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✅ Pros

The regular eyeshadows contain more product than before.
Review Pros
The labels are vibrant on the top and include the ingredients in a legible size of font on the back
The CM website is very intuitive and well designed.
There’s also a huge range of colors, so if you’re into neutral colors, they have plenty in both metallic and matte forms.
The quality is great and the colors are beautiful.
The contents were all wrapped in adorable pink tissue paper and sealed in plastic baggies.
They offer products for eyes and lips.
They are a cruelty free & vegan cosmetics line that makes loose mineral shadows, lip tints, and shadow primer.
All of these shadows are insanely pigmented, easy to work with and blend well.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that I did like how it helped with the adhesion.
For the Pro Matte Eye Shadows you get 2.5grams for $8 dollars. Not bad, if you ask me!
Concrete Minerals eye shadows are very pigmented.
These darlings are super pigmented.
This company packs the fun and the safety all in one.
Concrete Minerals is a cruelty free, gluten free and vegan mineral makeup company based in California.
They do not use parabens, fragrances, dyes, nano-particles, Bismuth Oxychloride or Talc in their products.
Concrete Minerals releases new colors on a fairly regular basis.
They list the color, the net weight, the company name, and the ingredients right on the bottom of the packaging.
My orders were shipped quickly.
Both orders arrived safely in bubble mailers.
These jars are way bigger than the jars from Shiro, but they are a few dollars more in price.
These pigments come in whopping 10 gram pots, for around the same price as many sellers that package in 5 gram pots: just $5.99 for all that color.
Their website looks really simple to navigate.
They have a pretty wide range of colors in their mineral eyeshadow line and they also have some cool sets.
They have a large selection.
The shadows have much more staying power when used over a primer.
I always have a tough time finding good vegan primers, so I’m really happy about this one.
The order process is very simple.
I think it’s a very professional looking website with the categories and search bar on the left along with pictures on the front page directing you to the specific listings.
They have color duos and trios in their shop, with available gift wrap.
Their colors are bold, in-your-face and vibrant.
Concrete Minerals is vegan and cruelty free.
The texture is nice and they apply smoothly.
98% of their line is Vegan and all is cruelty-free.
Unlike other indie companies, these eyeshadows are packed in 10 gram jars as opposed to 5 gram jars.
They’re certified by both PETA and the Leaping Bunny Program.

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❌ Cons

Unfortunately their nifty makeup pots are subject to messes if you don’t make absolutely sure that your lids are tightly screwed on.
They lack attention to details.
On their own, Concrete Mineral’s shimmer shadow staying power is practically non-existent.
Concrete Minerals chose not to respond at all to my email, which really left me feeling like their customer service was lacking.
They are unwilling to correct mistakes on orders shipped out.
I am really disappointed in the colors not all being “as described.”
They have unresponsive/nonexistent customer service.
I don’t like that you have to hover over each category in the sidebar to see the different product listings.
Since not all the colours I’ve bought have worked for me, I do wish they’d offer sample sizes for sale.
Without a base, these colors tend to be a bit chalky and difficult to blend.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
I like them enough to consider trying out a few of their other eyeshadows. I especially am thinking about their Electric Eye Primer. I think they used to have samples of the primer along with a Blogger Sample Pack but unfortunately it looks like they stopped offering that. I think it’s especially intriguing that they have “Pro Matte” eyeshadows since loose matte eyeshadows can be difficult to work with.
If you’re looking for a makeup adventure, look no further. Concrete Minerals has the brightest, loudest, intensest and flashiest color palette the world of gluten free cosmetics has ever seen.
Concrete Minerals is vegan and cruelty free. They offer products for eyes and lips. There’s also a huge range of colors, so if you’re into neutral colors, they have plenty in both metallic and matte forms.
I really do love the colors I bought, especially Notorious, P.Y.T. and Cosmonaut.. Notorious is my favorite, hands down. It’s so bright and vibrant. P.Y.T. is beautiful too. Shades like Cosmonaut and Bandit are useful staples. Still Ill makes for a nice warm highlighter. Disturbia is great for deepening the crease or as a liner.
The makeup is affordable and is of excellent quality. Pigmentation, staying power, blendability, color choice — Everything is superb. My only time ordering from them, my shipment had an issue due to negligence on the packaging employee’s part, and despite numerous attempts at contacting the company, nobody responded to me for over a month.
Both feel very soft and nice to the touch. Both are saturated, but Kinky was SUPER saturated! Gorgeous. I am definitely intrigued and interested in checking out some of their other colors. I love using mineral shadows because they are so easy to work with and you get such a good payoff compared to a lot of regular eyeshadows.
Overall these aren’t my most reached for shadows, but there are ones that I like a lot. Concrete Minerals came out with more colours a couple months ago and there are definitely a few I’m curious to try at some point. Since not all the colours I’ve bought have worked for me, I do wish they’d offer sample sizes for sale, but they have great customer service and a 14 day “Love it or Ditch it” policy that allows you to exchange or return a colour that doesn’t work for you.
The professionalism of this company is outstanding and the pigments are high in quality. You get loads of pigment for around the same price as most other companies give you for a 5 gram pot.
I do enjoy the pigmentation of these Pro Matte eyeshadows. It is a good product for the price and I think it’s nice to have in your makeup arsenal if you’re into wearing bright vibrant colors.
Overall I’m very happy with the performance of these shadows. They have sturdy adorable packaging, and Concrete Minerals has great customer service. I received my order promptly.

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