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✅ Pros

No paperwork in involved when applying for Comodo DV SSL certificates.
Review Pros
The package includes a fully validated certificate, 256-bit encryption and a $250,000 .
A ‘Premium’ SSL solution only costs $56.06 (£42.4) for four years.
It offers high level of trust and security for your website.
Warranties are available of $250,000 to $1,750,000 for certain certificates.
Pricing is affordable.
You can test the Free Comodo SSL Certificate for your website with a 30-day trial period.
It offers a wide range of price points and features to choose from.
Comodo is one of the lowest-priced SSL providers in the market.
It is lowest cost EV SSL provider in the market.
You can cancel at any time and receive a prorated refund for the remainder of your current hosting term.
Wildcard SSL help you save money because they secure unlimited sub-domains with one certificate.
Comodo offers you 90 days of free SSL/TLS certification.
It comes with the highest-strength 256-bit encryption possible.
You can ecure your multiple domain names with single Multi-Domain SSL product from Comodo.
The company also offers up to 256-bit encryption and is trusted by almost all browsers.
The Comodo SSL package starts at $64.95 and you can set it up in just minutes.
30-day money-back guarantee is offered.
It’s the second most affordable option.
They have excellent multiple domain management system.
It sets up in minutes.
They are a highly affordable provider of SSL services.
Additional security options are excellent.
Huge variety of SSL certificate options with lots of customization is available.
PCI and site scanning is free for one certificate.
Comodo has SSL certificate solutions for just about anybody.
Free SSL certificate is available.
There’s a free 90-day trial for a DV certificate.
The EV Enhancer Technology allows easy SSL certificate deployment.
All of the main browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox recognize Comodo SSL/TLS certificates.
Most Comodo SSL certificates are issued in less than an hour. However, the EV and Wildcard SGC SSL certificates have a longer validation period.
The green address bar and Comodo Trust logo give a strong trust.
You can secure unlimited subdomains with single Wildcard SSL certificate.
They have 24/7 dedicated customer support.
You can test the free Comodo SSL Certificate, which comes with a 30-day trial period.
Most Comodo SSL certificates are issued within a minute, an hour or a few days (depends on SSL Type).
They provide unlimited server licenses, expert phone support and a $250,000 warranty.
They have good customer support.
The company offers various free and paid security products.
Comodo charges no upgrade fees.
It is compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices.
Free 90-day DV certificate trial is offered.

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❌ Cons

Comodo once figured in a hacking incident.
It may not be compatible for less popular browser versions and mobile devices.
A trust logo for your site is only included for wildcard and EV certificates.
It doesn’t provide a thorough security protection compared to similar EV SSL providers.
Price for the multiple domain certificate is higher than competitors.
They have average customer support.
Validation can take time.
Many consumer complaints about poor customer support.
You can pay an extra if you want to secure more than 3 domain names with the Multi-Domain (SAN/UCC) SSL certificate.
Scanning features are only available for one certificate per account.
Wait times for EV certificates can be longer than average.
Additional charges will be incurred if you want to support more than 3 domains with the UC SSL certificate.

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Review Summaries
One of the best features of Comodo is that you can choose to upgrade your certificate’s warranty if the largest amount isn’t already included. You can also get a Comodo logo to place on your site to build your visitors’ trust, but it’s only available for wildcard and EV certificates. Other than that and customer support, there aren’t other additional features, but that’s reasonable given that it’s the most affordable option directly after Let’s Encrypt.
On the back of great products and even greater pricing, Comodo has become a dominant name in the SSL industry. Based on the needs, one gets a myriad of options to choose from. If you want to buy any of Comodo SSL products, make sure you have checked the review of that on our site. If you are still confused, you get a trial period of 90 days to try their products out. Overall, our Comodo SSL review is very positive and we will surely recommend you secure your websites using Comodo SSL certificates.
Comodo being the renowned name in the internet security sector has surely grown in demand when it comes to getting quality SSL Certificate. This company provides its customers with many options when it comes to locating the trustworthy SSL Certificate provider. Its SSL Certificates caters to the needs of every size and scale of online stores.
While being one of the most reputable and trusted certification authorities in the world, you should note that Comodo once figured in a hacking incident, very much similar to the DigiNotar experience, where fake Comodo certificates were used to spy on some people in Iran.
Comodo is a respected name in the internet security industry. This company offers many options for those looking for a reliable SSL certificate provider. From EV to UC to Wildcard SSL certificates, Comodo’s Internet security products cater to both small and large online stores. Best of all, their SSL certificates are priced competitively and they provide the highest level of encryption. Before subscribing to any encryption service, make sure to compare the various SSL certificates that Comodo offers.
If you want to experiment with SSL, Comodo offers you 90 days of free SSL/TLS certification before you either drop it or purchase it from them. It sets up in minutes, and it comes with the highest-strength 256-bit encryption possible. Also, all of the main browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox recognize Comodo SSL/TLS certificates.
As a highly affordable provider of SSL services, Comodo SSL has made some significant headway in the past few years. But be warned, validation can take some time if the information required for Comodo SSL to complete the checking process isn’t available online. On the plus side, the company has excellent support people should you have installation or browser issues.
Comodo wins our top spot as the best SSL provider for its affordable pricing and an impressive number of certificate offerings that are highly customizable. Comodo Cybersecurity is a top-rated and well-respected provider of SSLs, firewalls, antivirus software and other internet security products.
The pricing for a single domain EV SSL certificate from Comodo is way cheaper than the competitors. With the features that are offered by the company, the single domain EV SSL from Comodo is the way to go if you have a limited budget to buy a good certificate for your new eCommerce website. The deep layer authentication system allows you to authenticate all information transfers between your web servers and the users’ browsers, ensuring that the encrypted information can only be accessed by the authorized parties. The green address bar and Comodo Trust logo give a strong trust and assurance for your customers to complete their transaction in your website with confidence. Also, the EV Enhancer Technology gives you the smoothness of certificate deployment, so that you can use your EV SSL certificate as quickly as possible.

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