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Pros and Cons

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✅ Pros

It is convenient for people who don’t have the time to cook or prepare meals for themselves.
Review Pros
As for quality, the freshness of the fruits and vegetables was excellent.
Unlike some food subscriptions where you receive the ingredients and you have to put the meal together on your own, these are frozen and just need to be heated.
Menus can be customized.
You can customize your menu.
You will have access to advice and support anytime.
They were all very filling and full of flavor.
All meal plans are customizable.
The range of different meal plans means that people following different diets, such as a ketogenic diet or vegetarian diet, can find a plan that will suit their dietary needs.
If you go for the 21-meal week plan, then you practically don’t have to think about what to eat for the whole week.
The Diet-to-Go packaging and meal trays can be recycled along with other plastics.
Diet-to-Go ships to every state.
Nutrition label is printed on each dish so you know exactly what you’re eating as well as how many carbs, calories, etc.
No prep is needed.
All of the meals all calorie-controlled, and well-balanced portion-wise.
The price you pay is going to depend on how many meals you choose to receive.
It may aid short-term weight loss.
The portion-controlled meals may help a person reduce their daily calorie intake, and the ability to customize the meals may make them more appealing for some people.
It is delivered to your door.
You can choose a 5- or 7-day plan that includes two or three meals per day.
While most diet programs have bland meals, Diet To Go has an enriched meal selection with the right seasoning.
The company prepare, pack, and deliver every meal, which a person can reheat and eat within minutes.
There are plenty of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with Diet-to-Go’s meal plans.
Carefully crafted recipes meet the standards of the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association.
There are many options for vegetarian, low carb and diabetic diets.
Meals are of good quality and taste.
Four different meal plans are available.
I thought the meals were very reasonably priced.
It is more affordable than other weight loss meal delivery services.
You will get pre cooked food.
Meals, sides, condiments, and fruit are all provided.
Packages can be sent anywhere within the contiguous United States.
Four different menu plans are available.
They offer a rotating 5-week menu.
They periodically hold tasting events in the 5 local pickup areas where customers can try Diet-to-Go meals.
There are many options for contacting them.
They offer customizable plans.
Diabetic, vegetarian and keto options are available.
They have delicious recipes.
They offer weight management with a calorie controlled and nutritionally well-balanced menu.
Completely customizable meal plans are sent right to your door every week.
Delivery or pick-up is available in some areas.
Diet To Go makes sure that all foods are not only fit for human consumption but also meet their dietary demands.
Meals are ready in two to three minutes and are easily transportable.
Portion and calories are controlled.
Meals are tasty and good quality.
There are no cancellation fees.
Four diverse menus are available — Balance, Balance Diabetes, Keto-Carb30, and Vegetarian.
No long-term commitments are required.
You will enjoy mouthwatering, fresh and seasonal food that is beneficial for your health as well.
I was very impressed with Diet-to-Go’s delivery which was entirely recyclable.
A vast menu is available across four different weight-loss plans.
Convenience is one of the main benefits that Diet-to-Go meal plans offer.
Service guarantee is based on 100% satisfaction.
All of the meals are carefully pre-planned and prepared, so you just need to reheat them and enjoy every last bite of it.
They are created by chefs and filled with delicious ingredients.
They offer a huge variety of pre-made meals delivered to your door that cater to Keto, Low Carb, Diabetic or Balanced diets.
Meals require no preparation as they are fully prepared.
Free pick up option is also available.
No meal planning or preparation is required.
They offer customizable menu.
Meals are perfectly portioned so you can keep your calories in check.
Local pickup locations are available.
Diet-to-Go offers four meal programs that you can choose from depending on your dietary needs.
You also get complimentary access to health coach via phone or email.
Diet-to-Go packs all the meals on dry ice and ships them in large, styrofoam containers.

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❌ Cons

They have limited pickup locations.
Six of our meals came without nutritional information on the labels.
If you’re following a strict Keto-Carb30 diet, Diet To Go may not give you the discipline required.
For those with specific dietary needs, you’re unfortunately out of luck when it comes to Diet-to-Go’s offerings.
They charged delivery after the trial period.
Diet To Go meal and shipping prices do not match up to its competitors and the average person.
Some store-bought items like yogurt and apple sauce you can get on your own.
It is unsuitable for people who eat gluten-free, vegan, or kosher.
Diet-to-Go plans for men restrict calories to about 1,600 calories per day, and their plans for women place the limit at 1,200 calories. These totals are close to or at the lower recommended limit.
It is a little bit more pricey as compared to home cooking.
It does not deliver to all areas.
Unfortunately, they are unable to ship deliveries to customers in Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada.
Low-carb plans are based on average net carbs, not a strict limit.
Diet-to-Go meal delivery plans may be too expensive for some people.
Diet-to-Go is a bit pricey.
It is not a good option for healthy, long-term weight maintenance.
The delivery of food through courier services also comes with some risks.
Often it’s too challenging for people to stick to pre-planned menus based on calorie restrictions.
It may not provide enough calories.
Services of Diet-to-Go intend to look a bit pricey.
Limited calories may leave you hungry.
No vegan, kosher or gluten-free meals are available.
The foam coolers are not recyclable.
It is unsuitable for people with severe food allergies.
When comparing the cost of Diet To Go to other meal delivery services, they are on the higher side if you are ordering their minimums.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Overall, it worked out a little more expensive compared to other meal delivery services because I had to order meals for either five or seven days. However, when it comes to weight loss, you need to have a regular, weekly, controlled diet, so this helped maintain a routine.
If you are tired of meal planning, food preparation and going shopping for groceries or you just have enough time to do so – do not worry! Diet-to-Go will resolve this issue for you. It will deliver delicious food to your doorstep and make you relaxed and happy while taking care of your health and life energy. Do not hesitate to try this spectacular meal delivery service, its worth it!
Diet-to-Go brings you great tasting food that matches your taste and preferences. Customize a diet plan to fit your needs, forget time wasted grocery shopping and preparing food – and start losing weight.
For those who would rather not cook or want more structure in their diet routine, Diet-to-Go may be a good option. The prices (including delivery) are reasonable, and the quality and variety of meals are good.
Diet-to-Go is a ready-to-eat meal delivery service focused on helping with weight loss. It offers a variety of menus, including options for low carb and vegetarian diets. Like any delivery service, Diet-to-Go is convenient, but it may not be the best choice for weight management in the long run.
For those looking to lose weight and enjoy the food they eat while doing so, Diet-To-Go is a great option that will shave inches off your waistline. Keep in mind it is a very low-calorie diet, and some people can struggle with that, but if you follow the instructions carefully and utilize the support offered when you need it, then you are sure to find success.
Whether you’re trying to lose weight or you want to maintain a healthy weight, Diet-to-Go is a great option for you. Their meal plans make nutritious eating simple and affordable as meals get delivered straight to your doorstep every week. It’s even better that they won’t break the bank! And you won’t have to cut out any of your favorite dishes because Diet-to-Go has plenty of meals to choose from. You just might forget you’re even on a healthy eating plan.
Diet To Go is a reputable meal delivery service and a weight loss alternative I’d recommend to anyone willing to try them out. The tastes and flavors are amazing but not as rich as other companies like Sun Basket or even Fresh n’ Lean. It is still the best pre-prepared meal service that’s ready to cook and gives all the nutritional needs for a healthy weight loss program.
We found the Diet-to-Go meals to be delicious and satisfying. Their meals are calorie controlled, nutritionally well-balanced and absolutely delicious. They also offer some great options for people who wish to manage their weight but follow a specific diet such as low-carb, vegetarian or diabetes.
Diet-To-Go strives to promote a nutritionally balanced diet customers can sustain in order to lose weight and eat healthy. They believe in an approach that promotes common sense eating habits so that eating to stay healthy becomes a way of life.
Diet-to-Go is a ready-to-eat meal delivery service that’s marketed to promote weight loss. It offers menus designed to meet a variety of preferences, including low carb and vegetarian dietary patterns. Although following any low calorie program like Diet-to-Go is likely to result in quick fat loss, it’s not the best choice for long-term weight maintenance.
There are no long-term commitments required and the meals are completely customizable. You can control how many meals you get per week and what goes in them. Not to mention, the food was delicious for being microwavable. We loved the taste of the food and the inclusion of olive oil and herbs. You won’t be disappointed when you try Diet-To-Go’s meal delivery service.
I will say that I was impressed and would order it again with my own selections. After looking over their website at their wide variety of meals to choose from and absolutely loving some of the ones I tried in this box, I will for sure give it another try.
With vegetarian, diabetic and keto options, Diet-to-Go delivers chef-prepared meals to customers who want fresh options for healthy dieting. Diet-to-Go’s meals are ready to heat and eat, but pickup locations are limited.
Diet-to-Go is a popular meal delivery service that the company claim has been helping people achieve their weight loss goals for more than 25 years. Although the company offer fewer dishes than some of their competitors, the service costs less per meal than some of the other diet meal delivery services available. It also offers four tailored menus for specific diet types.

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