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You’ll receive access and get connected in less than 5 minutes.
Review Pros
The data is securely transferred to their 20+ terabyte backup servers, where it’s stored until your request.
The fully customized control panel gives you ultimate freedom and complete control over your server.
If you are paying quarterly you will get 5% discount and 10% if you are pay every six months.
When there’s an issue, we’ll see to it that it’s completely taken care of, for good.
They run backups twice a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on all game server nodes.
They monitor and protect so that you don’t have to.
With industry standard equipment, your server runs on nothing but the best.
The Multicraft server costs around $7.00 and above.
It offers special servers of Multicraft game servers.
They provide you with the highest possible quality service.
The massive 24 terabyte RAID 10 backup system performs remote, off-site backups of your Minecraft server every night.
Their Multicraft control panel allows full management of server.
Setup times are as little as a few seconds with all shared game hosting plans.

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Review Summaries
CubedHost offers special servers of Multicraft game servers, what more interesting is that their Multicraft control panel allows full management of server, where you can install & configure plug-in, switching mods, monitoring chat and console, and so much more.
Cubedhost offers users great Minecraft servers which are perfect for large communities, private servers for friends, and everything in between. It is is becoming more and more popular because of its great benefits along with perfect hosting plans.
CubedHost offers the best Minecraft server hosting possible. With over 9000 satisfied customers and 13000 servers, they re dedicated to you. Between an awesome support team and powerful hardware, they guarantee your gaming experience will be second to none.

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