages, files, collaborative documents.
You do not need dedicated servers or any other kind of special database.
With CometChat not only delivers text message but also media files and some other files as well.
CometChat isn’t limited to just individual conversations. You can also use “Bots” of various kinds for different purposes.
If you are the admin, the admin panel will let you check everything.
Integration is simple and the script is supported by most of the popular CMS and Portals.
CometChat has built-in translators to ease out the conversations.
CometChat can run on any web host or server with minimal load.
CometChat integrates local authentication system with it.
The Comet Chat allows users to insert smiley’s, create profiles, avatars, block other users etc.
You can also add ads, view statistics, chat logs and can completely customize the application as per your requirement.
Sharing of screenshots over chat is possible between users/visitors.
CometChat allows not just you to interact with your visitors, but also your visitors among themselves.
CometChat provides easy integration.
Your users are not limited to just talking to each other, but they can collaborate with each other by sharing files and whiteboard while on your website.
CometChat offers a bundle of social plugins accessible in order to obtain focus on your site which it deserves in the virtual globe.
The chat mechanism is completely secure and ensures full privacy of all the users who use it.
It features smileys, avatar support, notifications, who’s online, status and much more.
A vast number of included features allow you to store conversation, handwrite messages, report a conversation and also save the conversation text.

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❌ Cons

The font size of CometChat changes with the browser. Sometimes the font size is too small to read.
Video Conferencing quality isn’t great for low-speed Internet connection.
You have to pay the complete amount of your selected plan at once.
The person you want to chat with must have CometChat at his end.
CometChat provides the feature to block unwanted users. But users encountered automatic back in of such blocked unwanted users.
To communicate with the other contacts, both the parties should have CometChat installed.
Design issues like running well on all browsers need to be set up.
There are few design issues such as compatibility with different web browsers and mobile browsers along with few performance issues on the mobile.
Full features will be available only in Platinum Plan.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
CometChat is for the individuals who want to increase the level of user engagement on their site and enhance the user experience of their visitors. Thus, choosing a proper and well suitable plan depends on the requirements of your website and gain several additional merits by using CometChat on your site.
It has almost all the features available that a user can expect from chat software. Along with it, CometChat also enables the users to play games. If we consider CometChat from the perspective of communication, even then the software scores ten on ten.
CometChat is a script developed in PHP which basically lets anyone install an advanced “chat” system on their digital online assets. It’s compatible with just about anything. No code-scribbling, graphic designing, database creation or anything that sounds even remotely complicated required. It has really armed itself to the teeth when it comes to the features.
CometChat is a PHP chat software which enables your site users to chat with each other as well as their Gtalk friends. That’s not all! They can share pictures, collaborate together with writeboards, broadcast videos, play games and a lot more while maintaining their privacy.
CometChat delivers a number of features which all website owners looking for a chat plugin will find useful and productive. And just in case, you are not happy with the service, you always get a 30 day money back guarantee.
CometChat is a Php Chat software that let’s just about any platform on the internet install a chatbox with extremely advanced functionalities on it, in seconds.It offers three plans and they’ve got a 30-day money back guarantee.
Overall, if you are looking for PHP chat integration for your network, Cometchat is probably the best option you have. It has all the features you would ever need and many more interactive features like the ability to play games as well.
This script is a good option for big websites with huge real-time traffic who are willing to convert their visitors to potential buyers of their services. For small websites with low real-time traffic, even if it will look fancy on your website, it won’t be of much use, and you would be wasting your money on this.
Overall CometChat is a really good option to expand your business by holding your website users and making sure that they spend some more time there even during off sessions.
Comet Chat is an unique application that allows you to include a chat facility on your site. It can be used for sites hosted in different CMS platforms and is also suitable for WordPress sites. Comet Chat comes in 9 languages and supports major browsers. Its highly scalable and is light-weight. You can also translate it to different languages and can also use it for RTL text. It also allows video and audio chat and also allows users to talk using their Facebook and Gtalk accounts.
You not only getting a chatbox but you engaging your readers is a far more absolute way other than groping in the dark. Cometchat can surely can be a one stop solution for your many queries. Cometchat gets a big thumbs up and you must definitely choose it!
CometChat is a prime example of what a chatting system should be capable of. Getting CometChat is easy with a professional package costing only $129(one-time payment). They also offer premium and platinum packages for $249 and $499 only.
CometChat is one stop plugin to give you all chatting benefits. It gives best features and it comes with 30days money back guarantee. So, it will not be worthless to give CometChat a try.
If you are looking for a sustainable chat software for your website through which users can convey their thoughts and query directly to you or likewise other users then, CometChat is more than best choice. With numerous of features provided by the creators of CometChat, It is proved to be most engaging chat software which denies to be expensive as well.

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