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✅ Pros

DatacCmp has quite a large course library.
Review Pros
You are not required to pay any additional fee to get the certificate.
It has rich content quality.
The price matches the quality.
It offers quality content.
It is easy to use.
They are very transparent with their pricing.
They are very transparent with their pricing.
It offers a wide variety of courses.
It offer quality content.
They offer relatively short, interactive courses to guide you through what they are teaching.
DataCamp has grown to be one of the largest data science educational platforms with over 4 million users and >250 courses available.
The price matches the quality.
You will have the opportunity of learning with instructor videos and interactive exercises.
The website also offers a great community that is willing to help their peers in the quest of knowledge.
The starter courses for R and Python provided me with great insight into the languages.
There is an online platform you can chat and share knowledge with more than 10,000 peers and experts in your field.
I liked the certificate for course completion.
All of the ​DataCamp instructors are one of the best data science instructors out there.
It offers interactive and engaging exercises.
It is easy to use.
They offer easy access to their support.
It is user-friendly.
It is beginner-friendly.
I liked the interactive interface.
New courses are added weekly.
They an established community.
The courses were designed in a way that they take you to the advanced level fairly fast.
If you are looking to break into data science, this is a good place to start.
The DataCamp course platform has an inbuilt console where you need to code the exercises.
It is beginner-friendly.
If you have a Microsoft account you can use Microsoft Azure DevOps to get a two month free trial.
There are no annoying pop-ups or ads.
Their interactive exercises make the learning experience easier and more enjoyable.

❌ Cons

A lack of resources hinders the user somewhat.
The exercises become a bit repetitive, which takes away from the whole learning experience sometimes.
The tutorial videos are short when compared with the written part of the tutorial.
Free users get a relatively small amount of courses and other content.
XP has no value.
It doesn’t focus on the theoretical and methodological side of the course.
It isn’t of value to data analysts.
The practical aspect may not resonate well with someone who likes to learn without being giving too many clues.
If you find it difficult to learn from a platform that one of its lead executive is accused of sexual harassment, then DataCamp is not the right place for you.
Some courses include walls of text – they tell, rather than show.
Free users get a relatively small amount of courses and other content.
Some courses include walls of text – they tell, rather than show.
Mobile app is restricted.
DataCamp does not focus on the methodological and theoretical part of the subjects.
The interactive exercises are not optional; which makes some users forced to go through an exercise that they’re not interested in.
Some of their courses have too much text.

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