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✅ Pros

Everything is focused on application as soon as possible.
Review Pros
I love their ethos of “quality education at a low price.
Dataquest is an interaction-based learning platform.
Dataquest works closely with industry experts to build an up-to-date curriculum and keep it with the latest technologies and best practices.
It is a great starting point to learn data analytics/data science.
Dataquest provides all the students with a certificate at the end of the course which can be downloaded in a pdf format or added to your LinkedIn.
Each course is specifically catered for a broad topic, such as Python, data visualization, data cleaning and more.
Struggling through missions made me a better coder and practitioner of data science.
Exercises are good enough to build coding skills.
You will be able to develop your data science skillset through a step by step approach.
Dataquest also allows students to learn at their own pace and complete projects when they feel as if they’ve learned the relevant skills to complete a module.
Everyone’s constantly coming up with new ideas, features to create a better educational experience for students.
Dataquest lets you connect with data scientists during their office hours.
Project and Application based learning.
Assigned projects can also be used to develop your portfolio for future employers’ consideration.
This provider has a high level of content.
You can use this platform at no cost as a free trial.
Learn and code in a realistic environment without spending a fortune – a free trial option is also available.
It offers various courses related to the field to learn Data Science and carves our different employment pathways for individuals depending on the specific course they opt for.
These lessons are incredibly detailed.
DataQuest had a project based approach and it gave all the tools to get me started immediately.
This online platform offers you the opportunity to tackle data science through 24-week project-based courses.
The paid subscription also include guided projects, community and the support, and also career coaching.
Premium access can also grant you access to career counseling and other perks.
You don’t really need to download any software or don’t even need to have a local IDE to type in your code. Everything is provided.
The result is checked automatically right after you print the answer and click the ‘Submit answer’ button.
Dataquest’s content is built on practicing.
All the learners are automatically become the part of DQ community and it is an awesome place to be.
Personalize the coding language that you want to learn and build a portfolio to get a head start on your new career path.
This platform is project-driven, which means you’ll spend much of your time working on your projects and applying what the courses have taught you.
It has very comprehensive curriculum.
Courses are available for beginners to advanced skill level.
On the Premium plan you get a monthly call with a mentor and he’ll review your resume or give technical advice.
Dataquest offers dozens of courses as well as projects and practice.
A course completion certificate is provided to the user having a premium subscription.
All the content on Dataquest is produced all on their own which means you can expect a fixed, consistent teaching method and quality throughout.
Interactive coding in browser is more challenging than other platforms.
Dataquest offers a wide number of courses.
Dataquest has three pricing packages users get to choose from.
Comprehensive course Catalog. Variety of courses for learning and mastering the in-demand Data Science skills.
It is reasonably priced for the value.
It is cost effective (though doesn’t offer as much as DataCamp).
Lots of learning, employees get to have a hand in multiple areas of the business.
All Dataquest students have access to their student community.
Provides the opportunity to learn at your own pace and in your own time, while being guided with applied projects and expert instructors.
There is a whole thread in the community that links to the success story of DataQuest students.
It immerses you into new skills.
Different teaching methodology of Retain, Reinforces, Realize and Relate which is recommended by 97% of the learners.
An instruction team is prepared to guide you as necessary.
Unlike seeing a video and thinking that you’ve understood a concept, here you will read through the concepts and actually type in the code and see for yourself if you are getting the right output or not.
Dataquest has a great blog which contains plenty of great data science tips and tricks.

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❌ Cons

There are no videos.
I don’t think the certification is worth much to employers at this time.
The complaints tell about high prices as the disadvantage, when compared with competitors like Datacamp.
Since I already covered a lot of these concepts, I didn’t find it worthwhile to complete any of the major certificates.
Non-programming related data science skills are lacking.
Dataquest’s price point for their premium access is much more expensive at $49.
It has less options than some other platforms.
There is not much time on theory.
Processing speed for many users – high lag time that’s frustrating.
The provider doesn’t have videos.
The system often lags, so it may take more time to get the feedback and generally it makes the process slower.
Not as diverse course material and most instructions are based on reading rather than video.
Less content compared to other platforms. But they are planning on adding additional skill paths such as in data visualization and Excel according to their roadmap.
Some users reported bugs while interacting with the platform.
There were some bugs when interacting with some of the platform.
Reviews uncover the fact that career coaching, which is a premium service, is not really worth paying as it’s about getting feedback and advice on the inner forum which is furthermore not really active.
The system often lags, so it may take more time to get the feedback and generally it makes the process slower.
Guided projects are relevant but some are not up to the same standard as its course material and other platforms.
You will also feel the need to support Dataquest lessons with other material (textbooks, YouTube tutorials, etc.) to fully grasp the concepts being explained.
There is no video content in the courses.
Datacamp is cheaper than Dataquest’s subscription.
My one complaint is they could turn down the difficulty a hair; there’s something to be said for repetition and plug-and-chug when learning an applied skill.
There have also been reports that the platform is prone to bugs.
None of the projects you carry out is personally reviewed or checked.
A big drawback would have to be the lack of videos which can make it more challenging to understand certain concepts which are best understood with visual aids.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Dataquest has the benefit of providing many courses along with a very hands-on approach to make sure students understand what they’re learning. With Dataquest, the biggest priority is application, so there are many opportunities to apply what you’ve learned. They also provide office hours so you can reach out to their data scientists for help, and you also get to be a part of their active Slack community.
After spending a few months with DataQuest and with the community, I am kind of getting a family like feeling. Now I know a few people who are good study friends and we all love DataQuest. So I believe that when you love a service or product, you should become an ambassador for it and try to give them back. Also earn some badges on the way by recruiting more people to the gang
Dataquest’s online 24-week project-based courses help beginners dive into the world of data science. The best way to learn data science is through the help of professionals while coding and practicing on your own. Once you’re done with your projects, you can even use them for your portfolio to use when you want to pass resumes to interested companies.
They cover an enormous amount of material and seem to have the best SQL courses of any MOOC. They go into Redshift and really advanced data engineering stuff. I’d consider a few DQ missions essential for any aspiring data scientist and it almost makes other MOOCs obsolete.
Based on all the aspects we have reviewed, this platform is a decent option for learning data skills but not as good as its competitors like Datacamp or Codecademy.
As for the strength, this provider has a high level of content and exercises are good enough to build coding skills. As for the shortcomings, the system often lags, so it may take more time to get the feedback and generally it makes the process slower.
When it comes to Dataquest vs DataCamp, I personally choose DataCamp and recommend it to others. Since there are so many similarities, it comes down to the details. DataCamp consistently works faster than Dataquest and offers more for the money. They also more frequently run sales, bringing the cost down below that of Dataquest.
For $49/month, or $29/month for basic, not only do I think Dataquest is absolutely worth the price and time commitment, but I actually prefer it to any other method of learning online. When paired with videos from other data science courses — which are mostly free — Dataquest forms an intuitive and effective learning experience online.
If there ever was a cheat code to learn how to code, Dataquest would be it. Dataquest is an online platform for hands-on learning for computer programming. As you master learning how to code, industry experts and leading professionals will guide you every step of the way. Through each interactive lesson, it provides curated data sets and step-by-step tutorials to teach you the latest in data science and analytics.
DataQuest follows a different teaching methodology which is recommended by 97% of the learners. It follows Retain, Reinforces, Realize, and Relate teaching methodology which provides true practical knowledge. The courses at DataQuest are project-based. Course catalog consists of languages, career paths, and skill paths consisting of the various topic and skill-based courses for learning Data Science.
DataQuest is a better platform than Udacity when it comes to learning data science. The course structure, courses offered and learning experience are some of the best things about this platform. You can also interact with your instructor on this platform.

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