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✅ Pros

For its primary purpose, which is to track the time of your fast, it is serviceable.
Review Pros
Customized plans are tailored to your body.
They have an active Facebook group if you’re looking for community support.
Community support is available on the app’s active Facebook group.
Along with supplements, the approach also takes nutrition and physical activity into account.
No complicated workouts or gym memberships are required.
It promotes intermittent fasting, which offers a variety of mental and physical benefits.
All its supplements are ecologically-sourced, organic, and all-natural.
You can subscribe and pay only for the time you want to use it.
It can be used as a personal trainer that can choose appropriate exercises and calculate burned calories.
The countdown timer lets you easily see how much time you have left before your eating period or before your fast starts.
It includes workouts that can be performed at home without the need for specialised equipment.
You can use it as a mobile app or on a browser.
Intermittent fasting may offer many physical and mental health benefits.
It integrates information on fasting schedule, physical activity, and meal suggestions.
It creates structure and accountability for those learning to fast for the first time.
Additionally, it’s nice that DoFasting includes a few other features besides the central tracker.
Daily reminders make it easy to reach your desired weight goals.
It gives everyone a personal summary depending on their particular information.
Supplements are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.
If you’re just getting started with eating healthier you pretty much have unlimited options at your fingertips all from the same app.
Supplements are all-natural, organic, and ecologically-sourced.
The Do Fasting app also helps people who are looking to make long term lifestyle changes that lead to a healthier life overall.
Having helpful articles that can be accessed from inside of the Do Fasting app is very convenient.
The supplements are non-GMO, gluten-free, and 100% vegan.
Inexpensive and flexible payment plans are available.
DoFasting can track your speed, distance, elevation, heart rate and other variables.
It can be used in browser or mobile app.
Subscription model lets you pay for only the time you use.
It’s convenient because it puts your health habit tracking, meal planning, and workouts in the same place.
App offers a fasting tracker, workouts, recipes, and informative articles.
The app is available in both the iOS and Android app stores and the Google Play store.
It is easy for beginners to implement.
Exercise workouts are included that you can do at home without any specialized equipment.
The program variations are all laid out for you. All you have to do is pick one and follow it.
DoFasting has an online community if you want more connection and support during your fasting journey.
It helps to improve your stem cells and digestion.
You can scroll through the program requirements to see which variation will work best for you before you commit to one.
Supplements and recipes are all-natural and organic.
The subscription price of $100 covers an entire year with nothing extra to buy.
It can fight pains and inflammation.
DoFasting also offers users a decent amount of flexibility regarding the dietary regimen they would like to adopt.
It is an easily downloadable app available for use on most smartphones.
The progress tracker is also helpful in keeping your eyes on the prize of losing weight.
Users can combine Intermittent Fasting with Keto, Paleo and any other diets that they follow.
There is also a way to count calories.
This app helps you control your nutritional requirements.
Workouts, tracker, challenges, and healthy recipes all are included.
It includes recipes and support articles.
Downloading the app and starting your subscription with DoFasting is easy to do.
If you are looking for a workout, the DoFasting App provides suggestions and an animated coach to remind you about stretching and calisthenics.
When you sign up for the Do Fasting app, you gain access to a private Facebook community.
It gives you the ability to track lots of different schedules and see your progress all in one place.
It offers 17 different diets to follow.
It shows you when to eat and when you will start fasting again.
It is a helpful food and progress tracking app.
Some people got success by using this Intermittent Fasting app.
It offers helpful information how to get started with Intermittent Fasting.
They give you the option to pause your fast for up to 1 week.
You can adjust your weight loss goals and fasting schedule to make it the easiest for you to follow.
The app is for users who have no knowledge of intermittent fasting as well as experienced users.
It creates accountability and structure for people learning to fast for the first time.
The mobile app provides informative articles, meal suggestions, workouts, and an easy-to-use fasting tracker.
You are able to adjust your fasting schedule and goals.

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❌ Cons

It is pricier as compared to competition, especially when combined with its supplements.
Return policy might be difficult to use.
It seems odd that there is not a trial option for this app.
The program does not allow for special occasions and holiday meals.
Users find it hard to maintain the progress after the program has ended. Many sign up for additional terms to keep the features of the app.
It does not come with support of health professionals or personal coach.
t’s a lot pricier in comparison to the services and supplements that its competitors have to offer.
Intermittent fasting isn’t recommended for those with certain health conditions or a history of eating disorders.
It is not worth the money spent.
It is more expensive than some other options.
You should follow recommendations to get real results.
It is more expensive than some other intermittent fasting apps.
The return policy can be tough to use.
Right off the bat, DoFasting makes the mistake of aggressive up-sell strategies.
The company is not very transparent about its supplements’ manufacturing process.
It may do little to help patients with a long history of eating disorders or health conditions.
It is more expensive than alternative IF apps.
While Do Fasting does provide workout selections it would be nice if they had workout videos where you could do an entire routine within the app such as a weight training or yoga class.
There is little transparency about the company and who contributes to their products.
You do not get any professional support from a health expert.
Refund are difficult to obtain.
The app does not offer a free trial.
As with not being able to add meals manually to the app, it also appears that the only way exercises will count in the app is for you to do their exercises.
Working out may be difficult due to the fatigue that comes along with fasting.
Intermediate fasting can cause overeating during non-fasting periods.

⚖️ Final Say

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Review Summaries
Do Fasting can help you get weight loss results from intermittent fasting in as little as a week. How dramatic your weight loss is will depend on how much you work out, the type of fast you do, and your overall determination. Despite feeling like I was dying of thirst from day 3 to day 7 during my fasting hours, I feel this is a great app for beginners to get started with intermittent fasting.
Intermittent fasting can be challenging and takes time to adapt. With this app, you will get motivational boost and timely reminders to keep your goals in check.
This customized intermittent fasting program does not seem to offer more than what you can get from free online sources or inexpensive tracking apps. One of the biggest drawbacks might be the fact that you cannot adjust your information/goals once the program has been purchased.
Honestly I have mixed feelings on this. Personally I’m not really into fasting – but I know it’s something that works for a lot of people and they swear by it. With that said, if you’re already into fasting or want to give it a try then I’d recommend using an app, like the DoFasting App, to help out because I LOVE using technology (like my AppleWatch) and health and fitness apps to help me keep on track, accountable, and motivated to reach my goals.
If you have the money for it, you can give DoFasting a try and lose weight effectively in a few months.
DoFasting has everything you need to help to make fasting part of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. With a variety of great products, home workouts, and over 5,000 amazing recipes, DoFasting will help you stay healthy while maintaining your goals to make sure you get the most out of your fasting routine.
This intermittent fasting app is helpful for individuals with eating disorders or those on a personal fasting plan. It’s one of the few fitness apps that offers meal suggestions, reasonable workouts, and a health tracking feature. On the other hand, this program may not be worth your buck for a couple of reasons. DoFasting has a lack of transparency, a somewhat controversial past, and unreasonable app and supplement prices.
By practicing fasting, you will not only lose a few pounds, but you will also see your health improve. The fact that it has its own brand of supplements is a great advantage. We like to have everything at hand without having to look in different places for the help we need. Is it the best intermittent fasting app in the market? It depends but we can definitely place DoFasting at the top of the fitness app list.
DoFasting app can help you to make intermittent fasting your lifetime habit, which will turn you into quite a different person with different shape, abilities, and strengths.
The DoFasting app helps you track when you eat and when you fast. Do fasting programs also tell you exactly what to eat when you break your fasting period with a meal so that you can keep going during your next fast. As long as you have a smartphone and you want to try the do fasting program, you can try it with the app as a virtual coach of sorts.
DoFasting’s app and optional nutritional supplements are based on solid research concerning weight loss. It has helpful features for someone on their health journey with intermittent fasting, including health tracking, good workouts tailored to your fitness level, and meal suggestions with recipes. However, its controversial history of Twitter ads, the lack of transparency concerning the company, and the exorbitant prices of the app and supplements do not make this program worth purchasing.
This customized intermittent fasting promises to offer plenty of value to customers, but we aren’t sure that it’s a better deal than the competition. We think it’s potentially problematic that the brand doesn’t offer an easy way to modify your health goals once you pay for a program.
The Do Fasting program offers all of this in one handy and convenient app. With low cost plans that fit almost every budget, the app is a favorite of people who are looking for diet and lifestyle changes. Many people are using the Do Fasting program to help to kick-start a weight loss plan or to re-start a sluggish metabolism.
The bottom line here is that the service isn’t a scam, but it isn’t exactly legit either, as it may not be worth the amount that the company asks its users to pay. The additional parts of the program, such as the meal ideas, workout plans, and informational articles, could easily be found elsewhere without too much hassle. Plus, some of the company’s practices and communication with customers has been questionable, at best. The most glaring example of this is the requirement to cancel via email if you’ve opened your account via a web browser.
If you’re looking for a smartphone app to help you with intermittent fasting, give DoFasting a look. While it is a paid app, you may find that some of the features like the Facebook group and workouts are worth the extra cost.

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