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✅ Pros

The nails are securely packed in a plastic box along with a small cute nail file, an alcohol nail wipe and a small leaflet with instructions.
Review Pros
I have been amazed at how well these last.
There are about 20 designs in this collection.
These gel strips were much thicker than Etude House’s version and they lasted so long.
It takes me less than 10 minutes to get them all on.
It brings various sizes for a perfect fit.
They have a lot of different designs to pick from.
There are a lot of different designs and colors to choose from.
These were easy to work with and fit my fingers pretty well.
The faceted nail was fascinating to look at and feel the texture of.
It works with short and long nails.
It requires low maintenance.
You get 34 strips in a package – 22 base color, 3 accents with 4 strips a piece. You also get a nail file.
I have been going on with my daily chores and work and so far they are still intact and look great.
The package comes with a good amount of nail sizes. Therefore, for $8 bucks it is definitely worth it.
I think they’re worth the money.
It is perfect for those who are always on the go.
There are cool designs to mix and match in each package.
It brings accent nails.
For these nail strips, all you have to do is quickly wipe each nail with alcohol. An alcohol wipe works great.
Each set comes with 34 nail strips, 22 of the base color and three accent colors with four nails each.
They did not budge.
The package brings everything you need.
Removal is easier.
After 2 weeks the color faded a lot into a dark aqua, but I was so surprised the nails were still hanging on.
They’re cheap.
They don’t require any drying time or soaking to remove them.
Busy moms would love this.
The nails are pre-glued, so there are no separate adhesive tabs to deal with.
It lasted 7 days without a chip.
The glue is really good as they haven’t dropped off despite ths fact that I washed dishes and took a long hot shower.
It offers easy application.
They’re easy to remove.

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❌ Cons

Some of the nails were a little too long for my liking specially the thumb finger and the middle finger but ths rest were of medium length.
The accent nail did suffer some wear.
The only thing I dislike is that after applying the gel strip to the nail and filing away the excess there always seems to be a bump or a small piece that does not fit evenly.

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Review Summaries
I’d definitely buy them again and think they’re worth the money.
The package brings everything you need. It offers easy application and it lasted 7 days without a chip. The only thing I dislike is that after applying the gel strip to the nail and filing away the excess there always seems to be a bump or a small piece that does not fit evenly.
Personally I am really enjoying the experience of these press on nails and would totally recommend them to those who have brittle nails, or if you want an instant manicure for a party /special occasion etc.
I’ve gotten so many compliments on my nails every time I use these and I’ve already gotten so many of my friends hooked as well!
They held up pretty darn well. The “creme” ones didn’t look worn at all; the color goes all the way through the nail, and there’s no coating that wore off. The accent nail did suffer some wear, as the iridescence is a coating, and it wore along the raised lines of the facets and started to peel off the tip of the accent nail on my dominant hand, which admittedly I use as a tool sometimes. Still, given how long I wore these, I was impressed.
Nothing against Color Street, I still think it’s a good product, but I think personally feel the Dashing Diva nails strips give me more of what I’m after – more design options, cheaper price point, and a little more durability.
With a small baby at home, I wanted to try something that didn’t smell and keep my nails short so I don’t scratch my baby. The best part is that I could finish applying the nails “later” if my baby needed me. Another plus is that it only takes a few minutes and no need to dry!
These are my new go-to nail, my new favorite gift, my new hobby! I love the different patterns, I love having fun and pretty nails that last 2 weeks without any damage, and I love not spending the time and money I used to spend at a nail salon. Win, win, win!

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