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✅ Pros

It has a invisible zipper.
Review Pros
Considering the length and style, the amount of hair is enough for this specific character.
You can get the wig on the web too.
Everything is perfectly sewed.
The cuffs has a elastic band in order to adapt better the arm.
Costume arrived perfectly packaged.
Socks are really elastic and are perfect for Miku.
The shipping was also very fast and everything was on point to use.
You can find fibers of different shades on this wig.
They pick the best fabrics to match with the design and make it in the most professional way.
It’s very easy to wear, fast and comfy.
It came here via DHL, packed in a box.
Skirt is really well-sewn. The pattern is perfect.

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❌ Cons

You’d have to be careful with heat as the fiber is not much heat resistant.

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Review Summaries
They pick the best fabrics to match with the design and make it in the most professional way. All the stuff of Cosfun were very kind and fast in every answer. They helped me picking the size and asked for many details (if I wanted more stretchy or if I were alergic to something). Ask them whatever you need cause they are always for all of you!
In conclusion, I think the wig looks really pretty. One just has to be a little careful with heat around the wig, as the fiber lacks resistance to it. I think I can go with that without a problem though.
I really love the costume. I think that fabrics are really accurate and the size is also perfect. I’m so happy for this opportunity. Thank you so much COSFUN.

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