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✅ Pros

The system enables me to carry a second camera.
Review Pros
Cotton Carrier attachment plate plays nicely with Arca-Swiss tripod mounts. You can easily take the camera from the harness straight to your tripod.
It has some nice add-on options.
The Twist and Lock system is quick and easy to use and allows your camera to slightly sway left and right while walking which is great to hold side to side when your lens gets in the way.
The side holster attaches securely to the waist strap of the harness.
It allows you to be active while still having your optics accessible.
The holster can also be attached to a backpack waist strap or even your belt.
Cotton Carriers are protected by a three-year technical warranty.
It has an intelligent design that allows the camera to quickly be accessed when needed.
I absolutely enjoyed being handsfree and having the camera readily available to snap a photo when I saw a beautiful landscape or wildlife.
Its ergonomic design and padded straps are very comfortable and, when cinched properly, keeps the camera high on your chest, minimizing strain on your back.
The Skout comes with the G3 Weather Cover, a self-containing bag that can be fitted over the camera and lens to protect them against dust and rain or spray.
I didn’t need to buy and wear a separate harness or belt to take advantage of it.
It’s very easy, comfortable and lightweight to wear under a backpack.
The connection hardware and cradle install very easily.
It has multiple pockets for carrying small items.
The harness is comfortable and sits in the center of your body, so the weight of the camera when secured isn’t noticeable.
Using this system with bulky gloves is easy.
The lens bucket is deep and wide enough to accommodate 2 fairly large lenses.
The Skout is also fully adjustable, so it fits all body types.
It is very comfortable.
It comes with three-year warranty.
It has tough build quality.
The patented Twist & Lock Camera Mount System is stable and secure.
It keeps camera in quick reach.
It secures 2 cameras comfortably.
It has an easy-to-use strap to secure longer lenses for extra stability.
The product also comes with a hand strap to provide a little more of a secure grip of the camera when it’s neither engaged to the Strapshot nor stowed in a camera bag.
It comes with security tether.
Attaching the SKOUT was fairly simple.
There’s also a zip-up pocket where you can store smaller miscellaneous items, such as, the Allen key that you would use to remove the aluminum hub from the base of your camera or even a phone.
It comes with padded shoulder strap.
A threaded hole on the hub provides an additional socket for attaching the camera to a tripod.
It is quick to remove/reattach camera.
The DryBags are designed to fit and clip into the lens bucket for a secure carry.
The four adjustment points make this harness work for folks between 100 pounds and 300 pounds.
It comes with a camera rain cover and tethering straps.
It keeps your expensive gear securely held.
The shoulder strap is also padded and adjustable.
An additional, thinner tether strap is provided for securing the camera in case it is accidentally dropped.
The system is easy to put on.
It is comfortable to wear, even with a heavy camera attached.
The Quick Release Tether Strap conveniently and easily clips your camera into the strap.
It comes with a safety tethers to prevent any accidental drops.
The design is nice.
I also appreciate the rigidity of the internal frame.
Hidden inside the system is an internal stash pocket that fits a phone or a few credit cards.
I was pleased with its mesh back design and reinforced shoulder strap.
It uses a velco and strap system, making it easy to move between different packs.
It has patented twist and lock carrying system.
The Cotton Carrier Strapshot also comes with a detachable tether for that extra piece of mind so the precious camera won’t hit the ground if I happen to drop it while the tether is engaged.
The process of holstering and un-holstering (with or without gloves) the camera is faster.
On one side of the waist belt section of the SlingBelt system, there is the built-in twist and lock camera mount.
A special plate attaches to your camera’s tripod socket, which allows the camera to be easily secured and unsecured to the harness.
There is a weather cover for your camera.
It is a cheaper alternative to similar systems.
There’s also a rain cover/ weather guard so the gear stays safe and dry in less than ideal environments.
The Cotton Carrier Camera Harness has an additional Velcro strap at the bottom the harness, so you can secure the telephoto lens itself to the vest.
The camera hub is very durable and well thought out with a tripod screw-in mount to avoid taking it off when using tripod extensions.
There is a quick release tether that you attach to your camera to prevent accidental drops.
It’s intended to be a quick way to access my camera and shoot at a moments notice, which is analogous to how gunslingers have holsters for the guns to quickly draw and shoot.
It has a secure twist-and-lock system.
Attached to the harness is a rain cover. It fully covered my camera with no issues.
It is a huge upgrade over traditional camera straps.
The harness is easy to put on and remove.
A soft washer fits between the hub and the camera body to keep it in place and prevent possible damage to the camera from the metal hub.
It fits comfortably under a backpack.
This harness distributes the weight effectively, making it very easy to carry two (or more) heavy cameras with less discomfort and fatigue than you would have with any strap or traditional harness.
The SKOUT design is a one-size fit all solution for almost any camera and lens attachment.
It’s compact, and doesn’t really monopolize your entire body like some other harnesses, so it really doesn’t get in the way or look outright obnoxious while you’re walking around.
It keeps the camera weight balanced between both shoulders.

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❌ Cons

The price further goes up with add-ons.
The one-sided shoulder strap attachment means that there is uneven weight distribution when my camera is engaged.
For those of us out in the woods, camo is good but camo with a strip or two of blaze orange for safety would be even better.
It can be unfashionable while worn by itself, but looks fine to me while wearing a backpack.
In the front, below the camera is a pocket but it is open.
It won’t suit photographers who like to carry a couple of cameras and two or more lenses.
I ‘d like to see a removable padded divider for the lens bucket.
Though I really liked the twist and lock ability to allow the camera to slide side to side, when bending over to release bindings or tie a shoe, it’s possible that the camera could release.
With no winter jacket or extra clothing on, the strap is too loose.
Depending on the pack and the weight of what is carried in the pack, using the StrapShot can put the sternum strap in an awkward position. If the StrapShot had a slot that allowed the sternum strap to be passed through it, it would eliminate this issue.
The shoulder straps aren’t physically able tighten up enough for me and the slack makes holstering a camera feel droopy.
You might get a few sideways looks with a camera strapped to your chest.
A strong but lightweight aluminum clip or small screw style carabiner might be a better option.
The circular hub (attached to the bottom of the camera) prevents me from using my quick-release tripod plate without having to screw it in every time I have to use the tripod.
The all-weather cover would perhaps be convenient for long distance hikes in the rain, however, it was very snug with a 24-70mm lens attached.
Rain cover is easy to lose.
The included tether is too short, too flimsy, and not easy to fasten and unbuckle.
Adjusting the shoulder strap took two hands.
It’s not ideal for every type of photographer.
When cinching the shoulder straps, the back-side hook-and-loop fastening slipped a bit.
It takes a few minutes to set up out of the package, and to adjust the vest to a nice, snug fit.
Allen key needs storing.
It is pricey.
If you want to add or remove a clothing layer as temperatures change on your hike, you have to first remove the harness itself.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Overall, I’m having a hard time finding anything I don’t like about the Skout. It adjusts easily to different body sizes/shapes, holds your camera equipment securely to your chest with no wobble or bouncing, and is super easy to put on or remove. When I’m out walking or deep in the zone in a studio shoot, I want equipment that doesn’t cost me time, and the Skout ticks all the right boxes for me. It keeps my equipment handy without getting in the way of other tasks and means I don’t lose time putting my camera down while I fiddle with lighting/backdrops/etc.
Keeping in mind that photographers like myself have different harness needs for each shooting scenario, there is definitely a good place and time where this system will be perfect. The construction and quality are great and this is another great addition to my useful and regularly used gear. Once again I give Cotton Carrier a well done and two thumbs up.
Overall, I found the Cotton Carrier CCS G3 Strapshot Holster to be a clever and pretty capable camera carrying addition to my already existing hiking gear. However, given its limited utility and serious shortcomings, it seemed to be a complementary carrying system at best, but once I got used to using it, I definitely found that it had advantages that I otherwise was either unaware of or took for granted.
Overall, I’m a big fan of my new Cotton Carrier Skout – Sling Style Camera Harness. It’ll certainly be a new necessity for my backcountry and travel adventures. It’s comfortable, durable and I can always keep my camera right in front of me – ready for when I need it.
I did not find the CCS G3 to have a clear advantage in carrying my camera and if anything I found it less comfortable to wear than a strap. I’ve never been called anything but skinny in my life, so perhaps this system will work much better for someone with a different body type — although I guess it’s not so one-size-fits-all, is it? Having the camera ready to go in front of me while still allowing myself to be hands-free was nice, however.
Complete with a twist-and-lock mechanism for added security, this well made and comfortable harness puts a DSLR or mirrorless system camera in the center of your chest to make photography hands-free and hassle-free.
All in all, I would definitely rate this product a 9/10 and highly recommend it for anyone looking to do photography on a trail or during a backcountry hiking/camping trip. It is easy to use, comfortable to wear for extended periods of time and seems reliable even after some rough use in the outdoors.
Overall, the Cotton Carrier Camera Harness is a fantastic addition to my hiking and photography kit!
This harness works very well, and after using it for a while, I did not feel any of the expected fatigue. While it is not made of leather like many others, it is strong and the material is breathable so that it remains cool while being worn. I give it a well done, and two thumbs up!!
Aside from active photographers, just about anyone who likes to keep their camera close at hand but doesn’t want it to get in the way could find them appealing. However, they won’t suit photographers who like to carry a couple of cameras and two or more lenses.
Bottom line is, if you’re looking for a a harness type carrier to hang on to your camera securely, especially if you do a lot of vigorous activities, the Skout sling style harness by Cotton Carrier might just be the answer.
Even though using this harness screams “photographer!” and may not be the best choice for all occasions, it is relatively unobtrusive for the comfort it offers and is ideal for any outdoor photographer who carries cameras for long periods of time.
Out of the box, it’s a solid buy. Out of all the systems I’ve tried, this is the cheapest solution that works well. For ~$80, you get a system that can securely and comfortably carry everything from your point & shoot camera to a DSLR with a small lens.
I really love this harness and the thought that the Cotton team put into it. Anytime a designer is designing from passion and experience, you get a better product. This is no exception. This is a perfect, glowing example of that.
This is a must have for photographers who are out in the field for an extended duration of time. It’s far more comfortable than a neck strap, it’s well built, and made from high-quality materials. I’d recommend this for the most active of photographers. Weekend shooters who are out and about for an hour or two, unless you get really tired of carrying your camera, it’s probably not for you.

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