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✅ Pros

You can import content from various sources – URL, Facebook Posts, Old PDF, YouTube Videos, MS Word & others.
Review Pros
It comes with pre-built templates.
Creation of ebooks looks good and it is a benefit to have the designer software.
It’s easy to see how your book will look after applying the template.
All the formats can be transformed into eBooks, podcasts, and so on.
You have free access to unlimited designing, formatting, and styling options, including a versatile image editor and project draft editor.
It is easy to use.
It is versatile and works with any blogging platform and media format (provided you get the right plan for you).
All your cloud data are secure and safe using secure logins and SSL encryption.
It has an easy to use interface.
Designrr gives you a chance to edit your selected content before it is processed.
Software-powered transcription service is also available.
It also offers industry-level transcription service.
There are plenty of onboarding videos and notifications.
You can have an eBook within minutes of logging in, with no design skills necessary.
The free image library has stunning images ranging to millions of images from Pixabay and Unsplash.
There are up to 200 templates.
There is an effective support team and many in-depth tutorials that cover every feature of your book’s creation.
You can create an ebook in just two minutes.
It has multiple theme options.
Their customer support team is quick to answer queries and is always helpful.
You can access editing options from the inspector tab, inside the content or by right-clicking on elements.
All online entrepreneurs could find this tool useful for their businesses.
Want more freedom on how your eBook looks? The “Enable Free Element Dragging” option lets you be more creative.
It gives lifetime access for one low price.
There are plenty of themes to choose from that accommodate various niches.
Results look fantastic.
There is multiple export format support.
The support team is fast to answer questions and is always helpful.
You can download eBooks in different formats – PDF, ePub, and Kindle.
You can resize, crop, or color the images.
You can create awesome Flipbooks.
Unlike other ebook creators, you can import content from any source including Facebook profiles and pages.
It saves you lots of money.
Over 200 templates and layouts are available.
You can customize and change anything from the ebook through the use of the design tools.
You can create really nice looking ebooks/reports and other lead magnets.
Designrr has 3D cover generation tool.
There are 100+ PRO templates.
You can easily convert existing into eBooks
Multiple eBooks templates are available.
You can import content from videos and voice recordings – which makes things a lot easier.
It’s simple to see how your book will notice after involving the template.
I imported a huge blog post to test the system. They appeared in seconds, formatted with images and links, and all ready to go.
There are multiple publishing options.
If you have a project and more people working on it you can easily communicate with them.
Designrr saves you lots of money.
It comes with 1-click optimize button for file size.
You can import from URLS, articles, and even Facebook Posts.
Transcription option is great.
Designrr has great support and when I had trouble in the beginning the answers came quickly.
There are several helpful blog posts on the website which will not only encourage you to keep creating ebooks, but it will also guide you along the process.
Entry to editing preferences from the inspector tab, inside the content, or by right-clicking on components.
It is easy to navigate through.
The tool will create a table of contents with page numbers, customizable headers, and footers in just one click.
You are able to import large amounts of data and they will be processed within seconds, without any hassle.
It’s well-priced, especially if you don’t plan on upgrading.
There is a 3D Cover option and you can choose from different options.
Monthly new features are released.
The “Enable Free Element Dragging” choice lets you be more imaginative.
It offers numerous, beautiful, and free images to choose from.
You have over 200 templates to choose from and can switch between them easily.
Changing colors and other elements is easy.
Your final product can be delivered in a variety of formats such as (Kindle, Mobi, ePub).
You won’t end up reliant on the software because you’ll be able to build your content from scratch.
You can share the PDF’s you’ve created on sites like Slideshare for additional traffic and exposure.
You can import content from web pages, MS Word, YouTube, and others, and you can already import from a Facebook post.
There is a responsive customer support team to solve all the problems.
Designrr’s platform is adequately encrypted, and the domain name ( has a valid encryption certificate.
There are tons of import options including various file formats.
Once you learn the process it gets quicker and easier to produce a project.

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❌ Cons

Editing Process can be error prone.
Some features are a bit more advanced than others and may need more training and practice.
There is no multi-select in the design editor.
3D cover creator is just Ok.
You may have to go through a learning curve to use it.
There is no multi-select option in the editor.
The Transcription option is not included in the Lifetime offer of $27.
The software is sometimes lagging. Save your work otherwise, you will start again.
It requires you check and adjust formatting.
It takes a little time for getting used to the interface, which could look more modern.
You’ll need to pay recurring fees for the upgrades.
It might crash if you select too many things simultaneously.
The images from the blog do not import. You have to do them separately.
There are limited exporting options on the lifetime deal.
There is no trial version, but 30-day no-question asked refund is available.
Sometimes the page arrangement is not working when you import and you have to spend time and passion to rearrange the content.
There seem to be some bugs when you’re making changes.
The app’s little glitches, while easily fixed with the right knowledge, can be frustrating for beginners who are unfamiliar with the tips and tricks needed to cope with them.
You have to use keyboard short cuts as you can only copy and paste with the keyboard shortcuts.
Designrr can be a little buggy.
There are some quirky bugs.
​The import is not 100% perfect.
It has higher learning curve.
Designrr can be a little buggy. You might get smashed it a few times when retreating from the preview or assigning too many things simultaneously.
There is no mention of refunds on their pricing page or T&C’s.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
If you’re looking for a way to brand your business, create an ebook or “instant” books from videos or podcasts, add written content to an online course, or generate tempting offers to increase your email list subscribers, you’re in luck. And with Designrr’s one time payment, it’s a tiny outlay for a powerful app.
If you compare Designrr to the other e-book creator tools out there , I can honestly say that Designrr even it is not perfect is easy to use for beginners and advanced marketers.
Ideally, to grow your email list the fastest, you would create a super targeted lead magnet for every high traffic post on your site. However, not too many people will do this, because of how time-consuming it would be. But with Designrr, this all becomes possible. It makes it super easy to repurpose my content and create multiple lead magnets very fast. And that means my email list will grow even faster.
Designrr can take some time to understand and learn the eBook creation process. Once you understand the working, you can create your eBooks easily with this tool. Voice transcribe service makes it easy to generate show notes for Podcasts or Videos.
If you’re using Designrr to create cheat sheets, checklists, and even transcripts, you’ll be very satisfied, even with the quirks and “clunkiness.” However, if you’re trying to create a huge project, like a 50-page book, all I can say is have wine ready.
Designrr is a reliable tool for creating ebooks fast. No need for content creation from scratch. Use your existing blog posts and create epic ebooks for your email marketing campaign.
Overall, it’s a great automated ebook builder. It might even be one of the best in the market. However, whether you’d like to stick to it or not remains entirely up to you. Keep in mind that if you want to make major changes, while it isn’t impossible, the editor is a little bit confusing and inconvenient to use. So unless that’s a deal-breaker, you should definitely give Designrr a try.
To make a killer e book to sell or use as a lead magnet get a copy of, it allows you to easily make professional looking eBooks from a wide range of source material, you can import from blogs, Word or Google documents and even import YouTube videos.
A lot of effort has gone into producing Designrr to ensure that it does what you and I require. Good content generates traffic and leads and, eventually, sales. Increase your revenue by using Designrr to boost your business online.
Is Designrr worth it? Yes, even for infrequent content creators using the app at its most basic capacity. The occasional glitches are not deal-breakers and they are made up by offering plentiful resources and great support. When used to its full capacity Designrr can offer a tremendous return on investment. But, it all comes down to you and your business needs.Take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can give it a spin and see if it’s for you.
Designrr saves many $1000 for templates and third-party services. No need for $300 design tools using Photoshop and InDesign. Save hours of writing and save $300 and more for outsourcing costs. When you purchase this tool now, you’ll get plenty of bonus – commercial license worth $497, free marketing ebook, free Facebook community and coaching, and personalized training.
Designrr is a modern tool that is almost a basic need for every online entrepreneur. You no longer have to take all the months you used to take when repurposing your contents. I loved the customer feedbacks. The fact that even amateurs in the field can opt into it gives me more courage. This is a 5-star service.
I am a premium subscriber of Designrr and have been using it to convert my blog content into eBooks. I find it very easy to use. Put the URL of your source (blog post, podcast, YouTube videos, Facebook Page, and others) in Designrr and your eBook will be ready within 2 minutes.
As a marketer, I would suggest you use the Designrr tool, for your ebook, as this is incredibly option for business owners, content marketer, bloggers, and many more who deals with content
Lead magnets are effective tools in attracting qualified leads and customers to your online business. But creating lead magnets like ebooks, cheat sheets, guides and documents can be time consuming and expensive. But not with Designrr. This tool has helped me create Lead Magnets in under 2 mins.

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