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✅ Pros

Review Pros
This is in contrast to 8Mb Flash on my ESP-01 Module.
DFRobot have mobile phone app.
A relay and motor in the Arduino starter kit will be utilized to create a small fan.
It has 18 pin Female and Male Headers.
The sensor can readily detect regular orientation and motion.
It is supported embedXcode.
It has 16Mb of External Flash interfaced through SPI.
The DFRobot’s FireBeetle is a series of low-power development board.
It has efficient jumper wires.
It has Plug-and-Play application for Android and iPhone devices.
Its hardware and software fully compatible with Arduino Uno.
DFRobot FireBeetle series has mainly two boards.

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❌ Cons

The ATmega328P is not low-power.
It is only compatible with Arduino Programming environment.
It has Still 8-bit MCU.
It requires series of step for complete assembly.

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Review Summaries
DFRobot has done a great job on making Bluetooth easy to use. Thank to the standard and well-known ATmega328P, the user has only to focus on the Bluetooth module and protocol.
The DFRobot Arduino Beginner Kit is a cost-efficient product that is recommended for you if you’ve just started out with programming or electronics. You’ll be guided from the basics to the more advanced lessons, making the kit definitely worth purchasing.
The module has on-board USB-to-Serial Converter, MicroUSB Port and voltage regulator. This is important for me because of my experience with ESP8266 ESP-01 module, where I had to design a perf board to insert the module and add level converter for RX and TX (UART) pins. The module comes with 16Mb of flash, which means you can program it with RTOS SDK.

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