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✅ Pros

It comes with pakkawood handles.
Review Pros
It is made up of quality German steel with high carbon for strength and durability.
There is very low cost option.
The packaging of both knives was quite well done.
Daily use of this knife was a pleasure to use at home.
Their knives are significantly less expensive than Wusthof.
They offer 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee.
This is a very well balanced knife with a thoughtfully designed classic handle.
It’s fairly well-balanced and is very easy to grip thanks to the black wooden handle.
It is easy to clean.
Protective sheath is included.
Knife block holds up to 12 knives.
Seven unique collections with distinct characteristics are available.
Dalstrong offers a wide range of blade styles as they take inspiration from all different types of traditional blades.
66 layers of stainless steel are used to make this.
If you decide you’re not the biggest fan, you’re free to return it with very few caveats for a full refund.
There is space for 6 additional knives or other metal objects.
These blades are a great bang for your buck.
There is full-tang construction for weight balance and enhanced strength.
It comes with an argonomic and bolstered handle for comfort and safety.
The dalstrong trust provides 100 percent satisfaction or cash back guarantee.
It can make chopping down on rough cuts of meat all the easier.
Dalstrong blades usually have a hardness rating of above 55 HRC, making them incredibly robust blades.
It has rust, corrosion, and stain resisting blade for easy maintenance and longer life.
Dalstrong promises 100% Satisfaction guarantee.
It came out of the box incredibly sharp and did keep that edge for quite a while with careful use.
Hammered tsuchime finish for a stylish look and to prevent food from sticking to the blade.
The edge is tapered for improved hardness and flexibility and to ensure minimal slicing resistance.
Dalstrong provides the best of the military-grade G-10 handle that is more heat, moisture and water-resistant.
The customer care that Dalstrong offers is exceptional.
It’s a gyuto-style knife with a hammered finish and beautiful Damascus patterns that exude elegance and class.
It offers absolutely incredible value per dollar.
You’ll likely be wowed by the shape and style.
This 62+ Rockwell and AUS-10V super steel is ultimate rust-resistant and has superior edge retention.
Tapered blade provides minimal slicing resistance and non-stick properties.
These high-quality knives use Japanese high-carbon AUS8 Steel.
The robust construction of these blades will stand the test of time.
There knives have great corrosion resistance.
It has non-slip Military grade handle.
It is highly rust resistant.
The handle seemed to be made of higher quality material.
Handle is made from G-10 material for a firmer grip and durability.
They have unique designs with a mix of Western and Asian styles.
It has incredibly durable high-carbon German steel construction.
It is perfectly balanced.
It offers excellent weight distribution for improved handling and ease of use.
It is hand-sharpened on both sides.
The hammered tsuchime finish of the blade creates an air pocket to reduce stuck-on food.
This knife is made from premium materials.
This heavy-duty cleaving knife features a full tang and razor-sharp edge made from premium high carbon steel.
A razor-sharp edge hones easily for efficient paper-thin slices and peels.
It has wood magnetic sheaths.
It is resistant to rust and stains.
All knives are forged.
It comes with double-bevel.
Handling this knife feels so comfortable with its perfect balance and the full tang provides maximum robustness.
It has razor-sharp edge.
Magnetic block shows off beautiful knife blades.
It adheres to the 56+ Rockwell hardness status.
It has a beautiful and functional design.
The Shogun Series X knife has held up well.
Full-tang blade construction ensures full control and ease of maneuverability.
Dalstrong knives are backed by a satisfaction guarantee.
It can cut through most things including bones and cartilage.
Block is hygienic – no grooves or slots for bacteria to form.
It is easy to clean.
Blade is made from quality Japanese steel that withstands wear resists rusting and cleans easily.
It comes with a protective sheath.
It has full tang construction for extra strength.
It has high-quality core.

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❌ Cons

The 62+ Rockwell steel is harder steel and more brittle. So, it should be used with such care.
Protective sheath is slightly too big for the knife.
It is important to know that these knives are manufactured and sourced from China, despite the clever claims of being Japanese or German steel.
If you are looking for a real made in Japanese knife then this is not for you.
Some users find the handle uncomfortable.
The knife block can consume a lot of counter space in a smaller kitchen.
While the blade arrives very sharp, it does tend to get dull often.
The wooden handle requires extra care.
Steak knives are not included.
It is not budget friendly.
Higher quality knives means higher per knife price.
Soft steel has been used.
Reviews say some knives are prone to chipping and breaking.
It is not sold as a full set.
It may feel a tad bit bigger to some.
The bolster is too big on some knives, making it hard to utilize the entire blade.
It has higher price point than other knife sets.
2 more steak knives would go a long way to rounding out this set.
They’re not as durable as Wusthof knives.
You may find that you pay a bit more for an individual Dalstrong blade than you would for a low-range knife.
The company has yet to find its identity.
It’s a heavy knife.
The Gladiator‘s edge did not hold up as I expected.
If you’re used to light knives it’s heavier weight may feel too much for you.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Whether you are looking for a particular one or all of them, we can assure you these knives are meant to last for a lifetime, all while providing you with phenomenal performance. It is also worth noting that this company’s customer care service, packaging, and quality assurance are all exemplary, which is why we highly recommend buying these knives.
If you’re a consumer looking for a high-end chef knife, Dalstrong is the brand to choose from. They offer a great blend of quality, durability, and features at incredibly low prices. These beautiful knives are a great fit for any home kitchen.
The Dalstrong Shogun is an excellent piece of kitchenware to use for all your cutting needs. It combines proven knife-making technologies to produce a product versatile enough to handle all kinds of fruit, vegetables, and meats. From the blade to the handle, this model offers excellence in the way you prepare food.
At the end of the day, it’s tough to beat the superior quality, design, and construction of gorgeous Dalstrong knives. I depend on these knives for much of my cooking endeavors, so I highly recommend trying out one of these great picks. Enjoying crafting delicious meals with these versatile, dependable blades.
If you are looking for an entry-level knife, these are not them. But if you are looking to upgrade your knives or just starting out, these knives are a great place to start, and with their money-back satisfaction guarantee, it looks like you are in good hands.
The Gladiator series from Dalstrong has always been one of the top-selling collections from the brand. The exquisite craftsmanship of the chef knives from this range is admired by many reputed chefs and culinary experts in the country. Regardless, it all boils down to an incredibly power-packed performance that sets the Gladiator series apart from the rest of the Dalstrong collection!
The curved Dalstrong Shogun Fillet Knife works excellently for filleting, skinning, de-boning, trimming, de-scaling and butterflying. Chefs seeking the best knife to fillet fish should purchase the Shogun Fillet Knife. Dalstrong combined ancient Japanese sword making methods with the latest technology to create this kitchen powerhouse staple.
8.5” Kiritsuke knife is a double-bevel knife (double edged) which is extremely easy to use. That said, it’s recommended for both masters and beginners in the kitchen
This 6pc set covers all the basic kitchen knives, but also leaves room for a nice set of steak knives or for you to fill in other knife gaps you might have in your home.
Dalstrong holds up pretty well and serves as a great, affordable option for most. Shun may edge them out in certain niche scenarios, though, and their average per-knife quality is a bit higher.
With a length of 8 inches, it provides you with adequate leverage to make breaking into bones and cutting hard vegetables possible. If you’re yearning for a knife that will transform your cutting tasks to be more comfortable, try out this option. It will help bring out the best of your food preparation skills.
Overall, the Dalstrong has made a strong impression on me and it is up to them to continue developing their brand to get the buy-in of professionals from both home and commercial use in order to take their brand to the next level.
The steel and the bare-bones design is probably a big reason why the price is so low on this series. It uses the same soft steel as the Gladiator series just without the pakkawood handles. Instead you get a stripped down stainless steel loop, which Dalstrong calls a “pure” design and attributes the name to that. History buffs will maybe see a good joke in that logic, but ultimately what Dalstrong has made here is a good series for people just starting out on the cook-at-home adventure, or someone on a tight budget.
It will start to amaze you from noticing the packaging. Its packaging shows the quality of the Dalstrong. The hammered pattern of the blade and fairly close to razor sharp edge will overflow your expectations. Moreover, the quality of the construction of the full tang knife is robust with the military grade mosaic polished, comfortable and durable handle in your grip.
While Dalstrong has built a solid reputation, encouraging home and professional chefs to switch to their products, they’re no match for Wusthof. If you prefer knives with an Asian-inspired design, Dalstrong is an excellent option that won’t break the bank. Their knives are also available on Amazon where you can read hundreds of other reviews.

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