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✅ Pros

Another cool feature that Dermala offers is their free app. It offers tips for clearer skin based on a short quiz and or pictures of your skin.
Review Pros
It is an absolute powerhouse of antioxidants.
It is great for all skin types.
Only one capsule is required daily.
It has lightweight/fast-absorbing texture.
It is fragrance-free.
It treats the causes of acne inside and out by rebalancing your skin and gut microbiomes.
I do notice that my skin tone is more even and a bit brighter than before.
The first patch I tried cleared that huge pimple overnight.
The Dermala #FOBO (#FearofBreakingOut) kit contains both topical skincare products and a daily supplement.
I like the scent of this AM/PM Cleanser, it has a citrus scent but isn’t super overwhelming.
Satisfaction is guaranteed.
Dermala has a unique approach to fighting acne and it’s all about finding balance in your body’s ecosystem, the microbiome (in your gut!).
You can take a quiz on their website and have a customized kit delivered monthly according to your skincare needs.
It has clinically-proven results and lots of 5-star ratings.
It is natural, gluten free, and vegan.
It has has soothing properties.
You can buy a la carte or subscribe and save.
Their products are customized to your needs – and according to your app-tracked results.
It has cute packaging.

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❌ Cons

It is expensive for a 30 day supply.
You may not experience results from one pill.
There are not many customer reviews.
After using the supplements for the first few days, my stomach was extremely upset.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
All in all, I liked these products and think the approach to treating acne from the inside out by balancing the microbiome is really interesting.
We think Dermala could be a proactive approach to lessening acne. From the testimonials we read we see that more people see better results from the pre & probiotic supplement for acne.
After 2+ weeks of using this routine I have noticed clearer/more even complexion. My skin doesn’t feel as texturized or clogged as it did before and THAT’S some real tea fam!
Dermala is still pretty new on the market, so we can’t quite give it our first-place ranking yet. But, we’re excited to see what happens as more people get to know this line of acne products, and we love how it incorporates your actual data to give you ongoing recommendations. If you’ve tried traditional acne regimens to no avail, Dermala could be the approach you’re looking for.
Overall, I can see how this would be a great subscription box. Sometimes taking care of our skin gets kicked to the back burner. Getting a monthly box of skincare products would ensure that my skin is still well taken care of.

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