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✅ Pros

This unit is built to last.
Review Pros
At only 2.5 in (6.5 cm) in diameter, and 3.5 oz (100g) in weight, the Deeper PRO and PRO+ are truly mobile, giving you sonar fishfinder power you can take with you anywhere.
It comes with a feature packed app.
The Deeper Pro Plus comes in very impressive packaging, making it look and feel like a high-quality product.
It is user-friendly.
It is inexpensive.
It is intuitive and easy to use.
It connects to Android and iOS devices.
Sonar app is very good.
Complete with a 30-day return and 5-year limited warranty, the Deeper CHIRP Plus Smart Sonar should tick all the boxes for most users.
It offers great value for money.
It has quick setup.
The green color perfectly camouflages underwater, masking its visibility for good.
It has wireless connectivity.
You can charge it up to 80% in 45 minutes of fast charge and great battery life.
ABS construction give your unit tough, impact resistant performance.
The Deeper PRO and PRO+ operate on a independent WiFi connection, meaning you can use the units anywhere, so long as both the unit and your device are charged.
The Deeper app provides a detailed view of the depth in your swim, along with what is on the bottom, whether it be silt, weed or clear patches.
It is ideal for bank fishers.
It is versatile.
It uses your tablet or smartphone or tablet for a screen.
I was able to use my Deeper Start Smart for a full day of fishing (~7 hours), and it was still running strong.
It has the capability of gathering a lot of data due to its higher frequency and amazing resolution.
The app has a sleek and intuitive design that makes it very easy to navigate.
It features precise 0.4 inch target separation.
The downloadable app also gives you other features, such as a Solunar Forecast calendar, a Weather Forecast, Fish Notes, and more.
It can cast up to 330ft deep with solid connectivity.
It is very easy to use.
It is lightweight and compact.
GPS and Wi-Fi Enabled with Bathymetric mapping feature helps create and customize your map.
It is compatible with Android and iOS devices with its own Wi-Fi signal.
It has strong connectivity over long casting range.
Its amazing resolution enables it to separate objects, doesn’t matter how small they are.
It has good battery life and recharging rate.
It is equipped with GPS.
It works well in a variety of fishing settings.
The Deeper branded fish finders are all fairly intuitive and easy to use.
The Deeper PRO and PRO+ are both compatible with smartphones and tablets.
Thanks to the extreme depth precision, I could locate species in shallow water, as close as 6-inch to the surface.
It allows you to attach your smartphone device to your rod, enabling you to view the sonar feedback in real-time.
It has recordable GPS mapping for repetitive use.
It is very easy to use and operate.
The accuracy of Deeper Pro is as good as expected.
Deeper has an inovative Lakebook web platform.
The LakeBook software is on another level again. It has all the features of the app just in more detail, along with a personal journal option allowing you to make notes about waters, swims and spots for future reference.
You can choose a narrow or wide sonar reach, with the narrows providing a much more accurate view of the lake below it, but over a significantly smaller surface area.
It shows you the exact spots of the fish.
Talk of portability, it is no doubt the best. It can actually fit in your palm.
It does not require a phone or internet connection to operate, and uses no internet data.
Dualbeam sonar effectively scans a large area to locate fish immediately.
It comes with built-in GPS.
It is extremely compact, lightweight and versatile.
It is easy to use.
It has good casting range.
It is easy to use.
It is very inexpensive for the tech you get.
It has pretty good fish-finding tech.
Uncomplicated interface makes the Start easy to read and understand.
You can use it to create your own bathymetric maps from your boat.
It is great for hiking & travel.
It has ample build quality.
The entire lineup of Deeper devices are powered by rechargeable batteries.
The Deeper Team seems to value the customer experience.
GPS offers accurate navigation and personalized map-making options.
No internet connection is required.
I absolutely loved the elegant packaging that keeps the device fully protected.
It shows you the temperature of the water.
It has great battery life.
The connectivity is also top notch under all kinds of conditions with a range of up to 330 feet.
It emits a continuous flow of pulses from the high to low-frequency range via a 3 beam frequency.
The deeper unit is not heavy to carry around.
It is a perfect fishing tool for all types of fishing.
It is lightweight and portable.
It comes with feature-packed companion app.

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❌ Cons

The price for this model is fairly high when compared to the newer models that have additional features.
The Deeper needs to be half in and half out of water before the Wi-Fi can work efficiently.
It requires heavier fishing rods for successful casting.
This Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder has an issue with transmitting data.
It gives erratic results on idle watercraft.
It produces large splash.
It is surprisingly hefty on end of line.
Night fishing cover should be included in base model.
Running app drains phone/tablet battery.
Maximum range can be dramatically shorter than 165 feet.
Other fish finders can scan deeper locations and bathymetry.
It may not work properly in very shallow waters.
It is at the high end of the cost range.
Boat mounting arm is too short for larger boats.
It can be inaccurate.
It is pricey.
When you first feel the weight of the Deeper Pro+ on your rod, it is noticeable heavy and the weariness of casting the fish finder is undoubtedly apparent.
There are occasional accuracy issues with the depth reading.
Target separation is poor, leading to fish finding inaccuracies.
Sometimes, there is loss of connection near the end of the range.
It is relatively a bit costly.
The Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder has had occasional issues with accuracy.
Although the weight isn’t a problem, you do need a hefty fish rod to cast the Deeper.
Freezing water can limit Sonar.
Battery frequently needs to be changed.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
I wasn’t won over by Deeper’s first foray into the fish-finding market, but they’ve got me hooked now. Light, portable, easy to use, and ultra-capable: that’s what the Deeper line-up promises–and it’s clear they deliver! Whether you fish from a kayak, work the hard water from a hut, or cast from shore, Deeper’s products will improve your chances of the catch of a lifetime.
Once fully charged, the Deeper unit will last for around four hours of continual use before requiring a recharge. It does not require a phone or internet connection to operate, and uses no internet data. The deeper unit is not heavy to carry around. This unit is built to last.
The Deeper Pro+ will improve your angling, both in speed and accuracy. The price is fair considering the amount of technology involved in the fish finder, and you’d still pay more for a lot of other non-essential equipment. This is a powerful tool to have in rod bag.
The Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ in many ways is creating a category. With rock-solid engineering and backed by well-crafted software, it’s almost a surprise that the PRO+ comes in a portable, castable package. Put together, it’s no wonder the most common concern buyers have is losing track of their transducers.
I really like my Deeper Pro + fish finder. The device was easy to learn and is very easy to use. You simply submerge it in water, wait for the transducer to sync to the app, and start reeling it in. The transducer has great sensitivity and is easy to adjust from 90 kHz to 290 kHz and back.
The Deeper Start Smart Fish Finder falls is a decent and often reliable piece of technology that is marred by few, occasional hiccups. And while they certainly don’t deter one from the device’s impressiveness, they definitely do make it worth a thought before the buy.
Both the PRO and PRO+ offer an extraordinary value for such a useful unit that makes the precision of sonar fish finding available to all anglers. The PRO is less expensive than the PRO+, making it the first choice for this reason. However, if you fish certain waters heavily, the ability to make your own detailed maps of your favorite hotspots can be a big plus; if so, choose the PRO+.
With it, you don’t even have to be on a boat to locate fish habitats. It is an excellent fish finder even for shoreline fishing and ice fishing. What’s more, it doesn’t matter if the rain is pouring, the sun is right above you, or the biting winter cold surrounds you. With the castable Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ With GPS, you’ll be catching fish in far less time than without one. You don’t have to equip your small boat with bulky and expensive fish-finding devices when all you need is a tiny ball to point you in the right direction.
The Deeper Smart Sonar PRO is a deeper smart portable fish finder that has a WiFi connection with impeccable transmission power. It has the capability of gathering a lot of data due to its higher frequency and amazing resolution. The WiFi connection enhances its range of scanning and transmission. The connectivity is also top notch under all kinds of conditions with a range of up to 330 feet.
These devices are arguably the best deep smart fish finders to get especially for professional anglers. This is because it comes with some pretty amazing features and traits that make it stand out from the rest. Believe it or not, it is the only fish finder deeper that has the ability to scan down the water to find fish up to a depth of 330ft and can cast out up to 330 ft.
Deeper is a solid company that is selling this accurate fish finder that is a bit pricey and has some connectivity issues. This product is still a great tool for helping kayak anglers catch fish. I recommend that most readers purchase the newer Deeper models to obtain the latest features.
With this product, you can cast off from the shore, your boat, and even enjoy some ice fishing. Deeper now offer the chance to get some of the functions of expensive units at a fraction of the price. When you add in the mounting bracket, this device can become a great addition to any small boat or kayak. With the potential for use as a flasher during ice fishing, it’s clear this unit is quite versatile.
The CHIRP+ Smart Sonar is an all-round fishfinder and my number one choice, while the Smart Sonar PRO is perfect for creating detailed bathymetric maps. The Smart Fishfinder START can be the safest bet for beginners.
The Fishfinder will definitely put you in that spot where you can easily catch fish. The broad daylight condition is brilliant and enables you to find that weedy area where you can easily spot fish. If you want to catch a bunch of fish, then we highly recommend you give the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ a try.
Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is a worth-considering option for those anglers and weekend warriors who want a portable and reliable fish finder and depth detector for their small vessels. Its wide range makes it compatible with a variety of fishing types.

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