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✅ Pros

It has great fit.
Review Pros
It is backed by research.
Dagsmejan allow you maximum freedom of movement during the night.
It is 8x more breathable than cotton.
They are designed to enhance the quality of your sleep and meet your unique physiological sleeping patterns.
The dress felt cool to the touch.
It’s made from merino wool and Tencel.
The 4-way stretch enhances fit and offers a natural range of movement.
They are also breathable.
It offers exceptional comfort.
It has superior wicking properties.
The temperature regulating properties of the NATTCOOL technology meant that I’d stayed at a nice temperature for the entire night.
Moisture-wicking zones have been added to help keep you dry and comfortable.
Dagsmejan sleep dress is made of breathable, quick-drying eucalyptus fibers.
The patented high-tech, lightweight and breathable natural fibres offer thermo-regulation through the night.
With a V-neck and asymmetric hemline the dress is actually kind of sexy.
They are two times as soft as cotton pajamas with low fiber rigidity.
You also get free shipping and 14 days to try them out.
The promised softness was definitely there.
Dagsmejan blends the greatest organic fibres with the newest textile innovation that will bring you the most seamless night warmth ever.
The colour made them a treat to look at.
It looks good.
This Swedish range of temperature-regulating sleepwear is said to be scientifically proven to help you sleep ‘better and for longer’.
Dagsmejan supports natural changes in body temperature during the night, allowing excess heat to escape.
The set came packaged in a gorgeous box and tissue paper and felt really premium.
It is 4 x better at drawing moisture away from the skin.
It is made from Nattwell fabric, a MicroModal 100% natural fibre made from beech wood fibres.
It is fast and secure to order from the Dagsmejan online store.
There is a lot of thought and care put into the packaging.
Dagsmejan offers premium presentation and quality.
If you don’t like them, you get a free return with full refund.
It has 5% Spandex for four-way stretch.
After studying body sleep patterns, they came up with optimal sizing that’s not too tight or too loose and does not twist around your body when you roll.
No tags and flat ergonomic seams ensure a non-friction, no-rub experience.
Shipping was fast.
The quality of the fabric was amazing.
To ensure you enjoy the utmost sleep convenience, they only utilize the best, organic and high-technological natural fibres.
The pleasant chiliness didn’t dissipate over the night.
Dagsmejan uses natural fibers that are scientifically proven to help you maintain the best temperature for sleep and beat night sweats.

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❌ Cons

It has premium price.
Each piece retails for $79.90, which is much more than the typical pajamas.
They have no evidence that this leads directly to good sleep.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
I recommend giving these a go, not only if you’re looking for something to help you drift off at night, but also if you want a stylish, unbelievably comfortable loungewear set to add to your collection!
With a super soft touch as well as unique moisture-wicking and temperature management properties, Dagsmejan is scientifically proven to boost sleep comfort.
We were surprised and very impressed with the comfort of the Dagsmejan sleepwear range. In fact, it was the most luxurious nights sleep we’ve ever had. Did they improve our sleep? It’s hard to tell exactly but the science behind Dagsmejan is persuasive and there is no doubt that the world of smart fabrics has much to offer when it comes to sleep enhancement.
This Swedish range of temperature-regulating sleepwear is said to be scientifically proven to help you sleep ‘better and for longer’ Unless your bedding matches the breathability and wicking of these pyjamas, this nightwear won’t actually be able to meet its performance claims.
If you want to look stylish and feel comfortable at night, these are a great choice. I would especially recommend these pajamas to people that sleep with a partner.
Like the Soma pajamas, the dress felt cool to the touch, and that pleasant chiliness didn’t dissipate over the night. The feel is somewhere between Soma’s softness and Sheex’s spandexy gym-readiness. With a V-neck and asymmetric hemline the dress is actually kind of sexy, while still being comfy for sleeping.
The minimum number of flat seams, tagless design, soft elastic waistbands, and a natural stretch avoids pressure points makes sure nothing is rubbing you the wrong way.
Dagsmejan is the new kind of sleepwear product that during the night maintains your perfect body temperature at optimum, so you can rest soundly and wakes up refreshed and ready to go. No more freezing chills or excessive heat, just the perfect temperature ideal for great sleep.
I would recommend these for full-time use – not just for camping – but they would be especially good for traveling to places where you might have unexpected temperatures at night.

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