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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

You can make money not only when prices are going up but also when they are going down.
It has good exchange support.
InsideBitcoins gives this crypto trader a performance score of 95% – This is among the highest in our top bitcoin robots 2019 list.
There are various trading options for both beginners and advanced traders.
Social trading options are also available on Cryptohopper under the market place.
7 days free trial is offered.
It is easy to use.
It comes with educational tools.
It offers good marketplace.
It allows you to automate your trading by copying signals sent to you by third-party technical analysts.
Cryptotrader supports 9 top cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro and much more.
They offer good exchange & coin support.
It is a good marketplace.
With one of the best technical analysis among trading bots, Cryptohopper easily leads in these departments.
It has nice and neat user interface.
The Cryptohopper is a web-based tool.
Good educational material is provided.
It is a cheap bot provider.
The Resources tab makes it easy to get started quickly.
It has options to fully automate trading.
It is easier to learn.
It offers automatic trading.
Users can also keep a track of their stats and trading history, as well as the price movements of around 75 cryptocurrencies.
It provides an interface that is quite secure.
Cryptohopper operates a subscription model and offers a number of subscription plans.
It is cloud-based and doesn’t require you to provide hosting, to install and run a program, or to code.
It can help you fine tune your trading strategy for optimal profitability.
Users have a range of tools that they can employ.
There is an option to trade according to the signals that are handed out by the third party experts on social media groups.
Cryptohopper provides training arenas in the form of papertrading and backtesting.
It has risen quickly within period since launch and received positive reviews from many respected sources.
Cryptohopper’s customer support is different than those available on conventional business models.
It offers integration with many of the top crypto exchanges.
We find their customer service to be readily available, professional and friendly.
Even the paid version is affordable (as low as $20 a month).
It also allows manual buy and sell.
Their platforms are secure, and they are GDPR compliant.
There is a contact and support section on the official website that you can use to reach the team.
It comes with a free trial of 7 days.
It has great platform usability.
There are many strategies to choose from.
Cryptohopper offers complete security.
It is good value for money.
The Cryptohopper trading bot has one of the best technical analysis with the various indicators integrated within it.
Cryptohopper is based entirely on the cloud, meaning that there is no risk of losing data due to an accidental disc wipe.
It is entirely cloud-based.
Cryptohopper allows its users to set up their trading bots with pre-set template and strategy packs from its marketplace.
It has drag & drop framework.
The combination of an API integration along different cryptocurrency exchanges makes the semi-automated trading effective.
PayPal and crypto payment options are available.
There is no withdrawal option to the platform to increase safety.
The majority of online reviews point out that this robot is profitable.
It offers crypto signals.
It is web-based and can be accessed via any device with a web browser.
It has industry competitive pricing with a free 7-day trial available.
It has good user interface.
It is a cloud-based platform.
We can confirm that all information on their website has 100% accuracy.
Cryptohopper supports a number of popular cryptocurrency exchanges.
It has good pricing.
It is easy to setup & configure.
It is easy to setup & configure.
The team is quick, responsive, and actively works to improve the platform.
It offers backtesting option.
Due to a large number of technical indicators, 130+ in number, there is a high change for optimized strategies and higher profits.
It comes with a 30-day free trial.
Lots of exchanges are supported.
Cloud-based operation make it easy to implement trading strategy with any exchange.
With a helpful and easy to use interface, utilizing Cryptohopper remains a stress-free experience for novice and expert users alike.

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❌ Cons

On the official website, there is no information regarding the creators of the bot.
Many users report a lack of credibility in the origin story of Cryptohopper.
The ‘shorting’ option is not an actual short.
Many users have reported a number of bugs on the platform.
Free signals which are provided lack quality according to some users.
It is not widely known yet.
It has TrustPilot score of 6/10.
There is small delay on sell orders.
Most users claim that reviews displayed on the site seem to be aimed at promotion.
Although a free trial of 30 days is available, it comes with very limited options, and is not enough to judge the platform successfully.
This platform has an anonymous team.
A legit trading robot should have a proven track record and should guarantee consistent results irrespective of market conditions.
Free signals are of poor quality.
You may run into issue from time to time.
Team has remained anonymous to date.
There is a free trial available but the features that are unlocked on that package are quite limited.
Team info is lacking.
There is wide variation in quality of products available through the Cryptohopper marketplace.
Overall statistics are not always updated correctly (ie total BTC returns).
Information about the team is unknown.
Understanding of trading strategies is required.
While there are many testimonials that are available about the Cryptohopper trading bot. However, none of them seem to be written by a true user.
It is beginner friendly, but some trading knowledge can be beneficial.
The support team is small.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Cryptohopper is a legit trading robot, and we recommend that you try it. Our investigation finds this robot to be highly profitable, transparent, and user-friendly. Furthermore, we can confirm that all their partner brokers have proper regulation.
A couple of negative reviews here and there can be brushed aside; not everyone will be able to grasp the concepts related to Cryptohopper.Sometimes people’s experience will suffer due to their own hardware/internet. That shouldn’t scare you away, as this bot is one of the more user-friendly ones on the market. Ultimately, Cryptohopper is a fully functional, legitimate tool which can, with some hard work and a bit of luck, potentially help anyone turn a profit by trading crypto.
The Crytohopper App suitable for beginners with background knowledge, who read through the Resources section or Helpdesk before. It’s definitely a good idea to read a few points on the Helpdesk tab and browse the Tutorials before investing your money pointlessly and then wondering why you lose money or cancel your hopper at that point. It also explains, among other things, how to cancel your orders/sales before they are executed.
Our overall impression of the Cryptohopper crypto trading robot is very positive. The only potential setback is that users of Cryptohopper need to have at least some knowledge of trading strategies and understand the basics of technical analysis, or at least be willing to learn them. Thankfully, Cryptohopper provides all necessary educational resources and tutorials for that.
Cryptohopper is an easy to use and affordable cryptocurrency trading bot that lets you create a custom strategy and automatically trade cryptocurrencies on all the major exchanges.
The best thing about the platform is that it is suitable for all experience levels. For example, if you’ve got no experience in trading, but you still want to utilize automated strategies, then Cryptohopper is perfect. The best thing about the platform is that it is suitable for all experience levels. For example, if you’ve got no experience in trading, but you still want to utilize automated strategies, then Cryptohopper is perfect.
While all these points are in the open, it is up to the user to determine if the bot meets their demands and requirements. It would be useful for users who are new to the field to make good use of the free trial to get their choices evaluated. In addition, the first trades should be done using paper testing and backtesting, to avoid major losses.
Cryptohopper does their best to offer a transparent trading solution who would like to do cryptocurrency trading in an automated way. The platform is well designed with all the relevant information available to get started within minutes after registration. Since you have the paper trading options, you can test out various strategies based on both historical and live trading data. The cost is relatively reasonable compared to other platforms making Cryptohopper a good solution for those who want to use crypto trading bots without any coding.
Cryptohopper is an intuitive program that is great for both professional and new traders. Beginners will love the site because it is easy to use, and doesn’t need any experience or training to use. New traders can make use of Hopper Academy to access informative videos about how the bot functions, and how to maximize the program. It doesn’t need any installation, it is entirely an online web-based solution, and you can access it from a variety of devices such as PC, Android, and iOS devices.
All in all, Cryptohopper is a great trading bot for both beginner and advanced daytraders. But in order to assess its suitability, it is advised that you use it through its trial offering and see how it works for your own, personal trading mechanisms. If anything, the easy to use interface and the massively helpful templates would make the trial period a breeze of fresh air than a daunting experience.
We would like to mention that Cryptohopper is a rapidly growing business. They have a relatively small team, thus it’s taking some time for them to grow and improve the features. In conclusion, what we’ve seen so far, we think Cryptohopper has the potential to be the complete package when it comes to crypto bot trading.
The platform is well positioned to serve both new and more experienced traders and incorporates a number of features that all its members can look to benefit from.
The service offers a very solid and easy to use trading bot, backed by an active community of traders and an industry-competitive pricing structure. If the current trend toward crypto-trading and increased automation continues, it would be safe to assume Cryptohopper will rise further toward the top of the industry in coming years.
Using the Cryptohopper trading bot or any other trading bot is quite risky. There are people who claim that using this particular bot is inefficient and you will be paying more in the monthly subscription than you make in profits. If you have prior experience in trading, you will be able to form better strategies with the least priced package and will be able to generate high returns.

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