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✅ Pros

There is a huge library of incredible pixel art.
Review Pros
The battery life on these speakers is pretty good compared to other speakers available at this price range.
It as good sound quality.
These speakers have Bluetooth built-in, which means they can wirelessly connect to any device with Bluetooth.
It comes with the LED screen and the companion app.
Speakerphone functionality is good.
The speaker is available in a variety of different colour options.
The Ditoo is also a digital clock, alarm, it can remind you on tasks and also display the weather.
It has gorgeous, artistic look.
There is also a Micro SD card slot for you to load up your music collection without the need of using Bluetooth.
It has amazing design.
You can use the on-board keys and joystick to play, making it the perfect addition to any gaming setup.
It is available in different colors (Black, White, Blue, Hot Pink and Ivory Wood).
You can also record voice memos, upto 60 seconds long and includes voice changing if you wanted to have a laugh.
There is an AUX-IN port located at the back of the speaker.
It’s perfect for displaying custom pixel-art and animations that can be created through the dedicated app.
The screen has a resolution of 128×128 which is quite impressive considering its only a 16×16 screen, and it displays the time, date, battery life and even has an emulator that plays retro games.
Despite being a bit top heavy, the base does a great job of preventing accidental topples.
The packaging is extremely well made coming in a protective plastic casing that is cute enough to keep.
It offers good audio quality.
It’s a pretty minimalist design.
The Ditoo Plus comes in 6 colors: Black, Pink, White, Blue, Green, and Red.
It is multi-function.
It comes in six different finishes, red, black, pink, blue, green, and white.
The Ditoo is a really cool looking device with it’s old school computer look.
Its a powerful 40Watt speaker with 2.1 stereo sound.
We hooked it up to our Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone without any issues using Bluetooth 4.0.
It includes a 3000mAh integral battery.
It comes with fully functional mechanical controls.
It has an IP44 rating for water ingress and dust penetration.
It has an awesome retro design.
It comes with 121 programmable RGB LEDs.
There’s plenty to do with its 11×11 LED screen.
The speaker is powered by a 3,000mAh battery, which will provide it with around 8 hours of power.
Lots of mounting options are available.
There is an internal lithium ion battery that Divoom states can last for up to six hours.
It has a rugged exterior with a rubber lining around the edge that acts as a bumper.
Within the Divoom app you can select hundreds if not more Pixel art creations to display on the screen.
The Tivoo Max has the ability to connect to your smartphone with their app.
It gets loud for its size, with rich bass and clear highs.
For this being an $95 product, and some of that price coming from the display and overall aesthetic, the sound quality is pretty good.
It has great sound quality.
Wireless and wired speaker are supported.
The treble of the speaker sounds clean and provides good clarity for percussion instruments and vocal.
It gives rich audio playback.
The build quality is good.
A wide variety of useful features are available.
The most striking feature of the Ditoo is its design and appearance which looks like a vintage all-in-one computer.
It has easily portable design.
It comes with pixel-art customisation.
The features can be customised and configured from within the Divoom app on your mobile device.
Thanks to the display a number of animations or equalizers can be displayed while you listen to music or just have the device powered on.
It is an eye-catching piece that’ll get attention no matter what angle it’s seen from.
For music, you have the option to play wirelessly with the speaker’s Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity; or you can play music off a microSD card giving your ditoo plus its own dedicated library.
It’s small enough to fit almost anywhere.
It has plenty of volume and good overall sound.
Battery life clocks in at about 7-8 hours, which is pretty good.
It has a bright and dynamic LED display.
It feels quite robust.

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❌ Cons

It needs a phone for most features.
The buttons on top of the speaker are made from plastic, but they feel a little cheap and not as well built as I would like them to be.
You can’t change clock screen design.
You can buy this close to 180-200 US dollars depending on the seller and in Canada its closer to $240. It’s a bit steep for a product that in all of the sense of the word is a niche.
These speakers do not have a microphone built-in, making them not ideal for conference calls.
While the Timebox app is full of stuff to do, the UX is abysmal. Navigation is a pain and it acts funny at times. It also hangs a lot.
It is hard to navigate the app.
Tere is a limited selection of “smart” clock faces.
The mechanical keys, while cool, have a backlight that is always on that gets reflected in the bottom of the display.
It only has 8 hours of battery life.
Suitable AC adaptor is not included.
Unfortunately, the microphone on the speaker is not good at all during my testing.
There is no battery indicator inside the app.
If you’re solely looking for a speaker that is a Bluetooth speaker and nothing else, there are probably better-sounding options out there for the money.
Speakers should be angled upward.
They don’t get loud enough for parties.
Another issue I have encountered is the device has crashed on occasion as I have shifted through the visualizer settings while music is playing.
When you raise the volume above 50% the peaking has me concerned that the device will blow itself out.
It needs to to be plugged in.
The Divoom Ditoo Plus isn’t a game changer in the sound department.
Microphone is a bit weak.
It is slightly overpriced.
Sound quality is very meh at best and somewhat painful at worst. It does okay when at about 20% volume, but climb any higher and it grates on my ears.
Microphone can sound a bit muffled.
Battery life is not good.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
The Divoom Ditoo Plus is a fantastic little desk companion. It is able to set itself apart from other speakers and desk accessories with its innovative and captivating design. I’ve personally had a blast playing around with my desk buddy and I couldn’t envision my setup without it. Overall, this little gadget truly serves a handful and does it with class.
I love the Divoom Ditoo, it’s exactly what you want on your desk at home or at work. It’s a great little speaker, the visual notifcations and gifs in general make me happy and when I get a 5 minute break, there a few games to pass the time.
If you’re looking for a great set of speakers at a great price, then I would highly recommend the Divoom Ditoo.
All said and done our only concern about the Timebox is its rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack meaning you have to have it plugged into the power at all times if you plan on using it as a “regular” alarm clock. Everything else however checks out and for that the Timebox is well worth our Golden Award.
While its imaginative packaging states that it’s a music experience, I argue that it’s a complete audio-visual one. It’s a speaker packed with so many features that you’ll easily even forget that it’s a speaker. While it’s not a huge departure from other smart devices in the Divoom lineup, its low price coupled with the addition of physical controls and imaginative retro design definitely makes it one of their best ones yet.
For a price of around 80€, this is clearly a speaker that I highly recommend. The sound quality is really impeccable, the design will please fans of retro or cute objects, it can be used as a pixel art decoration and it comes with a lot of options that may seem gadgety at first but can really be useful.
The ability to show a live subscriber count for your YouTube channel, keep an eye on stock quotes cryptocurrency prices, are killer features, despite the currently limited selection of smart clock faces. Above all, it’s a gorgeous, large pixel art display that can be mounted pretty much anywhere. Just know that it doesn’t have an internal battery, so you’ll need to keep it plugged in.
The Divoom Ditoo is a fantastic little Bluetooth speaker with a fun and interesting design, which I love. The pixel display makes the speaker more than just a speaker, making it useful for keeping an eye on the time or for increasing your productivity.
I started my time with the Timebox Mini with optimism and excitement, but as I listened to music piping through it or used the annoyingly and hilariously bad app, that optimism and excitement very quickly died. For $50 or so, the LED screen is not at all the reason you should have to buy this product. I am rather sorry to say this, as I would really like to be able to heartily recommend the Timebox Mini — unfortunately, I cannot in good conscience do that.
Overall, though, it’s hard not to be happy with this speaker. We could definitely listen to it on a daily basis, either at work, at home, outdoors, wherever. The sound from it is enjoyable and it comes out with plenty of volume. There is an internal lithium ion battery that Divoom states can last for up to six hours. If you’re really stuck for power, you can always juice it up with a portable charger such as the TP-Link 10400mAh Power Bank.
A unique and compelling gadget, this portable clock and Bluetooth speaker shows 8-bit art, animations and alerts on its colorful display.
The portable Razer Leviathan Mini speaker delivers solid Bluetooth audio, but it feels a little overpriced compared with the competition.
The Divoom Ditoo is probably one of the coolest looking devices I have seen in a while! That being said it is most useful as a display piece instead of a speaker. While the sound quality out of the unit is pretty decent and the battery can last a long time, the design of the device doesn’t encourage me to take it out to the lake on the weekend.
This is honestly the perfect thing for people who love having a little personal flair in their bedroom, or on their desk. Overall it’s a solid buy especially as gift if your willing to put some money behind it. If your looking for something cheaper they do offer smaller and cheaper versions in their pixel art series that you can buy.

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