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✅ Pros

The assembly couldn’t have been easier, you simply tighten up a few screws and T brackets.
Review Pros
Upgraded version of the mainboard is used in the CR-10S – increased stability and reliability (claimed not proven).
It can easily handle flexible materials.
The printer delivers precision printing, has filament compatibility, and it has a huge build volume.
This 3D printer is highly affordable.
The design of the CR-5 Pro is great.
The control box with it’s new branded power supply and the silent stepper drivers are also great.
I like the ease of assembly.
Prints can be high-quality.
The CR-5 Pro’s bed is solid.
Creality CR-10s PRO offers assistance if you want to manually level the bed.
It has quick assembly.
Large prints make for impressive fun.
With the manual provided, the assembly of machine is comparatively easy.
Controls work through a wheeled button. It is easy to navigate through the menu screens.
The price of the Ender 3 compares very favorably with others in the Creality range.
It has noise-free operation.
The wiring is simple, every wire is braided and labeled, so you know exactly where you should connect each of them.
Assembling the Creality Ender 5 should be a walk in the park.
The bowden extruder on CR-10s Pro is all aluminum now.
The Titan Direct Drive is great as it can print with high details.
The screen is now tactile with fast access to the SD card, the temperature setting and the printer settings.
I like the quality of the prints it can produce.
You are able to resume printing after a power cut.
The print quality is admirable.
I like the build quality.
I think all the parts fell high quality.
The 3D printer also comes with a magnetic bed, which I found very easy to pop in and remove.
The printing bed heats up quickly and it ceramic coating does great job at sticking the parts.
It prints both PLA and ABS.
Tight filament path improves compatibility with flexible filaments.
It comes with a sufficient enough print volume.
It is easy to assemble.
It’s heavy and stable which is great for any kind of 3D printer.
It is inexpensive.
It is hackable and upgradable.
It alerts and pauses print when filament runs out.
It has large bed/print volume.
It offers high-quality output.
Unboxing is easy.
It has sturdy all-metal frame.
It comes with an upgraded cooling fan.
The 3D printer was nicely packaged with very thick foam securing the frames and all the components.
It has standard build volume that dwarfs most printers.
There are tons and tons of third-party resources on this printer available online if you get stuck.
It comes with removable glass print bed.
It offers aalmost 100% silent operation.
It can deliver some beautiful prints.
It has an extra set of diagonal arms that gives the printer more Z-axis consistency.
I also really like doing gradients in colors so I like this feature a lot.
It’s very easy to get the bed leveled using the automatic assistant to get it initially leveled.
It has sleek and modern design.
The Creality CR-10S Pro V2 is a fantastic value offering an excellent performance at a much more affordable price.
It comes pre-assembled.
I like the number of upgrades available both hardware and software including printable upgrades.
The powers supply (1) is 24 V and not 12 V like the previous models.
It has good build volume.
It offers great printing quality.
Creality CR-10s PRO is equipped with capacitive proximity sensor for automatic bed levelling.
During normal operation, I ran out of filament and was able to replace it easily while print was automatically paused.
It offers easy assembly.
The printer has a modular design.
The printer has the ability to automatically detect the bed and assist in reading a matrix of points across the bed for bed levelling.
Creality has designed this 3D printer with v-shaped wheels to allow stable printing.
Simple design & few moving parts are easy to troubleshoot.
It has branded power supply.
It is highly affordable.
This printer is one of the most user-friendly we have seen once it is all set up.
The Creality CR-10S Pro V2 did a great job with the PLA version, creating a very smooth hull and handling the difficult geometry with aplomb.
The printer is completely open-source.

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❌ Cons

After downloading the software from the Ultimaker website, you will be required to enter the profile data by yourself.
There is no automated leveling system like with other machines, so you will have to rely on manually adjusting each corner of the bed with the wheels beneath.
There are some control interface gripes.
The bed leveling is manual.
The ABS jar had poor layer adhesion as well.
User may find slight difficulty in leveling the bed.
Unfortunately, the top of the printer is not enclosed which makes takes a bit from the benefit of having an enclosed 3D printer.
It has awkward extruder placement.
The separate power supply requires more space for the printer to occupy.
Print preparation can sometimes be tedious.
It still has a few flaws.
Bed takes a long time to heat up.
The ABS version didn’t come out as well, with enough layer separation that the roof easily detached.
We’ve encountered problems with brittle filament.
Print bed leveling is tricky.
The machine requires manual calibration.
Menu structure and operations are far from perfect and can be time-consuming and confusing.
The kit comes with a one page instruction manual which isn’t really useful.
It arrived with bed wobble.
The price tag may still be unreachable for makers on budget.
Considering that the CR-5 Pro is a pretty expensive machine, I would have expected to get a 32-bit board but instead we get the same old 8-bit chip as we got with other machines.
While I prefer to level the bed manually, I know many folks would prefer Auto Bed Leveling to be a standard feature.
Its print bed is not very stable.
The printer sounds like an old PC and is much too loud.
There is no glass bed included.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Creality CR-5 Pro is a really nice machine when it comes to it’s looks. It looks high-tech and professional but unfortunately, it’s not the professional machine I was expecting. It can deliver some beautiful prints, but you are limited to only printing materials up to 240C which is a bit of a shame. Besides that, the buggy firmware cuts extra points from the overall well-built machine.
I was happy with the print results overall and the printer let me customize enough through settings that I could dial in new materials, new colors and optimize prints. The print detail is actually quite good. If you’re willing to take the time to understand the process and variables this could be a good first printer for you.
So, after testing the Creality CR-10 V3 for a week, I can say that it definitely delivers. The Titan Direct Drive is great as it can print with high details and can easily handle flexible materials. The printing bed heats up quickly and it ceramic coating does great job at sticking the parts. Though, the bed leveling is manual, but you have the option to get the optional BL-Touch leveling probe for automatics leveling.
The Shenzhen Creality 3D Technology CR-10, to give it its cumbersomely full title, is a good 3D printer. In fact for the price, it’s a solid recommendation — especially so when its resellers are frequently fire-selling the pants off it.
This Creality CR-10 V2 is well built with a large print volume and includes several key design features, like the silent and isolated motherboard and power supply, the reliable Bowden extruder, and the easy to navigate controls. The ease of assembly, all-metal frame, and heated bed are also desired features. While I am not a fan of the turn knob control panel, ultimately this is a really nice printer that produces really nice and detailed prints. And, that is the ultimate goal. I am very much looking forward to getting my hands on their newest model/design. Overall, I give this C-10 V2 a well done and two thumbs up!!
You would be amazed by the results of this 3D printer. However, you may have to spend some time testing the settings of Creality Ender 3.
Involving customers in the design of a product after release is a practice fraught with reputational dangers, but it can also ensure the delivery of a better product in short order. The Ender 3 has now had many of its initial engineering mistakes corrected, and the printer delivers high-quality output in the right hands, all at an amazingly low price.
I’m impressed that you can get such good prints so quickly with this printer. I think all the parts fell high quality and the assembly process is clever and easy. I personally think this is the best printer you can buy within this price range and it’s currently being recommend by the community as the best printer for this price.
The quality design alongside the precision mechanics aims at delivering end-use parts fresh off the printer. Suitable for both educational and semi-professional applications, the CR-5 Pro is a good fit for almost any workbench.
From my extensive Creality Ender 5 review, I can clearly say that it is meant for someone who loves to make 3D objects. As you can see from the Creality Ender 5 review, the printer has plenty of advantages, which obviously outweigh its downsides. Moreover, the printer is well-priced and Creality has designed it to meet your printing needs.
All in all, the Creality CR-10S Pro V2 is one of our all-time favorite machines. It has a large build area and a wide range of capabilities. It’s very user-friendly and makes high-quality prints, all in a sleek and compact form factor.
The flaws aside, we found the Creality Ender 3 Pro, for the most part, to be a highly enjoyable 3D printer that we’re sure the majority will love to spend time with. Once you get the settings and the bed calibration right, the quality this affordable 3D printer can deliver is astonishing.
The general consensus among reviewers in the industry is that the CR-10S Pro is a fantastic printer. We think that the print quality sets it apart as one of the best FDM printers on the market right now, but it does require quite a bit of testing and trial and error to get to that point.
Honestly, for the price I don’t think a better printer exists. This printer fully exceeded my expectations and destroys the Anet A8 in comparison. I firmly believe that this printer will unseat the A8 as the ultimate $200-range budget 3D printer. For those of us who can’t (or won’t) drop $1,000+ on a printer, the Ender 3 is a spectacular choice.
This printer provides superior printing quality and unrivalled printing volume for its price tag – less than 630 EUR. It is easy to assemble and perfect for beginners, however its ease of use will also please to the more advanced hobbyists.

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