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✅ Pros

It is easy to order from this website.
Review Pros
DHgate certainly doesn’t fall short when it comes to product variety.
In my experience shipping is often much faster than estimated.
DHGate accepts all major cards.
A huge collection of products are available at wholesale prices for consumers as well as businesses.
Payment information is sent straight to and not the seller using data-encryption and bank level security.
It’s 100% safe to buy on DHGate if you know what you are doing.
DHGate does a proper review of the refund requests that come their way.
DHGate accepts many different forms of credit card payments.
DHgate offers many coupons as well, especially for larger orders.
DHgate works with manufacturers in multiple countries and has physical stores.
DHgate doesn’t release payment to sellers until the buyer checks the order and confirms the delivery.
They use secure payment methods.
DHgate online wholesale store offers a refund if a product is not as described on their site or fails to arrive. accepts several different payment methods.
In case you have any problem, you can open a dispute.
If you can find a seller with a local warehouse, not only will shipping be cheap (or free), but it also means the seller sells a high volume of product and is likely more reliable.
DHGate offers protection for buyers.
The subject casing is transparent, so the charging LED is visible without having to open the case. even has their own app.
The container protects the AirPods from external impurities such as dirt or water, which may hamper the internal circuitry.
It’s easy to send a message to sellers about an item you’re interested in, and they are often quick to reply.
The escrow service protects your money and prevents scams.
The seller is not paid unless the successful delivery of the product is confirmed by the buyer.
It is not possible to delete the DHGate review by the supplier.
If the seller doesn’t reply within 7 days, you are automatically issued the refund.
DHGate offers lower prices than you are likely to see on other sites.
If you haven’t received an item or have problems with the merchandise after payment has been released, you’ll still have 30 days to open an after sale dispute.
Unlike other sites, DHgate has surprised us with great customer service.
DHgate is a real website with real buyers and sellers on it.
DHgate online offers lower prices than other websites, including
You can track your order.
One of DHgate’s strengths is that they offer free or very cheap shipping on most of their products.
The price of the product is reasonable.
DHgate hosts many different sellers who are the actual manufacturers, retailers, and individuals from whom you purchase goods.
Over 90% of the items on DHGate have no minimum order, which makes it a good place to buy for yourself, or to source products to drop ship to your customers.
Some of the top selling items are wedding dresses and electronics – and there are no minimum orders for over 90% of the items on DHGate, which makes it a good place to buy for yourself, or to source goods to drop ship to your customers.
DHgate accepts all major credit cards.
Buyer Protection window is 90 days.
Buyers can request a refund within 5 to 90 days if the product isn’t delivered or isn’t the way the seller described it.
DHgate never steals your money and it is a safe and secure marketplace.
Payments are not released to the seller until the buyer confirms delivery.
DHgate provides a huge variety of items.
You can buy directly from the manufacturer.
The website, along with the application of DHgate, has a smooth and user-friendly interface.
The design of the case is sleek and compact. Hence, it is portable and can be put inside bags or purses without taking up space.
The prices are naturally cheaper for large orders than single-selling prices.
At DHgate you can pay with Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit or debit cards, which are the most common and secure methods of online shopping.
The holder adds to the aesthetic beauty of the product.
There is an FAQ and help section available on the website.
DHgate also has a comprehensive buyer protection system in place, which helps limit the potential for any fraudulent behavior.
DHGate is a legitimate and reliable site in itself.
The quality of DHgate products, throughout our testing, remained exceptional.

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❌ Cons

Their site is not a safe place to buy original name-brand merchandise.
90% of the sellers on DHGate are from China and they may have a different standard of quality than what you are used to.
Although there is a strict return and refund policy, some sellers still slip through.
Shipping items back to China is expensive.
The seller might sell you fake stuff.
Suppliers are not certified like in paid directories, but you can make an informed decision based on their ratings.
Shipping is slow unless you pay an extra fee.
Many of the sellers use the same stock pictures, making it difficult to discern the difference between them or the quality of their items.
Nearly all sellers are based in China.
Purchasing items from sellers in China often means a longer wait time to receive your item once you’ve placed the order.
here is such a huge selection of sellers and merchandise that a retailer could spend hours just researching the different price and delivery options available.
The product is not available at the portal of Dhgate at present, and there is no information regarding its return in stock.
The minimum order quantity of this product is 100, with which some buyers, even if buying wholesale, may be uncomfortable.
Users may not cleanse the casing corners properly as any cleaning equipment will not reach completely inside the container.
Since the items ship from China, delivery can sometimes be quite slow often taking weeks or even over a month.
Some people claim the platform to be insensitive towards buyer rights.
You can find both real and fake DHGate reviews.
Shipping via China Post can be slow, often taking 1-3 weeks for the goods to arrive, although tracking will be available.
The sellers on it might be reliable or unreliable.
The suppliers on the DHGate website do not have original international products.
Some of the sellers are fake on the website.
Paypal is notably missing.
As the entire system is wireless and small, it may be difficult to locate it amidst the hurried working schedule of today’s generation.
The quality of sellers on any wholesale marketplace can vary.
The refund and return policy does not state that you will get it immediately as soon as you apply for one.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
In a nutshell, DHGate is a legitimate and reliable site in itself. The reason we see so many negative reviews is that some of the sellers are fake on the website and this issue is present everywhere. The trick is to know how to distinguish real from fake. Secure and safe buying from DHGate can only be possible if you read the DHGate reviews by different people and see what they have to say.
Overall, is a good e-commerce website offering a myriad of products directly from factory sellers. The site has a slight learning curve, but many of these inconveniences are not unique to but are problems that you will always have to deal with when ordering items from overseas, such as slow shipping times or quality control issues. Despite some minor drawbacks, is a very powerful tool for both casual consumers and online sellers looking to source products directly from China.
DHGate a good site to find low priced goods from China. Despite the low prices, it’s a legitimate site and a great source of both wholesale goods and really cheap one off purchases. There are millions of products in a range of niches and there are tools that are there to help you filter the good suppliers from the bad.
DHgate is an online sales platform of Chinese origin that has been selling for around 17 years, and counting. Although it is quite similar to AliExpress, it has some very interesting differences. One of DHgate’s strengths is that they offer free or very cheap shipping on most of their products. Unlike other sites, DHgate has surprised us with great customer service.
For enthusiasts who love shopping, DHgate is a great platform. It is home to an astral variety of products, many being one of their kinds. With stellar service, pricing, and quality, this platform gained is great, to begin with. Similar to every other platform, it has its ups and downs but we still recommend it, keeping in view the above-mentioned traits.
I love the delivery options and buyer support I enjoy whenever I make a purchase. The level of customer service and protection they provide me keeps from worrying more about my wholesale purchase than taking care of my retail customers. I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who needs to buy wholesale goods from reliable sources with iron-clad payment and quality protection.
DHgate is a real website and it is designed both for individuals and resellers to shop as a way to connect with merchants in other countries to find great deals on a variety of different items. But, just because DHgate itself is legitimate, doesn’t necessarily mean you can count on every merchant you deal with there to be the same. Multiple buyers have had both positive and negative experiences.
DHgate is an independent marketplace for Chinese wholesalers and drop shippers. While they facilitate the transaction, you are purchasing from a 3rd party seller whose goods are listed there. DHgate does not sell or ship any merchandise, but rather individual sellers do. DHgate does not deal with consumers after they make a payment unless they need to file a complaint.
DHgate is definitely a legit online shopping platform and while it has buyer protection in place, still there are possibilities of getting scammed on it if you don’t know the steps to take before buying anything.
Overall, you can think of DHGate as a poor mans Ebay and a worse version of AliExpress. The DHGate marketplace is a random mishmash of individuals and small companies in China selling their products online.That being said, it’s 100% safe to buy on DHGate if you know what you are doing. And there’s practically no chance of getting ripped off and losing your money because of DHGate’s buyer protection program.
Dhgate Airpod Pros is the replica product of Apple’s AirPods, distributed worldwide by Dhgate, one of the largest international electronic commerce platforms online. Apart from providing the replica product of the AirPods in different packaging, owing to the maintenance of the legal protocol, the portal also provides the holding case for the same product.

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